Player Conduct

Hard Rules:

1. You must be an adult according to the laws of the country from which you connect to the game.

2. You must not use the game, nor any of its associated resources, to produce graphic (including graphic descriptions in prose) sexual content involving characters (including Non-player characters) who are under eighteen years of age.

Soft Rules:

About them:

All players who are actually active on a game produce two things: Fun, and pains in the ass. Good players have a high F-PITA ratio. It is possible for a player to be removed from Game of Bones without ever breaking an overtly stated rule. Being a big pain in the ass who doesn’t create fun is reason enough. We can promise that you will know it if you are in danger of this, but we’re not going to add a whole bunch of tiny, niggling details to this code of conduct just so we have a written reason to remove you. Staff are not stupid, and assumes that you aren’t either.

1. Restrict sexism, ableism, etc. to in-character interactions. Racist, misogynist, homophobic, ableist, transphobic, anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic and other such sentiments are not welcome here, this should be a safe space for all types of player. In other words: Purple Vein Dick Jokes? Yes. Bigotry? No. If somebody feels you’re expressing such things, just apologize and stop, don’t make things worse by telling them their feelings are wrong.

2. We tend to make bawdy jokes on the Public channel and elsewhere. This is okay, but don’t direct them at Guests or the brand new players — give folks a little time to get used to the tone first. That sort of thing doesn’t seem friendly or funny when it’s coming from strangers. Likewise, if somebody asks you to tone it down, just do. Please don’t make a big deal of it. The Blue channel is there for you to continue being horrible if you're so inclined, and that's where you can tell people to leave the channel if they don't like the talk.

3. The Questions channel is for serious questions. Keep the playful chat off of it. Do not waste people’s time and mental energy by giving sarcastic answers to the questions.

4. Do not try to shut another player out of the game. It’s one thing if you do not want to play with someone. It’s another thing if you try to get everyone else to refuse to play with that person on your say-so.

5. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do it.

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