Lion of Dorne
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith as Orion Martell
Name: Orion Martell
Aliases: The Lion of Dorne
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Warlord
Rank: Prince
Age: Sep 6 95 (26)


You look upon a muscular man who is 6'2. He has short black hair and a thick goatee, he looks upon you with brown eyes. His angular face holds the look of someone who can be both warm and friendly, as well as cold and cruel. The general way that he carries himself often sets an air of uneasiness in those around him, while he himself seems totally at ease with himself. He is currently dressed in a thick black sleeveless studded leather shirt and pants, attached to the left side of his clothing is his sheathed long sword, silver bracers on his wrist finishes off his imposing look.


Orion Martell is the first born son of Prince Javier and Noble Woman Sasha Martell. Orion growing up was known as a great lover and warrior, it is unknown if he has killed more men or bedded more women, one thing that is for sure is both numbers are extremly high. Growing up Orion wanted to be differnt from other Princes, so many of them were warriors Knights, he wanted to be something differnt, something more. Queen Martell noticed how his great skill in combat raised the morale of men that followed him into battle, they were also quick to follow his sound orders due to the fact that he is Prince. Queen Martell recognizing Orion great qualities on the battlefield rewarded him with the title of Warlord given him the ability to command 100 men into battle.

Life changed for Orion when young Princess Kyra blossomed into a woman. While not yet married, he in many ways considers her his wife, they have had several children. Kyra has also been able to tamper Orion's great lust, convincing him to not bed every single female he comes across simply because he can, sooner or later it will get him killed from either a jealouse lover or from disease. She insisted instead he have a harem of beautiful and talented women that will care for him while looking out for his greater interest in ways that he can not himself. Orion has followed Kyra advice,so far he has no complaints.

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  • Lascivious
  • Ambidextrous
  • Paranoid
  • Wealth: Opulent

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