Lady Roxton
Lara Pulver
Lara Pulver as Olenna Roxton
Name: Olenna Roxton
Aliases: None yet
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Roxton
Occupation: Lady of the Ring
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Jan 27 89 (34)


The new Lady Roxton of the Ring is a slender woman standing some five feet and five inches tall, finely-boned and proportionate in all things, whose fair skin is little acquainted with the sun's rays and whose strong jaw and high, sharp cheekbones imply a stubborn streak rarely exhibited in her conduct. Her long brown-black hair is gathered into a braid looped over the nape of her neck; she wears simple white pearl earrings, a golden signet ring engraved with the saltire of interlocking rings which is her house's sigil, and no other adornments. The blue gowns she usually wears are as old as she is — made over to bring them nearer the current Oldtown styles, but showing to the educated eye subtle signs of wear. She has a quiet, self-contained air about her; she never moves boldly or thoughtlessly or occupies too great a space.

Inevitably her most striking feature is her sightless blue-grey eyes. When she is in a courteous mood she turns her head now and again to follow voices and other nearby sounds — but she is by no means always in such a mood…


The only child of her parents, Olenna Roxton is Lady of the Ring in her own right — and the last of her branch of House Roxton, in a line unbroken since the granting of lands to her ancestors in the time of the Three Sage Kings.

The misfortunes which dogged her family through its last few generations — the long winters, the profligate heirs, the disputes with neighbours, the dowry that might have saved all but was never paid — reached a nadir of a kind in the years after her parents' marriage in 82 AC. Her mother was slow to conceive; in 89 AC Olenna was born a daughter, rather than the longed-for son; another child unaccountably failed to follow her into the nursery; and then, when she was six years old, she came down with a severe case of the measles and despite all the maester could do, she rose from her sickbed blind.

She received as fine an education as could be expected from that same maester, who had brought her into the world and then failed to keep her whole.

RP Hooks

  • Olenna is a champion listener, in every sense. The difficulties of her own life have left her more than usually sympathetic to other people's problems; beyond that, she enjoys just having someone to talk to her, to divert her mind.
  • She is connected with House Fossoway on her mother's side, and probably plenty of other Reach houses too.
  • She's in search of powerful friends and protectors who'll help her stand up for her legal and moral right to rule over House Roxton as its lady. Of course, she's the natural prey of those who have… other ideas. (Looking for a very wealthy house who'd like to have provided her cousin Ser Petyr with his bride.)
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unmarried ruling lady, must be in want of a lord. Second sons, the queue forms to the left!


  • Blind

When she was six years old Olenna lost a battle with the measles, and she has lived ever since in absolute darkness.

  • Keen Ears

Her hearing has meanwhile sharpened to compensate. It isn't true what her relations like to say, that she could hear a pin drop two rooms away and tell you what metal it was too — but it's still pretty good.

  • Keen Nose

Her sense of smell is likewise acute, and if a person she has met more than once or twice before comes near enough she can generally discern his or her identity simply by sniffing the air… Provided people don't confuse the issue with queer perfumes and the like: that just isn't playing fair.

  • Political Pawn

Olenna is a ruling lady in name only, her house being in the hands of her cousin and ostensible heir. It is in his interest to control her and to prevent any marriage she might be inclined to make. Meanwhile, any future husband and his family would surely be delighted to do the same. House Roxton's neighbours might also be inclined to meddle in her affairs.

  • Wealth: Hard Times

House Roxton has fallen into financial embarrassment. Well-off still by comparison with their smallfolk, the main line has for some time been unable to maintain itself in due dignity without, at first, borrowing, and then latterly, receiving infusions of coin from the secondary line.

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