The Exile
Sammy Sheik
Sammy Sheik as Parizad Uller
Name: Parizad Uller
Aliases: The Black Hand of the Hellholt
Faction: Dorne
Organization: Organization
Occupation: Exiled Prince
Rank: Exiled Lord
Age: 31


Tall for a Dornishman and with a Dornishman's sinewy build, this dark-haired, brown-eyed, olive-skinned man bears a distinctive hawklike nose and thick black eyebrows. He is marked by a notable economy of movement and a confident, even defiant air although it is not clear what. His eyes tend to focus intensely as he regards the world around him and its inhabitants, a habit which would strike many as rather unsettling. His dark hair is shorn short and wavy, smoothed against his skull.

When in his armor, he bears a well-made but not overly-adorned suit of grey-dyed leather and maile, with appropriate arms when the situation calls for it. He really likes blades and spears. Otherwise, he favors a fairly comfortable, low-necked tunic typical of Dornish court fashion, in a mixture of white and gold. The only departure from this is a pair of shiny black boots, polished to a sheen. The man has a look of a noble but it is unclear who or what House he would be tied to. The only clue is a silver brooch he always wears, polished silver with a bit of red paint fashioned in the shape of a flickering flame.


Seven. Seven is the number of the whole in the Faith of the Andals. Seven Gods. Seven Hells. Seven was also the number of the treacherous, the faithless, those that sent Lord Parizad Uller, the Exiled Lord on his journey. Born a cousin to the line of inheiritance of the Hellholt he was a carefree, if impetuous young Dornish Lordling. His mother died giving birth to a younger sibling and his father Lewyn remained true to the family, serving as a loyal Castellan in the times of his older brother Lord Bors Uller, the reigning of of the Hellholt's absence.

Although Dorne is far from the more famous intrigues of King's Landing in Westeros, the courts of Sunspear and their sworn Houses are places with a danger all their own. And within the Hellholt, there were plots. Looking back on it all, it remains a blur to Parizad.

His father Lewyn had suddenly perished when Par was only 19 years of age. His health was solid, and nobody saw it coming. Unbenknownst to many, the the day before his death, Lewyn had summoned his oldest son Parizad to discuss a grave matter of "urgent and uttmost importance." Alone. He had died before Parizad could arrive and whatever matter he wished to discuss died with him. A fortnight later, Lord Bors and a handful of his personal guard were lost at sea and his too-young children were to succeed him. However at this time, Parizad's uncle Tirdad, youngest of the three brothers seized power as regent and began a series of questionable actions, including generous redistribution of the House's coffers to individuals who favored him.

Some intrigue and investigation followed and Parizad came to a conclusion — His uncle had sidelined his brothers (they had a younger sister who was also disinterested in the whole affair) and placed himself in a position of power and control of House Uller and the young Lord accused him of the gravest of offenses. Kinslaying, and theft of a seat of power that was not rightfully his. This escalated to a duel as Lord Tirdad named his friend, Prince Ciro Martell, his champion. As it turns out, Ciro was a close ally of Tirdad and as Parizad impetuously slew him in single combat, he had unwittingly set himself on a path of what he would he would later consider righteous vengeance.
Unfortunately, he had killed Ciro after he 'seemed to' yield, and this "dishonorable" act was used as grounds to by Septon Billick to bear witness against him as Lord Tirdad passed judgement and sentenced to have his nephew exiled.

This set Parizad on an aimless path as he fled Dorne, fled Westeros and travelled the fabled and foreign lands of Essos, travelling amongst its cities and plying his trade as a mercenary. As a matter of fact, he was able to leverage some connections he had to fight as a member of the Second Sons, gaining something of a reputation and rubbing shoulders with the infamous Maelys Targaryen himself. Some time after, he left the Second Sons due to some manner of disagreement and found work with the Company of the Black Hand, which was much more to his liking.
Along the way, he encountered something in Myr which would change his life — the truth of the Lord of Light. Rh'llor. The previously cynical exiled and disillusioned Lord-in-Exile had found a new calling and purpose in life, and looked back on his previous trials, suffering, and adherence to what he now considered a false religion a sign — Seven is not merely an important number, Seven was a sign. For he had, in his struggles and investigation, discovered Seven names. Seven faithless, foul, corrupt men who were in the thrall of the Great Other whose name will never be spoken. Except now only Five remained. First was Ciro Martell, who fell by Parizad's hand before his awakening. Second was Septon Billick who he had received word recently passed from this world. Five remained, each one bound to a point on the Seven-pointed Star with Lord Tirdad Uller at the head of the symbol of lies.

For the first time in many years, Parizad felt a calling beyond service as a mercenary. He had left the Company of the Black Hand with a small number of men he had gathered, some Dornish, some not, and travelled to Westeros. Having heard that Prince Maelys Targaryen, his former friend and fellow exile from those dark days had headed there, he travelled to Oldtown to plan his next move. He travels not under the flames of the Hellholt — but a singular, more magnificent flame. The flame of Rh'llor.

RP Hooks

  • Follower of R'hllor - Have you heard of the Lord of Light? Know his name? Perhaps we should speak. He won't try to aggressively convert you for he understand what it was like to be once a follower of a False Faith himself but will be happy to speak about it. It was actually a moderating influence in his life.
  • DEATHLIST - There are several powerful individuals in and around Dorne, centered around the Hellholt but may extend elsewhere. Deep in his heart, he wants to see every one of these people visited the most excruciating vengeance possible. Some of them have not been defined yet and are waiting — do you want to be friends with them? Hate them too? We can work something out.
  • Well-travelled - Have you been to Essos? He has too!
  • Infamous - Parizad has had a known history of being a horrible sort of man in large stages of his life. He's probably had more blood on his hands than most decent people would care to stomach. He's cleaned up his act in recent years, due in no small part to his conversion to the Fiery Heart of R'hllor, but your past is something you never can truly escape. Maybe some of these rumors are even exaggarated? Dornish in particular might be extremely wary of him, or not (depending on their relations with House Uller. His uncle is a cowardly usurper who pissed off a number of people, even though he has many friends.


  • Convert to R'hllor - Speaks for itself. Let me tell you about the Lord of Light, BB
  • DEATHLIST - He's got one.
  • Exiled - He's here, rather than there.
  • Flamboyant - HA HA!
  • Infamous: Not Big in Dorne - Well, a big pain in the ass, maybe.
  • Wealth: Hard Times - You try getting exiled. Jerk.

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Fellow Exile and Second Son - We met, we fought together during some dark, terrible, blood-soaked years. I do not know if 'friend' is the right word for it. For one, I do not think a man like Maelys Targaryen keeps 'friends,' in the mundane and dull sense of the word. For the other thing, I do not believe that simple word can be used to describe our experience. He is one of the few men on this side of the sea to have witnessed the things that I saw. He has not seen the Flames of Our Lord. But I hope to one day show him this truth, as we are two men who…seem to understand one another.


Fury of Skyreach - Before I stepped off that ship, I had been made aware there were Dornish in this city. I had not been made aware that one of them was the Lady of House Fowler. Or that amusing little girl I had made the acquaintance of so many years ago had grown into such an impressive woman. Or that I would be enjoying Dornish hospitality without having to constantly watch my back. But you see, I am watching my back. And sides She is the kind one has to wary of as much as admire.



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