Opal of Tarth
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Morgane Polanski as Opal Tarth
Name: Opal Tarth
Aliases: none
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: House Tarth
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Nov 4 95 (27)


This woman is small and slender, though not easily overlooked, with thick chestnut locks that tumble carelessly down to her waist. Braids are commonly incorporated into her hairstyles, more for practical purposes than style. Her unmarred skin trends towards pale, though she gains a dusting of freckles across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose after any time spent outdoors. She has large, deep brown eyes capable of casting a wickedly intense stare. Below, her lips appear soft yet pouted.

Her wardrobe consists mostly of simple, utilitarian gowns that could be worn on an errand in the city or while working in the garden. She favors the colors and symbols of her House: rose and blue, white moons and yellow suns. A soft pair of boots or slippers peeks out from beneath whatever she's wearing.


Opal of Tarth was born on the Sapphire Isle on 4 Novemeber in the year 95. Her parents, Antheny Tarth (youngest of the late Evenstar's three sons) and Mychelle Wylde (a dark-haired beauty, and a love-match from the Stormlands), might've had many more children, but the lady died after a massive hemmorhage in childbirth. Antheny was devastated, but in time donned the mantle of single fatherhood with grace. He never remarried, and to say that he and Opal are "close" would be an understatement.

Antheny's only child was afforded all of the opportunities of her House, with few of the responsibilities. As the daughter of the youngest son of the Lord of Tarth, she was free to explore her passions and talents (namely agriculture and foreign languages) without the pressure to pursue interests in the unlikely case she might hold the Isle someday. Her adolescence passed happily without much event, though it was during this time that Opal learned that she inherited her mother's rare blood disorder (the equivalent of Von Willebrand's Disease), which causes blood to clot much slower than normal.

Antheny was content to let his daughter happily wander the Sapphire Isle all her life, undisturbed— until this business between his middle brother and oldest brother's families broke out. Bad blood, indeed. In light of these disturbing developments, Antheny now sends his adult daughter to Oldtown for temporary safekeeping (though not without a large purse) until this business of the Lord of Tarth has been settled.

The events of Opal's life have shaped a smart, stubborn, but ultimately charming young woman. She is independent, with few thoughts of marriage despite her age and a handful of proposals. She knows what she wants, and almost always gets it by virtue of her hard work… or someone else's that she's so graciously enlisted the help of (see: charming).

RP Hooks

  • Tarth - Have you been to the Sapphire Isle? Do you think the Isle actually has sapphires? Either way, Opal has an overabundance of information to share about it.
  • Family Feud - The families of Opal's uncles are disputing the inheritance of the Evenstar title. It's all very dramatic, complete with accusations of murder. Perhaps you've heard about it, or know one of her cousins?
  • The Stormlands - If you hail from the land of Baratheon, Dondarrion, Selmy, and Swann, you've much in common with the lady already.
  • Agriculture - Opal is a highly-skilled gardener, preferring to grow edible crops over ornamental flowers and plants.
  • Languages - Do you speak Braavosi or Low Valerian, or know poems or songs in High Valerian? So does Opal! She'll also gladly pay for lessons in any other language you know.
  • Adventure - The lady has lived her whole life on an island. If you've lived an even marginally more adventurous life than Opal, she's bound to beg you for stories.


  • Honest - She tells the truth unflinchingly.
  • Dutiful - If her uncles' families were to tear each other down, and the Evenstar passed to Opal, she would serve as the heir to her House faithfully, if a little reluctantly.
  • Stubborn - This woman is more stubborn than an aurochs when it comes to things big or small.
  • Von Willebrand's Disease (a blood clotting disorder) - Any sort of flesh wound, from a minor scrape to a major gash, could compromise Opal's life, with or without a maester's attention.
  • Wealth: Comfortable - Tarth is not one of the Great Houses, but they live comfortably enough.
  • Adventurous - Wouldn't you be if you lived your entire life on a little island?

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Tempest - Her first real acquaintance in Oldtown, with the possibility of becoming much, much more. It may take many moons to decipher this man, but Opal is in no rush.


Acquaintance - This septa-turned-bride won Opal over with her good nature and mild humor. She'd be lucky to make a friend out of the woman.


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