Flower of the Night
Lily Cole
Lily Cole as Paeonia
Name: Paeonia
Aliases: Peony
Faction: The Reach
Organization: The Dovecote
Occupation: Whore
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Sep 5 104 (18)

"Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine to illuminate the darkness, drink to nourish the soul and a little flower to tease the senses."


Standing at 5'10", the tall statuesque courtesan is a stunning mixture of sweetness and daring. Her delicate porcelain skin gleams in the sunlight showing the faintest dusting of freckles that swirl on her skin. Her long, wavy auburn tresses fall about like spun silk. Her red brows arch over pale blue eyes that are almost green sometimes depending on the dress she's wearing. Her pert nose is over luscious pink lips that smile in greeting.

Today, she is wearing a white lace gown that clings to her curves. The empire waist emphasizes her bosom as the almost see through gown flows out to the floor. Her willowy arms are bare. White satin slippers peek out from under the gown as she walks.


Paeonia was born in the depths of a brothel house, the daughter of a whore, Melasse, so her father's identity is a mystery even to her mother who had been serving several patrons at the time that she conceived. However, her striking red hair and pale also translucent hinted that her father might have been noble born. She of course spent time in her mother's room unless she had a customer and then she would be whisked away to another whore's room or to the attic to stay out of the patrons' way.

The child had a light that shined under the dimness of her squalor. The madam of her mother so it useful to keep the child around because her beauty and light would certainly gain a pretty penny when she debuted. There are no free meals at a whorehouse so her early years were spent cleaning rooms and washing bed sheets. That her mother's trade would be her own was never a question. She learned how to sew, to repair the gowns men ripped from the whores' bodies. She learned how to make her own artifice, how to mix the different herbs to make rouge and lip gloss. She learned to act, dance, sing and play the harpsichord so that she could entertain men when she got older. She sometimes would pick the locks and then sneak to watch from the tunnels that voyeurs paid the madam to view others fucking.

By the time she was sixteen, her young nubile body had flowered and was ripe to be taken. It's said that the madam charged an exorbitant price to the noble that was her first. The noble that took her was kind and gentle her first time, a skilled enough lover to help connect what she watched in her youth to how to move her body. Over the next two years, Paeonia has bloomed into a beautiful, young courtesan that shines when she enters the room. However, the young ambitious woman seeks more than just to be a whore. Her eyes turn to the stage and her hope is some day she may see herself on there. She left her old brothel to come to the Dovecote because there are rumors the madam has friends on the stage and a higher class clientele.

RP Hooks

  • Noble Father - Paeonia's father is noble born. Looking for a nobleman to be her father.
  • Whores - Paeonia is just one of many of the delicate flowers of the night that cater to a higher clientele at the Dovecote. Perhaps you're interested in leaving your current brothel.
  • Patrons - Paeonia needs some patrons that are of noble birth. Or perhaps you sampled this flower before she left her old brothel to serve a higher clientele. If you'd like a connection, let me know.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Attractive
  • Compelling
  • Bastard Born
  • Ambitious
  • Survivor

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