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Kylie Bunbury
Kylie Bunbury as Oona Sand
Name: Oona Sand
Aliases: Nicknames or Aliases
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Fowler
Occupation: Courtier
Rank: Bastard
Age: 19


Taller than average, but not so much as to tower over most men, Oona is all gracefully sloping angles and curves, a leanness to her body reminiscent of a gazelle. Her skin is smooth and a rich golden-brown color, her eyes are even darker. Full lips and high cheekbones offer hints at noble parentage, but that she answers to the surname of Sand. Watchful and graceful, Oona's voice is mellow alto that carries a touch of warmth. Her hair, dark with just a little bit of curl, is most frequently worn long with the two front plaits pulled back away from her face, the rest left to hang free down her back and shoulders.

She seems most at home in the casual elegance of Dornish clothing, and while modestly cut and constructed, the material is always of fine quality. Her current frock is burgundy with raised white embroidery, short-sleeved, and empire waisted with the neckline crossed over at the front. Her adornments are simple; a simple but lovely necklace at her throat and matching pair of dangling earrings.


Oona is a bastard daughter of Ser Ferran Fowler and a highly skilled, well renowned courtesan who made her way from Essos (Oona has presumed her mother is from one of the Free Cities, but has never known for certain) to Dorne. As with many of Ferran's bastards, he was aware of Oona's existence and saw to it that she and her mother were given a comfortable life, near enough that he could visit when inclined, but far away enough so that neither his daughter nor the courtesan would inconvenience him. Oona's first solid memory of her father was when she was six; she sang a song in High Valeryian to him as instructed by her mother. Ferran was pleased by the evidence of Oona's cleverness and charm, and while he could not legitimize her, he had no qualms about recognizing her, and seeing that she got the education she deserved. She was permitted at Skyreach, though as she got older she took her mother's advice and sought to make herself both unobtrusive so as not to draw the ire of her legitimate siblings, as well as useful enough so that they saw her as an asset.

In a way, Oona's world was split in two. She learned the way of the spear and the enjoyed the freedom that Dornish women have of learning the fighting arts and enjoy other athletic pursuits without disdain, and while other siblings were far more gifted at it, she did well enough to have no one second guess it when she chose to take up the spear as she might need need to.

Her mother taught her the skills of a different world. As a courtesan - not a common whore, but as a courtesan, she had learned to rise in power through arts that appeared softer, but no less gentle. Oona learned to be watchful. She learned the intricacies of charming those around her, of listening to their words and hearing the tone and meaning beneath. She learned to issue compliments that were just truthful enough they would not be questioned at lies. She leaned to be entertaining when she needed to, quiet when it was the wisest course, and if she had to, the means to rid herself of those who would harm her in more subtle ways than the spear. Her mother encouraged her to apply these lessons while at Skyreach, and by the time she was sixteen, she could be at equal ease seated at a high noble table as she could in a tavern sitting amongst soldiers and shopkeeps, a social chameleon.

Now nineteen, she is keenly aware of the fact that nothing will be handed to her for free. She has placed herself in her elder sister Alaeyna's service, knowing that if she wants to do for herself, her best option is to serve the interests of her Dornish family.


Bastard. In Dorne being born a Sand is no great inconvenience, however Oona's aware that in other parts of Westeros this puts her at a disadvantage.
Courtier 4 Lyfe. Unlike her legitimate siblings and male siblings who have other opportunities to make something of themselves, Oona's been made aware that her prosperity is dependent on the generosity of others.
Night Owl. Oona far prefers the quiet of the night and often has difficulty falling asleep. She does her best not to be too cranky in the mornings.
Serene. She has a great poker face. If something bothers her, chances are she only lets it show if she wants people to see it.
Social Chameleon. Highly adaptable and able to appear at ease with the most lofty of noblemen or the most common of stable boys.

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Half-Sister - There has never been a question as to Oona's loyalty to her sister. Not just because Alaeyna keeps her fed and clothed, but because Alaeyna has always included her as family. Oona has to see for herself, but Alaeyna has never hesitated to help her when she can afford to.


Half-Brother - Oona has ten thousand Sand brothers and sisters, but Ryam is probably the one she is closest to by actual blood. She looks to him as the example of what to achieve when one's lot in life is to look after one's self. When in need of a protector, it's Ryam she looks to first.


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