Osric died defending the honour of Dorne in a trial by combat.

Character Details
Manu Bennett
Manu Bennett as Osric Dayne
Name: Osric Dayne
Aliases: Sword of the Morning
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Dayne
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Sep 4 90 (30)


Though his build and bearing mark him as a warrior and a noble, Ser Osric Dayne's mien speaks to a surprising humility. His blond hair, strong jaw and noble features are all typical of his family, though his skin is more tanned and weathered than some, and small scars mar his otherwise handsome face. He is of a height with most of his peers, perhaps a shade taller. Broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hip, with thick limbs that speak to a lifetime spent in physical pursuits. His deep violet eyes are striking, and seem to hold a rare depth of compassion. But Ser Osric's most singular feature is doubtless the blade that he wears at almost all times. Scabbarded on his back is the greatsword Dawn, forged from the heart of a fallen star. Its metal shimmers in the light, pale as milkglass. It is rumored to be as sharp and strong as Valyrian steel, and is only ever entrusted to a Dayne lord who exemplifies what it means to be an anointed knight.


Ser Osric Dayne, The Sword of the Morning. He is far from the first to bear the greatsword Dawn, and will not be the last. Before it fell to him, the blade had set idle at Starfall for nearly a full generation, a silent reminder to House Dayne of what an anointed knight should, and must, be.
Osric was a close cousin to the ruling line, raised at Starfall himself alongside his siblings. It was his life's aspiration to be an anointed knight, and from a young age he would look upon the blade daily - a ritual that became almost religious in its significance to him. Even before he became a page, he devoted himself to learning the things a knight of Westeros must know. And he did not forsake the courtly arts to focus on the martial. A true knight must be well rounded. So he studied at the foot of Starfall's Maester, and knelt at the feet of its Septon, and chased every whim of its master-at-arms. When the time came, he was sent to squire for a knight of the Kingsguard, and made King's Landing his home for several years. There he excelled in the service of his mentor, forming a close bond with the man and receiving the best education that a young squire could hope for.
Knighted at a young age, he served his family both at Starfall and at Sunspear, making the long trek between the two strongholds more than once. It was not until he was a man grown, and an experienced knight in his own right, that his family saw fit to present him with Dawn.
It was during a skirmish against the Oakhearts, the culmination of a season worth of livestock raids, that he proved both his skill and his character to be above reproach. He rode against the raiders with his brother, his cousin, and several men at arms. The Oakhearts met them with a comparable force - greater in size, but every Dornishman is more than a match for a Reachman. The fighting was fierce, with heavy losses on both sides, and an injured Ser Osric watched as Lord Elbert Oakheart delivered the blow that killed his brother. When the Oakheart lord turned on the wounded, unhorsed Osric, the Dayne knight stood his ground. He still bears two scars from Lord Elbert's spear, but managed to wound Oakheart's steed as he was ridden down. The beast collapsed upon its rider, and moments later the Dayne forces won the day. Lord Oakheart, injured and trapped beneath his dying mount, yielded when he saw his men routed. Osric's cousin, of an age (and fast friends) with his brother, turned on Lord Elbert in a rage, and would have dispatched the helpless man had Ser Osric not struggled to his feet to defend their prisoner with his own life. When their swords rang on one another Osric's blade was thrown from his weakened hand, but his example robbed his cousin of the will to fight.
When the story carried back to Starfall, it was widely agreed that Ser Osric was deserving of the title, and Lady Dayne named him Sword of the Morning as soon as he was healthy enough to walk.

RP Hooks

House Dayne - Osric is a Dornishman of House Dayne. He's spent a good deal of time in both Starfall and Sunspear.
King's Landing - Osric was squired in King's Landing, to a knight of the Kingsguard. Perhaps you know him from there?
Veteran Skirmisher - Osric has fought in several minor clashes with men of the Reach, though the most recent was over two years ago now.


  • Wealth: Opulent - As a Dayne, and close to the ruling line, Osric is more than comfortable.
  • Famous: Sword of the Morning - The title carries weight, and the greatsword Dawn is recognizable.
  • Slight Limp - Osric has a slight limp from an old wound.
  • Compassionate - Osric is blessed (or cursed) with the ability to genuinely feel for the plights of others.
  • Paragon of Chivalry - Osric's knightly vows are his very soul.
  • Champion - Osric has not fought in a tourney since he was a new knight, still wet behind the ears. But he will lend his name, and if need be his blade, to a good cause.

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Wife - My wife. My other half. Princess Ellia is my strength, where I am weak.


Septon - My most trusted friend and confidant. An enemy become a friend; a friend become a brother.


Friend - My squire for three years and more. A capable young man. I drive him to be better, and he does the same for me, though he does not know it.


A Good Man - We have a duty to those whose lives we touch. I hope to offer him opportunity. My reward will be watching him continue down the right path.


Goodsister - My wife's youngest sister. At Ellia's side, she's meant to see the world without being spoiled by it.


Cousin - The bastard son of my first cousin, ten years my junior. He was a fine boy. What sort of man will he be?


Princess - Wise and generous. Her invitation to serve does me a great honor.


Lord Berion Dayne
Brother (NPC, deceased) - Late husband of Princess Ashara Martell. My brother and fast friend, taken too young by a plague.


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