Mistress Paxsen
Cate Blanchett
Cate Blanchett as Paxsen
Name: Paxsen
Aliases: The Merry Widow, Paxsen Merrywidow
Faction: The Reach
Organization: Smallfolk of Oldtown
Occupation: Healer, midwife, apothecary
Rank: None
Age: 26



Paxsen is a girl of Oldtown, born and bred, she knows every cobble of every street, and is well-known to most of the citizenry. She has a hand for healing and apothecary — equally skilled, it seems, with mending man and beast. Her mother, before her, was a healer and midwife of note, though she never married, and Paxsen's paternity remains in question to this day. It's rumored that her mother's lover was an acolyte of the Citadel, or even a Maester, and such a father (doting in secret) would certainly explain how a common girl came to be so well-educated.

Paxsen was of a fairly tender age, only four and ten, when her mother died. Her grief, loneliness, and naivete led to a fairly poor choice in husbands, a sailor whose charm became brutality soon as the marriage rites were done. Though he taught her to drive a hard trade bargain — in the sailors' own tongue, no less — he did very little else but spend her money and give her cause to perfect a balm for bruises. When her husband's ship was lost at sea and he (it seems) with it, she was a merry widow indeed.

After six years unhappily married (though happily with no offspring), Paxsen is in no hurry to marry again. Or ever. The small and common folk who patronize her shop keep her well provided for in trade, and coin comes quite regularly from wealthy families and wounded knights. Her face is not uncommon about Hightower itself, since there always seem to be bones to mend and sniffles to nurse, both highborn and low.


  • Beast whisperer
  • Impulsive
  • Wealth: Middle Class
  • Well-educated
  • Widow

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