Character Details
Roger Allam
Roger Allam as Orland Hightower
Name: Orland Hightower
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Knight/Master of Coins
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Apr 2 75 (46)


Ser Orland has been a dashing knight once, and his past is easily to be spotted: if it is the confident way he moves, the daring look on his small, blue eyes, or just the way he throws back his head in boisterous laughter. Unfortunately he has not only gained some fame over the years, but also a considerable amount of weight, his doublet is made of dark red sammet and stretches around the golden buttons, and his tight, white pants are, well… quite tight.

An impressive beard, well groomed but already streaked with grey adorns his chin and tends to muffle his barritone at times. His skin is of a healthy pink, a pink that turns a bit too much into an epicurean rosiness around his nose.


Ser Orland Hightower's brothers are both famous and important men, talented enough to allow him the pinch of freedom he would need to enjoy his luscious life as much as possible.

He began as a page at Brightwater Keep and was squired by Vincent Florent. To place him there had been a wise political move of his parents, since they had already given his older brother Olyvar to the Tyrells, but it could not have been a better choice for the boy. Among the haughty foxes he became a thriving, dashing man, easy to charm any lady that would cross his path. Vincent was quite fond of the boy, fond enough to keep him as his squire as long as possible. When Orland won a tourney at Highgarden, on the very grounds of the Florent's foe he finally had to knight him at the age of 20. Nevertheless there were a few rumours that claimed it was not the tourney, but young Orland's plucking of a Tyrell maiden's maidenhead, that made him proud enough to let him be called 'Ser' from now on.

In the same year he got married to a Florent lady, a cousin of Ser Vincent, graceful in posture and mild of soul.
The first years of their marriage Ser Orland was rarely around, since he seemed to prefer travelling from tourney to tourney instead of keeping his wife company in Oldtown. Nevertheless they were said to grow quite close, as the years of Orland's youth passed.

When his oldest brother Otto became Hand of the King, bits of unexpected responsibility dropped into Orland's lap and he suddenly found himself responsible for Oldtowns wealth and taxes. Some say, there could not have been a worse choice for that task, since Orland often tended to forget about his duties, only to perform them with higher claims and way more persistence whenever they popped into his mind.

Only lately his wife deceased from a sickness. Ever since he started to fear every of his own coughs, every itch, every sneeze may be fatal. In spite of it all there are rumours about him thinking of taking a new wife to spend him company. At least his tourney armor has grown not only tight, but rusty by now.

RP Hooks

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  • Inept: Politics
  • Hypochondriac
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Formerly famous tourney knight
  • Can't resist flattery

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