Character Details
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe as Olyvar Hightower
Name: Olyvar Hightower
Aliases: Oly
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Knight/ Master of Laws
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Aug 20 72 (48)

Ser Olyvar died of the Black Sickness.


At 5'10 the man before you is a barrel of a man. Thick arms and legs with solid muscle are met with an equally thick torso, with slight protruding and equally solid gut. His face looks as if it was broken from rock, giving him strong features. A nose, that has been smashed more than once, is flanked by grey eyes. His ears at the top lightly stick out, and are only noticeable, due to how short he keeps his greying hair. He would seem bald, and is close enough too it. His face is covered in a thick and bushy beard of grey.

Olyvar is dressed quite well as denotes a man of his station. A dark blue shirt, is kept under a dark grey leather surcoat with a high collar, which almost seems to restrict his neck. About his waist sable trousers of fine material are bloused from high black boots, with ceremonial spurs attached. A chorded belt is worn low about the waist, and bares no ornamentation. Over his shoulders the chains of his station are worn proudly. On thick hands, two rings are worn. One a boon given for some accolade, the other the signet of his station.


Ser Olyvar Hightower is the younger brother to Lord Otto Hightower, Hand of the King. Being born in Otto's shadow, was not entirely a bad thing. His brother was more into learning books, where as Olyvar concentrated his studies into Warfare, and his knightly training. Here the younger brother proved to excel in, fighting well with a blade, but he was better matched with heavier weapons, and grew fond of hammer and mace. He was squired by some Tyrell- and earned his spurs at the age of twenty. Once his spurs were earned and he had seen some action along with Tyrell men, he was brought back to Oldtown to serve as the Lord Commander of the Watch, while Otto served as his Father's Castellan, preparing to take over the Lordship. The Majority of Olyvar's time was spent running the watch and whipping it into shape, making sure peace was kept in the city and in the Hightower's lands. As such he began studying the law and in a few years time became a master of it. When Otto succeeded his Father, he kept his brother acting Lord Commander of the Watch, but used him in other instances when arms were needed to be mustered and conflicts on the borders rise up.

Otto's boys were coming of age and into their spurs He quietly stepped down his position to make way for Gwayne to take over-though he was then tasked with serving his brother as Master of Laws and overseeing Court disputes when he could not. As such he has maintained this task when his brother went to become the Hand of the King, leaving Oldtown in Ormund's direction.

RP Hooks

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Blunt
  • Duty Bound
  • Lawgiver
  • Cunning
  • Cautious Diplomat

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