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Jada Sezer
Jada Sezer as Peri
Name: Peri
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: Essos
Occupation: Entertainer
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: May 14 94 (28)


Tall, nearly as tall as a man, with long brown hair that has been bleached by the sun. Her skin is a lovely mocha color common to mongrels from Essos that have been bread around. Her hair is naturally curly, braided in small sections up into a partial pony tail, shells, coral, and small gems have been tied into her hair, which is allowed to fall loose behind her to her mid shoulders, nearly white at the ends from the sun and salt. Her facial features are pleasing, dark eyes shaded with lovely long black lashes. Her lips are full and often painted faintly with a light tincuture that keeps them from chapping on the sea. Strings of beads and shells decorate her neck and most of her chest, a plain grey jacket closed over a white off the shoulder gathered top. She is sizeably curvy and solid. Her long arms are decked in wooden and coral carved bangles decorate her forearms. Over her hips, a bit of scaled mail rests, jingling as the woman walks. Her legs are covered with loose fitting charcoal grey trousers gathered at the ankles. If off ship her feet are bared, intricate markings along the flesh.


Born far off in Essos and taken by slave traders as a child, the woman has been moved about so often she herself has forgotten where she was born. She does fondly remember a majority of the free cities. Due to her pretty face and ability to charm people she was never a slave that had to work hard. She spent times in harems and even in brothels within Lys, learning to swim in the summer heat while still too young to be immodest.
While travelling with a master that enjoyed bedwarmers within his ship she was allowed most freedoms due to limited chances to run and being relatively settled within the ranks of being a pleasure slave. This allowed her overseeing training of yet untouched concubines, and good standing with the crew. She learned the art of healing to tend to sailors who had injured themselves at sea. To defend herself from jealous concubines she began learning to throw things to defend herself or at least buy herself time to escape.
While sailing on her master's trade ship near the shield islands, the ship was over run by ironborn. Having mercy for the virgins she baricaded her chambers' door and set to drowning them in the rich man's copper tub so they wouldn't suffer and would die pretty. She intended to sink in herself. The Ironborn led by Riker Blacktyde managed to break down the door as she was drowning her second charge. This confused and lead to numerous mistaken assumptuptions by Riker. Namely that she had any interest in the Drowned god. This display also lead to an assumption that the trinkets she was wearing were paid for with the iron price.
Taken as a salt wife, she was kept on the boat and only the boat for the first couple years of her 'marriage' until her obedience had been proven. Whispers of her usefulness grew due to her gentle hands and tendency to take care of sailors and other salt wives alike. Including being able to procure moon tea to prevent unwanted suprises. Often times the strange, exotic attributed as a faithful beauty due to being knocked overboard, retrieved and revived twice, both times with lungs full of water. She also was able to revive sailors who had similar problems. This strange phenomena allowed her to accompany her lord on long trips to sea.
To help with the long trips she learned to cast a net and help bring up fish from the sea, to help her captain and the men who treated her with respect. Due to Riker's displeasure - a term she uses to describe Riker's stabbing incident with his father's liege to cover it in a polite term that made it sound like a squabble. these have been enough to get the woman the privelledge to stay with Riker and even be allowed to go on shore without too much supervision. In the years since her capture, she's comfortably learned to work the ship - not as well as a proper sailor, cook on the ship, barter on shore and jiggle just right to get good deals.

Since arriving in Oldtown she's managed to somehow get fired by the Tyrells in the third month of 121, lose her iron man, form a relationship with another foreigner, lose that, form a deep and true friendship with Prince Dhraegon Targaryen. Around Early October of 121 she had a son, large for an infant and healthy with almond skin, dark hair and dark eyes.

Over 122 she was largely studious, recovering her frame and building her business - the bath house and the healing. During the black sick outbreak, despite having an infant she walked the poorest sections of the city, healing and keeping mortality rates down as best she could. After the initial outbreak she served in the Targaryen household serving Flox's needs for healing and keeping Prince Dhraegon Targaryen entertained and out of mischief.

The late portions of 122 and 123 she near vanished from public eye again, other smallfolk whispering it was a pregnancy, although upon her return to the eye, her figure hints that rumor was untrue.

RP Hooks

-Best cook in Oldtown - According to the Mothers' festival of 121.
-High Valyrian speaker and writer. Need a translation? Need help?
-Mother and midwife - advice and services are available for women who need assistance such as healing or tansy tea. Her son is also rather large and prone to getting into mischief.
-Entrepreneur - She owns the Lysene Baths and may be interested in helping you open a similar one for a hefty price. She may also be interested in hiring someone or providing services.
-Surprisingly Open minded. Not only are all folk welcome in the baths (provided they have coin) but it is unusual for folks to get thrown out of the baths even when deep in the cups.
-Private services of cosmetic natures, healing (including massage), and preparing a private herbal bath are available for nobles nearby or wealthy merchants.
-Rumored to be a Lady from across the sea.
-Rumored to be from Mantarys along the Sea of Sighs.
-Highly Educated despite being a broken chain. She can read and write and has enough of a mind to run a sucessful business.
-Broken Chain, Stolen Pearl. Peri was raised along Slavers' bay and Lys for her childhood. Former Slave and former Saltwife. She isn't amnesiac, so much as taken from her mother before vivid memories formed.


  • Flirty
  • Motherly
  • Food Lover

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