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Paint it Green! Oct 08 2014 Garth

What a flurry of activity there's been around the Dragon Door Manse; Floxthe massive Prince's personal servanthas been busy about town, fetching more than one tradesman back to the manse, amongst them an armourer. Is the strange Prince planning to do some kind of battle? Whispers fly here and there and more than one of them says that this suit of proposed plate should be a lovely shade of green.

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Three day Revel Oct 13 2014 Malcolm

The three day revel is in full swing in Oldtown Square, with many performers and festival goers dressed in costumes representing their opposites. May donors have given fine food and drink for the feast, including many barrels of the new Sapphire heart Ale the Redwynes have brewed in honor of Prince Dhraegon using wood from the Sapphire Isle. It is said to be a fine smoky brew with a hint of apple. The revels will continue all day and night for several days, and all are welcome to Partake!

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Maiden Knight Sighting Oct 13 2014 Dhraegon

Did you hear? The Maiden Knight, or someone dressed like him was seen in the company of a mysterious veiled woman in red at the Feast of Opposites entertaining a street performer!

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The Green Knight Oct 14 2014 Garth

Did you see him? That Green Knight rattling around Old Town Square during the revel… couldn't really say who it were, since he kept the visor of 'is helm down all the time. Thought 'e 'ad a familliar tone o' voice though… sounded almos' like 'e coulda been one o' the smallfolk rather than some noble. Whoever 'e was, 'e cut quite a figure in that green plate, wore it as though 'e was born to it… except that 'e 'ad to 'ave his ale through a straw, so as to keep 'is face 'idden.

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Herbicide Oct 16 2014 Leandro

Herbs have died! Disaster! No not all herbs at the citadel, not even anything important, but somebody killed Maester Leandro's not so secret stash and the eccentric maester is far grumpier than usual. He was caught at the marketplace complaining loudly when a stall keeper tried to sell him spinach instead of something that sounded suspiciously like a poison. Poisons and Dornishmen, that's just typical, isn't it? Who is it that's drawn the Maester's ire this time? Better watch your drinks when you're around him.

Now, according to Maester Leandro's rantings, the herbicide was committed by a novice who forgot to water them. Who believes that? More likely the novice stole them to use himself. Or perhaps the Maester mistook the plant pots for a chamber pot during one of his late night benders and killed all the herbs himself. Crazier things have happened. Or has anyone noticed how the rabbits at the citadel are looking far wider eyed and acting erratic, perhaps they got in and munched their way through the greenery.

Rumours that Maester Leandro is offering a reward for what happened to his herbs are likely false. Well maybe false. He was very fond of his herbal supplements. He may be looking to acquire more.

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No Tarbeck spare Oct 17 2014 Amadys

The Lady Ondine Tarbeck, lady regent of Tarbeck Hall, is said to have miscarried of a son at the Hightower. As the babe was posthumous, no Tarbeck heir may now be brought forth of her blood, though she will continue to safeguard her step-son's rights - and her own to his regency.

Some ill-wishers have it that the slim looking, steely noblewoman was never with child at all. Indeed, she has been glimpsed about and on horseback with remarkable promptitude. But in such a case, why would she abandon the charade now, when it lessens the case for the Hightower sheltering a vulnerable, distressed lady, and appears to weaken her claim to Tarbeck?

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Silver Fetters Oct 17 2014 Amadys

The high-born acolyte Amadys Baratheon, who lately imperilled his position both in his family and his order by achieving notoriety as the player Valerio Vixenbane at the whimsy, would seem to have made up, at least, with his academic superiors.

He now sports no fewer than five Maester's links - for History, Warcraft, Ravenry, Law, and, in pride of place, the silver band of the healing arts. This is still less than a quarter of the way to a true Maester's path, but it would seem Amadys has at least for the present chosen the order's way ahead of his marital, or even theatrical prospects.

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Beggars and Children Oct 17 2014 Malcolm

Beggars and masked children have been going door to door at the better shops and Manses of Old town. Among them are rogues who vandalize or play cruel tricks on the well off who fail to provide refreshment or alms. Beware the rath of the spurned!

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Ready for the Races and Archery Co Oct 17 2014 Malcolm

Commoners and nobility alike have been using the tourney grounds to ready themselves for the up coming races.

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Bountiful Princess Oct 18 2014 Dhraegon

A beautiful woman dressed as an Ice Princess spent Beggar's Night giving away toys to impoverished children. Many men's hearts were captured by the Lady's unworldly beauty, but none could catch her, for her feet were quite nimble.

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Craft Festival Oct 20 2014 Malcolm

Booths are already popping up on Lower Jightower street, and a judging stand is being built.

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Craft Fair a sucess Oct 21 2014 Dhraegon

The weather was perfect for the craft fair. Booths were set up along the Honeywine, showing off a variety of foods and crafts from Westeros and abroad. Various street musicians, jugglers, and other performers thrilled the crowds. This was a day for the Small folk to shine, though nobles could be seen mingling with the crowds, and there was fierce competition between nobles ladies in the tapestry, embroidery, and even the botanical categories, where they were competing with smallfolk gardeners and even some Maesters. There was a festive air about, and many in the crowd were wearing masks and even full costume, though not as many as if this were a night time event. The main stage was held by various bands playing country dances and people danced in the cleared space in front of it. City and Targaryen guards helped police the crowd in an attempt to keep down theft and pickpocketting. The judges were several Guild heads, the Maester Leandro, and the Prince Dhraegon targaryen himself. The Prince was seen mingling with the crowds dressed as a big cock, of the feathered sort.

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Preparations for the Dragon Dance Oct 21 2014 Dhraegon

There is much bustle at the Dragon Manse this week as the Targaryens prepare to receive guests for the Mask of the Fantastic as part of the festival of the stranger. Various crafts people and venders are hurrying to and fro to supply the food, drink, decorations, and costumes for the ball.

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Generous Purses Promised for the W Oct 21 2014 Dhraegon

Prince Dhraegon Targaryen has promised purses large enough to provide dowries or the means to start a business to the winners of the Women's tourney. Those lacking arms, armour, or horses will be lent them so that all may compete. For the melee, only light arms and armour will be allowed to level the playing field for those not possessed of Valerian steel or expensive full plate. The tourney is to be held in honor of the Hightowers and the Prince's future wife in particular.

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Quite a Party Oct 25 2014 Dhraegon

"That was quite a party at the Dragon Manse, wasn't it?"

Those Targaryen's really let the wine flow free. Did you see that Clown Prince lurching around hugging people? I heard his Hightower betrothed was at the party."

"Which one was she?"

"They dressed as birds to match."

*snort* "That'll be a funny match, the Sparrow must be half the size of that Phoenix. Best he take care not to press her to death."

"Not kind, not kind…. Did you see that young Lannister? Fell off a table dancing and had to sleep it off in the garden."

*snort* Literally drunk under the table! Bet his father's proud of him.

Ah! Like as not, he's not the only one. I bet the servants were sweeping up fallen gentry all morning. It was that sort of party.

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The Darkest Night is Coming Oct 26 2014 Malcolm

The city is tense as apprehensive citizens prepare for the darkest night. After all, no fires means no cooking. No torches nor lanterns means people out in the streets in the dark or huddled in their homes. Who knows what mayhem may result, but the Starry Sept warns that this is the only way to avert a terrible tragedy. Beware the Darkest night, people of Old Town, and keep your knives handy.

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Those Disreputable young Lannister Oct 27 2014 Malcolm

Overheard at a noble gathering, "What _has_ the younger generation come to? First Lord Lory runs amok with that fast crowd from the Whimsey, then Lord Soren goes around brawling with commoners, and now Lord Edwyn, son and are to the Lord of Lannisport himself has been dragged out of the Quill by his ear after consorting with some sort of Essoi hussy! Clearly theiir line is not what is once was."

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The Red Temple Fire Oct 27 2014 Malcolm

Crowds havve been gathering at harbour street once it became known that the Red Temple is refusing to douse it's lights for Darkest night. The priests of Rh'llor, have never been that popular in Oldtown, and with anti-foreigner sentiment high in the wake of all the tension with Dorne and reports of Essoi pirates in the Stepstones, the crowd is getting ugly.

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The Dark Knight Rises on the Darke Oct 27 2014 Killian

A Dark Knight confronted the those leaving the fire alight at the Red Temple. After a long and valiant fight against the Red Champion, he broke down their door with his Dark Horse.

A Goddeess, possibly the Lady of the waters, then led the mob to dowse the fire of Rh'llor.

The city is plunged into Darkness.

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Something in the Wine Oct 29 2014 Malcolm

1St Man: "I heard one of the vendors in Old Town square was putting a little something extra in the mulled wine besides the usual spices on Darkest Night."

2nd Man: "Was it those Silk People again?"

3rd Man: "I don't know. I heard two of those guys got stabbed and the other two fled, but it wasn't just there. Some tainted barrels turned up in the Undercity too. It wasn't bad like the silk sickness, though. I mean, nobody died, though a few were seeing mild visions. My brother said the cup he got was like wine only better. You, know, stronger and everything looked and felt amazing."

2nd Man: Now I'm sorry I missed it.

3rd Man: Festival's still on. I say we try a cup from every stand. I figure we win either way…."

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Lord Of The Dance Oct 29 2014 Gashlycrumb

"The King and Queen of Misrule were on top of the Hightower to relight the beacon, you know? And Lord Ormund Hightower was their /fool./"

"What do you mean?"

"He wore bells and a horned fool's hat and danced and sang a dirty song for them!"

"Who told you? The 'king' and 'queen'? They're children."

"They weren't the only people up there. Bunch of highborn folk and even a few of the rest of us, too."

"You saw it?"

A third party breaks in: "It's true."

Similar conversations have cropped up here and there, often turning to arguments, though most seem to agree that it's better for Lord Ormund to have done his bit for the Stranger's Festival than to maintain his dignity.

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Weren't That Procession Lovely? Oct 31 2014 Killian

""Tis a sham you missed the grand procession, what with tending your nephew and all. It were lovely. We all stood waiting with our unlit candles like we did for the lighting of the Hightower beacon, right? Then we saw the light spreading as the Septs and Septas came with their candles, passing light to them in pront, am them passing it to those around so it spread out like spilled milk, only all glittery like stars, and behind came the big men carrying statues of the Seven, all fresh painted and garlanded with roses. After was the Silent Sisters, followed by the Guild Men. They was all decked out like they was skeletons, only some in their work close and others in their best like they was going to a party, and they pulled these casts with floats all decked with flowers. Some was beasts and some was things to do with their crafts, and some was scenes from stories, with little kids dressed up as the characters. It were lovely, truly. Then after, were the musicians, faces painted up like skulls, playing fit to burst, and we all fall in after to go honor our death it was lo….ack! You… you've got it to!"

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Tainted Wine Nov 01 2014 Malcolm

There have been reports here and there of more tanted wine, a barrel added to the back of a truck here, a few extra bottles tucked in when a stall owner was serving customers there. Some was tthe fairly harmless euphoria and mild vision type first rumored on Darkest night, but darker tales have emerged from the Undercity of a woman here or a man there run amok as if all inhibitions were gone, and others found unable to stop working or cleaning until restrained. In either case the effects generally wear off in a half a day to a day. People have begun wondering if the silk plotters are at it again.

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A Nice Young Man Nov 02 2014 Malcolm

"I never much cottoned to them Dornish, what with my eldest killed fighting for Lord Cockshaw, but you remember Ellie's youngest? The one up at the Citadel?"

"That's the clever one, right? The one with the fancy garden with all them herbs when he was little?"

"That's the one. He come down awful sick with that new thing. They say that Dornish Singer from the Whimsey heard so many was down and delirious and wanting to walk when they should be resting, and he up and takes his harp and lute up to that infirmary and sings to them sick Maesters all soothing like and it calms them down some. Maybe not all them Dornish are murdering thieves.

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Panic at the Quill Nov 03 2014 Madrighal

The Quill's popular musician in residence collapsed on the terrace in the middle of a performance, vomiting black bile, and alarming drinkers at the tavern frequented by Citadel folk. It was said the witch Isador was sitting with him when it happened and that she dosed him with herbs and paid for his removal.

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Robar's Revenge Nov 05 2014 Kaspar

It has been more than six thousand years since Ser Artys Arryn defeated the Robar II, the last Rune King and the first and last High King of the Vale, the Fingers, and the Mountains of the Moon. When a figure in bronzed beruned crown and plate, covered in blood, with a face pale as a shade accosted Lord Lucamore Arryn near the Quill and Tankard the Vale lord was horrified. So too, his squire. According to the squire's account, the shade slashed the Valelord's hamstrings, tore his tongue out from his mouth with gauntlet and dirk, and finished the man with a slash above the groin.

After, the shade tossed the squire two copper pennies and slipped into the deeper darkness leaving Lucamore's squire as blood spattered, weeping mess.

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Lysene Baths Nov 06 2014 Peri

Startlingly The Lysene Baths have closed their doors until further notice due to the plague - their great wood stores have been donated to the Silent Sisters for Essosi style pyre building to help dispose of the bodies in a sanitary fashion.
The staff of the baths have taken to ensuring the poorest of the poor in the Undercity are tended in this time of crises - however no staff is required to do so. A good many have volunteered to do so. Soup is being distributed along with bread. The ill are treated humanely and the names of the dead taken down by literate members of the bath - updated every evening and posted on the doors of the Tooth and Nail.
Many have reported seeing the owner burning inexpensive linen gowns after every series of rounds and dousing herself in boiled salt water near a sewer drain before redressing and returning home for the night.
Further rumors are that her little one is healthy and unaffected thus far.

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Luckin Nov 06 2014 Gashlycrumb

Rumour from The Citadel is that the Archmaester Luckin, who was the first to suffer this disease, has taken a turn for the better. He's conscious again, and seemingly coherent, and demanding that he, and the rest of those suffering from the illness, be given goat's milk. It does seem to help, in that the sick keep the milk down a bit longer than anything else.

This does come as a bit of a shock; Luckin is such an old man, yet so many young and healthy people, including the powerfully-built and seemingly unstoppable Torvaeld Targaryen, have died.

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Errant at Sea? Nov 06 2014 Sylas

It's hardly a noticeable surprise that that black-hearted pirate in unlikely Hightower employ, 'Lord' Sylas Volmark, has taken his Mourning Maw on many and long voyages of late. City life brought him nought but pain and shame, crewmen lost to the wildling incursion, and a personal defeat by the hand of the heir to Riverrun.

More concerningly, perhaps, the Master of Ships of Oldtown, Ser Radsirk Costayne, last seen escorting a crucial cargo of bullion and uncut gems, necessary to boost the city's credit in these plaguey days, has also failed to return on time. What can be going on out there, upon that cruel and limitless western ocean…?

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Beast Attacks Nov 06 2014 Killian

Out along the coast road, there have been a series of beast attacks on flocks. Best to go armed and be on your guard if you are traveling that way.

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Free Milk in the Undercity Nov 06 2014 Malcolm

The maiden Knight and that weird knight with the striped hair have been spotted in the Undercity with a cart of fresh goat's milk, distributing it free to those most in need. They plan to come everyday until the crisis ends. When asked where all the goats milk came from, the Stark's Sworn Man simply answered, "Dragon Food," and would not elaborate.

— Reply by Daevon at Thu Nov 06 21:06:14 2014 —
The Maiden Knight himself only explains it as. "The Mother provides."

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Food and Necessities at Oldtown Sq Nov 07 2014 Visenya

Princess Visenya and several maids from the Dragon Door Manse have arrived at Oldtown Square where they are passing out food and other common necessities to the smallfolk.

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Pyres on the Blackcrown Nov 07 2014 Edmund

Throughout the city, criers call out in the night:

"Lord Ormund, Voice of Oldtown, Lord of Hightower has commanded the city watch to close the city gates and harbor. All travel into and out from the city is forbidden, any who violate his lordships decree will be disciplined by the City Watch.

Lord Hightower has commanded the City Watch to burn the dead. To that end, Lord Gwayne Hightower, Ser Edmund Lonmouth and the City Watch have conscripted prisoners from Oldtown's dungeons and all foreigners who have not taken oaths of fealty to his grace King Viserys for the excavation of pits abutting Blackcrown Road and the disposition of the dead. Lord Gwayne Hightower, Ser Edmund Lonmouth, and all officers of the watch have also been empowered to conscript horses and dreys from commoners, merchants, and any resident of Oldtown excepting scions of noble lineage.

"Ser Edmind Lonmouth has also asked for all nobles to contribute men at arms and serjeants for the disposition of the dead."

By morning, Two great pyres burn beyond the city gates, beside Blackcrown Road. The scent of burning flesh rolls over the Tourney Grounds and Champions way as a long line of dreys, heavy with the dead, wind toward the carnal pits.

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Flowery Help Nov 08 2014 Loryn

The Tyrells are doing their best to help the suffering smallfalk, Septa Leire coordinating efforts at the sept while her brother Loryn puts food and medicinal flowers from their gardens at the sept's disposal. Apparently one part of the gardens has even been opened to a bunch of goats and sheep to graze there! The families of the actors and backstage crew at the Whimsy also whisper happily of having received some packages of aid from Garden Isle.

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Gathering Goats Nov 09 2014 Daevon

Ser Daevon Targaryen and Ser Malcolm Storm were seen at the head of a small party, riding out of the city shortly before the quarantine was raised.

Although caught outside during the announcement, the party returned laden down with supplies. Most notably, they were leading a herd of goats, a smaller number of sheep, some donkeys, mules and a variety of horses.

After being informed of the quarantine, they talked their way back into the city. People watched from windows, as the Knights did their best to prove why you can't even lead a goat to water if it doesn't want to go, let alone make it drink. Somehow they managed to control the chaos and get most of their animals to their destination. If there are any stray goats running loose, likely they belong to this shambles.

The goats and sheep appear to have been pastured in the Dragon Door Manse's garden (which might explain the incessant bleating) the other creatures have been put to good use in fighting the plague however they can. What Targaryen guards remain in the city are mounted upon horses, and aid the City Watch's efforts to keep order. The mules and donkeys have been set to use hauling carts filled with firewood, other supplies and helping with the corpse disposal.

Ser Daevon's been extremely vocal about the importance of the nobility helping how they can and that any available animals should be used to help the entire city and that he has faith that once this illness passes everyone's property will be safely returned to them.

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Ode to the Goat Pen's Knight Nov 09 2014 Alaeyna

Sad news sweeps the streets of Oldtown.

One of the commonfolk's most beloved bards, a fixture of establishments of ill repute, is among the latest lost to the sickness that has brought the city to its knees. No more will he lead a tavern full of delinquents in his lewd shanties! He did, however, leave one final work behind to be remembered by…

Ode to the Goat Pen's Knight

As I sit here dying, I pen one last verse.
I've taken too sick to decide which is worse:
The loss of one's health (quite truly a curse) or
The fall of a dragon from knight to wet nurse!

They say he was found with a smile on his face, the quill still in his hand.

Copies of the poem are being made by enterprising fans of his work and distributed in wine sinks in his memory.

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Lord Carolis Stark Nov 16 2014 Malcolm

"Did you hear? They say Lord Carolis Stark's on his death bed. Fell sick a few days ago and grievous bad now."

"That's what he gets for all that reading up the Citadel instread of spending all his time fighting Wildlings like a proper Stark!"

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Prince Dhraegon is the Worst Targa Nov 16 2014 Dhraegon

"Did you hear what Prince Dhraegon's been doing during the Crisis?"

"Wait, is that the one went around dressed as a Giant Cock for festival?"

"The same. They say he's spending his days in pillow fort eating jam cakes and drinking heavily, instead of helping the poor of the city like the twins Princess Visenya and Prince Daevon."

"What an embarrassment. No wonder they decided they had enough of him at Court."

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Disturbances in the Undercity Nov 20 2014 Malcolm

As the scourge of the plague begins to abate there are more reports of both looting and violent incidents associated with tainted wine. A man going house to house with a cart for Black Sick victims discovered a grisly sight. A man had murdered his family and was trying to use their blood for dye. He fled the scene and has not been captured.

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Don't F*cking Miss Nov 23 2014 Kelinyx

A snippet of a conversation might be overheard, two scruffy looking women walking toward the undercity chatting about recent events.

Woman 1: …oh, well he should have known better than to bring so many guards to a 'secret' deal.
Woman 2: He should have known better than to try and turn the deal. On a thief. In the Undercity.
Woman 1: The point is, that Frendster or whatever his name was barely got out with his life despite a complement of hired men.
Woman 1: Serves him right for trying to turn the deal, too.
Woman 2: I swear I saw the man who fired the arrow.
Woman 1: Tell me who it is so I never hire them. If you're gonna assassinate someone, DON'T FUCKING MISS!
Woman 2: *laughing* Like we said, he deserved it for even' tryin'. And the way she ripped his face open with her own bow, out of nowhere? Damn near poetic!
Woman 1: Well, I got his pinkie ring before he could get away. Wish there was somwhere open and clean so I could have a good old time.
Woman 2: I can think of a few ways to spend it. Let's go….


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Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan and Derelic Nov 24 2014 Sylas

The ban upon ships reentering Oldtown's quarantined harbour yet stands. But an important, if reasonable and much anticipated, exception was lately made: when the colours of Gemmed Edge, the galley of Oldtown's Master of Ships, Ser Radsirk Costayne, were at last sighted.

Furthermore, the galley turned out to be but the lead in a flotilla of three: the treasure carrack, Lady Bountiful, she was bound to escort, returned now heavily laden with both vital, necessitous supplies and sportive, delicate luxuries both; and, lurking warily in the rear, a long, sleek black ironman vessel. Its Hightower torch and dark leviathan identifying it as the Mourning Maw, the vessel of Sylas Volmark.

As the crafts put in, tidings of alarm and event were quick to spread ablaze. The good Ser Radsirk was aboard no more, and Sylas, Lord Sylas as it pleases the exile yet to be named, was in command. All three crews were sorely diminished…but the longship's speed was supplemented by the forced rowing of enthralled captives.

Ironborn captives. And of further note, the Volmark brought another gift to set alongside food and treasure. A tall, fair-haired cadaver, swathed in a banner of black and gold. Kraken gold. The corpse of Captain Garvey Greyjoy, of the Whirlwind, and till lately, heir to Pyke.

Lord Volmark's story was not one he deigned to tell, though a reliable Reach-born knight aboard the Maw did it for him readily enough, and it seemed self-evident; to some. The Greyjoy heir had found himself unable to resist the lure of the carrack's prize. His seasoned reavers had well-nigh overcome the escort, and slain the Master of Shipssss and many another, too. Until the Maw came to their rescue, the Volmark, once again, turning upon his own kind.

Now few men know quite what to say, nor how to take it, especially as word trickles, too, that the Ironborn (former) lord may be named Oldtown's new Master of Ships for his leal service. Many of Volmark's ill-wishers mutter that things have turned out mightily convenient for him, and that he may have betrayed Costayne and Greyjoy both. But staider, more pragmatical heads argue that by acknowledging responsibility for the killing of his cousin, the Greyjoy heir - and even for the scuttling of his Whirlwind, a grave insult among Ironmen - Lord Sylas has surely cut himself permanently from his own kind. That, save by exterior force, he can never now hope to enjoy his seat back on Harlaw - and so has no choice but to serve the Hightower well.

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He lives. Nov 25 2014 Carolis

It would seem Lord Carolis Stark has pulled through. They say his fever broke the same night his poor sister succumbed. A tragedy, that. However, the the heir presumptive of House Stark has survived, and he continues to recover at Weirwood Manse.

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Assault on Weirwood Nov 26 2014 Malcolm

"Looting in the wake of the Black Sick Plague has spread from the undercity into the nicer parts of town! Why, last night, Lord Andolin Stark killed two burglar's after the house breakers wounded one of his guards."

"I thought he was the sickly one with the gimpy leg!"

"Aye, but he's a dead shot. I hear he's killed a hundred Wildlings with that bow of his. Don't underestimate a stark when killing needs doing!"

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Someone Really Has it In For Stark Nov 27 2014 Malcolm

"Did you hear about the attack on the Starks?"

"You mean the Burglars?"

"No, no. This was much worse. Apparently Some of them when up on the roof to get away from the flooding in the cellars and archers tried to kill them all! They fought off a ground attack by looters down by the kitchens! A hundred Armed man from the Undercity with bows, knives, and clubs!"

"Quite a run of bad luck. That's what they get for not worshipping the Seven. Almost as bad as them at the Red Temple

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More Peculiar stark Doings Dec 02 2014 Malcolm

"I was walking by their manse and they was pouring a whole barrel of perfectly good ale into the street. Them gods of theirs is peculiar indeed."

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An Invitation to Gamble Dec 04 2014 Valora

Letters are sent out to select nobles throughout Oldtown. Written on fine parchment in a crisp and elegant hand is the following message along with a date at the bottom below the signature.

To the Lords and Ladies of Oldown,

This letter is your invitation to a private party at the Hightower hosted by myself, the Lady Valora Hightower.The party is by invitation only and those without thier invitation will not be permitted entry. There will be drinks and snacks but the main purpose of this party is gambling. Card and dice games will be played and some are likely to require something to wage with. So please bring coin if you wish to attend. A gaurd will be stationed at the front door to escort those invited to the party. The date of the event is noted below. I hope you will come and enjoy yourself!

My best wishes.

Lady Valora of House Hightower.


OOC: These letters are given to select nobility, both lords and ladies. You the players may decide if you get one or not. This may be the beginning of a tiny plot. If there is enough interest these parties may become weekly events and then after a couple sessions at the Hightower I have something else planned as well.

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Kids today Dec 06 2014 Killian

"Did you here what those young Lords were up to last night? One of those young Hightowers threw a wild party at the fist with Smallfolk and Iron Islanders in attendance!"

*gasp* "What is the young generation coming to! In my day we had better things to do than cavort with Small folk!"

Indeed! And they say that Wild Princess turned up and had a knock down drag out fight with the Bull Fish where all could see and that young Lannister boy was so drunk he woke the house with his drunken bellows on coming home.

"What a world, what a World. youth were more responsible in my day!"

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Rivalry Between The Maiden's Knigh Dec 07 2014 Daevon

Those who'd hoped to catch a glimpse of the Maiden's Knight were sorely disappointed. Ser Daevon Targaryen, was a noticable absence at the tournament celebrating Ser Loryn and Ser Andolin's Knighthood.

Does this mean that the Maiden's Knight disapproves? If so he'll find few that agree with him. Perhaps he's jealous of the Lord of the Laurel's increasing popularity. Maidens who once swooned over the Targaryen Knight and threw flowers for him to catch, have now taken to wearing laurel sprigs instead. Or is it that Ser Daevon's a coward with an overinflated reputation. His performances at the previous tournaments in the city always seem to disappoint with the Maiden's Knight losing far more frequently than he ever wins. Still for all those warriors that disparage Ser Daevon's skill, and cast doubt upon his suitability for Knighthood, he's still beloved by the commoners who remember that he and his sister, Visenya the Virtuous, were two of the only Targaryens that remained during the plague, and both of whom were seen, out on the streets, working relentlessly to help those in need. Still such work is hardly glamourous. Of course Ser Loryn remained in the city too, opening the gardens of garden isle to herds of goats whose milk then went to feed the poor.

Now, what is glamourous is The Theatre of Whimsical Dreams. The whole city's waiting in eager antipication of the next play at the Whimsy, which rumour has it will be a retelling of Ser Loryn's courageous deeds. Who wouldn't want to see a tale of Lord Loryn stalking and slaying the monstrous beast that resulted in his knighthood. Or the story of Lord Andolin, who almost had his dreams of knighthood snatched away in a terrible accident, only for him to be able to prove himself by joining Lord Loryn's quest.

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Rivalries in Oldtown? Dec 07 2014 Loryn

Rivalry with the Maiden Knight? When Ser Loryn was asked to comment to rumours flying about Oldtown, he apparently laughed and shrugged and suggested the Maiden Knight get over himself. Yes, he is handsome, dashing, popular, beloved by the people and whatnot, but he's a Tyrell, it comes with the job. Though if Prince Daevon wishes to prove that he is not a coward who purposely missed the tourney, he knows where to find Ser Loryn. A measuring of strength can be arranged. Girls in town are distributing the rumour around with glee.

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Smallfolk reflect on the new rival Dec 08 2014 Kelinyx

If you dare go out shopping or crowd watching, or just have good ears in the right places, you may have heard some of the following chatter.

Small girl: Want some of this wine, geezer? I heard the prettiest two men want to be mad at each other.
Older man: You hear funny things, girl.
SG: I heard they're really friends and doing this to make other people hush up about things they don't appreciate bein' talked about.
OM: Did you hear anything reasonable?
SG: Well I didn't hear, I saw that the golden-haired Prince wasn't at the tournament because he and a few folk from the Dragon Door Manse were off helping find a lost little girl.
OM: He's willin' to throw away glory or at least playin' noble games to find a little girl? Pull my other leg, girl.
SG: Well, I know the girl. She says he found her. Maybe what he and his sister Princess did during the plague left a change in 'im. Maybe he's growin' out of the games.
OM: And maybe you're drunk, little girl. Gimme a sip of that.

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Ghost Ships Dec 08 2014 Malcolm

Edwyn Lannister's Caraval, The Sapphire Eyes, has sailed back into harbour with a belly full of Dornish silks, essoi spice, and that famous Tarthian wood that everyone has been talking about.

It seems her sailors have a strangetail to tell. Two days out from Oldtown, they spotted two ships before sunset, sailing erratically, as if no hand held the tiller. The crew watched in horror as they lurched into each other and began to sink. By the time they could tack and loop back for survivors, most of what was left was debris and bodies. "Bodies, I say, as not one man was left alive, an not by drowning neither. Them bodies were black and bloat, like they'd been dead and rotting a week or three in the sun. The Cap'n said to leave 'em be. The Sea'd take'em. It'll take a good lot o'drink to forget the sight. And the smell. Them were ghost ships, right enough, sailed by dead men's hands. I wonder if there's more out there, floating coffins full 'o dead."

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Shipwrecked! Dec 09 2014 Hawke

Late at night on 12/9, there was a commotion outside Oldtown on the beaches - a big black ship bearing no recognizable flag wrecked just off the coast, and rumor has it that Killian Farwynd, the Maester Leandro, and Lord Delwyn of Tarth fished two survivors out of the wreckage.

The ship, captained by an Iron Islander-looking man who only identifies as Hawke, is pretty much in a state of 'disaster'. Any looters wishing to pillage are welcome, but there's not much to be found, and rumor has it that the crew aboard the ship died of the plague, so… loot at your own risk.

The captain is rumored to be alive, and the other man fished from the wreckage is on a knife's edge of life or death.

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The Clown Prince Returns Dec 09 2014 Dhraegon

Prince Dhraegon, who was last seen in public dressed as a Giant cock during the festival of the stranger, and who was rumored to have spent the recent crisis hiding in a pillow fort in his rooms, was spotted out in public yesterday buying dolls with a street urchin and supping at a well known Cake house with Malicia Bolton. No one was stabbed.

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The Briar Withers Dec 12 2014 Maelys

Of late, a number of noble scions have perished from the recent contagion, a few have also died of disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Prince Ryzael Targaryen has not been seen in many days and many have taken to whisper at his quarrels with Lady Johanna and Ser Quillian Oakheart.

Lucamore Arryn was cut down in the streets by a figure in bronzed armor and a circlet of bronze adored with the Runes of the First Men. A number of Vale Lords have taken to whispering of Lucamore's distasteful aspersions against the honor of Lady Ysilla Royce and the Rune King's wroth.

Zelzzara Vikary was torn limb from limb by an angry mob for her foreign faith and Radsirk Costayne, Lord Ormund's Master of Ships met with a gory fate at the hands of Captain Garvey Greyjoy, Lord Greyjoy's heir, who was then slain at the hands of the Young Leviathan, Lord Sylas Volmark.

Of late, it appears two more nobles, Jos and Jacelyn Flowers, have fallen victim to the chaos and opportunism of those chaotic weeks. None of their relations have seen hide nor hair of Joss and Jacelyn, though an officer of the watch recently discovered two headless bodies, their limbs and torso split by gaping wounds, neither of these men had a shred of clothing on them, rats had been at both, but one of them help a rose broach in his left hand, an ornament that pins back the cloaks of many a Tyrell guardsmen.

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54 Dec 13 2014 Gashlycrumb

See +bb 16/13, re Ryzael. One would hope he hasn't been seen, as that would be really gross by now.

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Maiden vs Rose vs Malice Dec 19 2014 Daevon

With their match only days away, the tensions between Ser Loryn Tyrell and Ser Daevon Targaryen have been rising. Bets have been placed on the outcome of their match, with the odds strongly in favour of the more experienced Ser Daevon. With the exact rules of the contest subject to only speculation, there's even suggestions that it might end up being a musical duel. Although most are hoping that such things are kept to just the Whimsy and there's threats that if the two of them do break into song, there will be other things broken shortly afterwears.

As for the rising tensions, Ser Loryn and Ser Daevon were recently seen at the tourney-grounds, each seeking to win the favour of the beautiful Lady Malicia Bolton. The Lady herself suggested that the two men settle the matter as Northers and engage in a bout of wrestling. Unfortunately for any who'd hoped to catch a glimpse of the fight, the two knights and the lady departed for more private locales to continue their dispute.

While there are some who claim the wrestling bout was instead to be between The Maiden's Knight and Lady Malice, that surely can't be true. Why would they be fighting over Ser Loryn?

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A new couple? Dec 28 2014 Valora

A rumor starts and spreads from the Hightower Square.

"Did you see that? That gentleman with Lady Valora Hightower."
"What? Was he a sellsword? A drunken sailor? A bastard? That seems to be the only sort that one is capable of attracting…."
"Oh hush! He was a Redwyne! A nobleman and she was all over him…even kissed his cheek and he seemed to like it!"
"Valora Hightower and a wine seller? How…fitting. He best be careful that woman is trouble. Not to mention she will drink his wine cellar dry!"

The pair laugh and carry out the rest of thier business but the rumor continues to circulate…who is this Redwyne Lord and is there truly another couple in Oldtown? Is Lord Ormund finally planning to marry off his scandalous sister? Or is Valora just getting better taste in men?

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Whispers in the Halls Dec 31 2014 Dhraegon

Two novices over heard whispering, "Do you know what I saw? A dried up old septa whispering to one of the Library Scribes. he pulled her into a dark corner to do who knows what!"

"Eeew! It can't have been that. Old people don't like *shudder* kissing"

"I don't know what they were doing, but they jumped apart and looked guilty when he spotted me!"

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A Fight In The Town Square Jan 03 2015 Sable

Word passes among those who care for such things - foreigners are ruining Old Town. Just yesterday a Dornishman and an Iron Islander got into a brawl over some Summer Island woman. The Dornishman is reported for being fairly handsome, as far as those sorts go, with a turban over his hair. The Iron Islander was large and drunk and bearded, as Iron Islanders often are. The woman was a Summer Island looking sort, dressed really fine and talking like she was from Braavos.

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Dragons Hatched and Husbands Aquir Jan 03 2015 Visenya

Word coming out of the Dragon's Door Manse is that Princess Visenya has been quite busy. Somehow, the Princess acquired dragon's eggs. Some claim that they are the Whoremaster's eggs while others say they were given to her as a gift from one of her countless enamored admirers. Regardless of the origin of the egg one thing is certain: It has hatched, and the Princess has what is rumored to be not one but two dragon hatchlings. Dragon twins for a twin.

It is also rumored that Prince Rhaegor, Scourage of Qarth as well as envoy and nephew of the King has been at her side for the whole ordeal. Rumor coming out of the Targaryen Manse is Princess Visenya has begun to set aside all of her beaus for her older cousin, and Prince Rhaegor has asked for the Princess's hand. Those more cynical point out that the Princess's position has increased greatly with the hatching of dragons, and others whisper that the Prince's first wife still lives; that she chose the motherhouse over being wed to the Prince. Still, others claim it is a rare love match.

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Trouble at the Citidel Jan 07 2015 Malcolm

Though the Maester's numbers are thinner after the Plague, there are rumors of tension, nay fist fights amoung Maesters in the Library and rude words whispered by those crowding into the Starry Sept to pray. Today there was a new low, Measter's brawling in the main Citadel Library, with Librarians and Scribes trying to pull the combatants apart. It is said the fight started when one old fellow snatched a folio another one was studying and was further in flamed when an onlooker exclaimed that "The Conquest is a lie! There's no proof of it. It's all a great conspiracy to cover up the truth."

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The Stranger Visits Purple Sail Jan 08 2015 Maelys

As dusk falls over Purple Sail Manse, a pair of Silent sisters arrive at the gate to the Prince Maelys's row house. Word of the Stranger's visitation soon travels across Beacon Boulevard. Aggendo, one of the Prince's companions from his years with the Second Sons, a bravo of twenty, took to his bed two nights past. The young bravo complained of a terrible pain in his abdomen. By dawn, the hale and hearty youth was ashen and feverish. The bravo lingered for two days, attended by a Maester, crying out for a sister thousands of leagues from Oldtown. The Prince's companion and squire died at midday. Shortly after the Sisters' arrival, the Prince and his paramour, Lady Alaeyna Fowler were seen departing Purple Sail in some haste, a long tail of the Prince's sworn swords in tow. The Sisters departed purple sail, shortly before dawn, attended by servants bearing a cask of bones.

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Scuffle at the Starry Sept Jan 08 2015 Dhraegon

"Did you hear? They had to eject a Maester from the Sept for molesting the statue of the Maiden!"

"Nono! He was only fondling her feet!"

"Tsk! What is the Citadel coming too these days. That Pestilence seems to have left so many of those Maesters tetched."

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Fabulous Prizes at the Horse and A Jan 11 2015 Dhraegon

Prince Dhraegon Targaryen and Lord Nathaniel Crane hosted an horse and Archery Event at the Tourney Grounds. The Longbow Competition was handily one by Ser Daevon Targaryen, with Lady Leof Banefort in second. The first prize was a Bay Mare. The horse race was carried away by the Lady Daena Yronwood, with Ser Andolin Stark and a man riding a very peculiar Yellow horse tied for second. The first place winner was given a handsome grey gelding. Prince Dhraegon was so taken with the new style of horse archery contest invented for the challenge between his young kinsman, Ser Daevon, and Lord Loryn Tyrell, that he repeatedly the contest, and for the grand prize, gave the winner a Sand Steed. That winner turned out to be Ser Andolin Stark in a very close struggle with the dangerous and beauteous Lady Daena Yronwood.

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Brawl at the Fist Jan 13 2015 Killian

They say Lady Maera Mormont started a brawl with as couple of Iron Men and beat them both to a pulp.

Message: 8/66 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Assassination Attempt at Dragon Ma Jan 18 2015 Dhraegon

"Did you hear an assassin got into the back garden at the Dragon Manse? They say Princess Visenya killed him single handed and lopped off his head!"

"Was anyone hurt?"

"They say he had the Black Sick and came to infect them all, but only got some poor man servant. They say Maester Lukin's attending him and they have him locked up to keep it spreading."

"By the seven! Best to be buying up goat's milk again!"

Message: 8/67 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Run on Milk Jan 18 2015 Madrighal

In the wake of rumors that the Black Sick might be back, panicked people have been buying up goat's milk and the goat thefts have started up again.

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Maiden vs Bullfish Jan 22 2015 Daevon

In the early hours of the morning, as the last of the revellers were making their way home from Ser Malcolm Storm's nameday celebrations there was a confrontation upon the beach.

Ser Daevon Targaryen, and his fair sister, Princess Visenya the Virtuous found Ser Thadeus Tully, the Bullfish (and Tully heir) with a wench. An argument ensued with Ser Thadeus not calling Visenya a whore but otherwise implying that she was less than virtuous. It was all too complicated for any of the extremely hungover witnesses to really understand. Was The Maiden's Knight challenging Ser Thadeus over his treatment of all women, of his sister Princess Cerys the Caring's broken betrothal to the Bullfish, or was it the insults to Visenya and calling her a liar that did it. Maybe he just didn't like the way the Bullfish kept smirking and laughing.

The Maidens Knight and the Bullfish will be duelling, and to many of the onlooker's surprise Ser Thadeus was boasting about already having bested Ser Daevon the last time they faced off against each-other. The Maiden's Knight seems uncharacteristically angry, (or maybe he was just hung-over) so who might win is anyone's bet.

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Duels and Drama Jan 25 2015 Daevon

The duel between Ser Daevon Targaryen and Ser Thadeus Tully took a number of surprising twist. Princess Cerys Targaryen was seen offering her former fiance her favour and pleading with him just before the match. Prince Rhaegor Targaryen intervened, dragging the upset Princess away from the man she'd been betrothed to. Words were exchanged, and then it was Ser Rhaegor, not Ser Daevon who took up the challenge against Ser Thadeus.

Overheard snippets suggest that Prince Rhagor, (or was it Prince Daevon) had intervened to break the match between Ser Thadeus and Princess Cerys, despite the two clearly being in love. Yet Prince Rhaegor stated that this was over an offense caused to Princess Visenya, his now betrothed, and not the Princess Cerys. The audience were all very confused over it and what was actually going on. It had it all, harsh words, love, violence, infidelities, and far, far too beautiful nobles. Everyone agreed that watching Targaryens and Tully's air their dirty laundry in public was far better than any show staged at the Whimsy.

The duel itself was an almighty clash of swords, and noble temperments coming together, with each determined to prove himself the manliest and mightiest of warriors, and both Targaryen Princesses calling out to their respective betrotheds. Ser Thaddeus Tully cleaved Ser Rhaegor Targaryen with an almighty stroke of his broad-sword, nearly slicing his armour in half, and royally trounced the Royal Prince. Begged to yield by his fiance, Prince Rhaegor conceded the match, and Ser Thaddeus proved himself to be the victor.

While Princess Visenya rushed to Prince Rhaegor's side, Princess Cerys was so overcome with emotion that she fainted, and her brother lead her away before she could offer any parting words to the handsome Thadeus Tully.

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The Maesters' Revel Jan 28 2015 Dhraegon

Apparently someone arranged for a "wine tasting" for certain select Maesters up at the Citadel, whicxh turned out to be merely an excuse for the Maesters to get roaring drunk and argue about various points of scholarship with decreasing levels of coherence as the night wore on, with several fist fights breaking out as a result. First that brawl in the Citadel Library and then the molestation of the Maiden statue at the starry Sept. What is wrong with Maesters these days?

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There's a hole in the Middle! Jan 28 2015 Dhraegon

Rumor has it a hole opened in the floor of the Grand Reception Hall of the Hightower, and a large party of people descended to investigate it, including the Lady Marsei of that House, the Princess Visenya, and a mysterious Maester. Guards have been set to keep people away from the hole, and it is said repairs will be costly.

Message: 8/72 (timeout warning) Posted Author
No Suspicious Activity At the High Feb 02 2015 Leandro

There is not a hole in the Grand Reception Hall of the Hightower. There has never been a hole there. Any rumours that a gaping chasm opened up and a large party of people entered are clearly lies. Anyone visiting the Grand Reception Hall will note that it looks the same as it ever did and nothing has changed. There were also no strange sounds emmanating from the Grand Reception Hall, in the middle of the night, and no mysterious maesters conducting strange experiments in those darkened halls. There is definitely not anything suspicious going on at the Hightower at all.

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An Iron Born Wedding Feb 07 2015 Killian

"Those Iron Men are so wild. There was some sort of wild all day and night drunken party down on the beach."

"Aye, that was that Farwynd heir, Captain Killian taking his Sothron bride to wed. He's been boasting of her beauty for half a year in every tavern in Oldtown. Apparently he gave his Blaithe to the sea before binding her to be his 'Rock Wife' before his whole crew. They did the bedding ceremony right there in a field tent while the men toasted their union and future sprogs."

"That's Barbaric!"

"That's Iron Men for you, heathen and barbaric. Not much better'n Wildlings or animals."

"So who is this Lady Blaithe Farwynd then? What House would give a daughter to a bunch of pirates?"

"No one knows. Ask him about it and he talks all in poetry, and the Lady herself has seldom been seen without him escorting her. He certainly dotes on her when he's in his cups…."

Message: 8/74 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Outlaws! Feb 09 2015 Andolin

Rumor has it Andolin Stark and Loryn Tyrell stumbled upon a few thieves hiding away in an underground hideaway and saved some kid from a nearby village of smallfolk that somehow got himself into trouble. They came back with two of the said outlaws, petty thieves, and gave them to the Oldtown guard to deal with. The third got away.

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Disadventures in Sea Serpent Hunti Feb 12 2015 Visenya

Rumor has it that killing the Sea Serpent was the easy part for the warriors who went out to hunt the beast before the arrival of the dolphins. Amongst the party were Captain Killian Farwynd, who brought his own ship, the Ironman known as Hawke, an unknown Targaryen Prince, and two madmen.

Apparently it was the madmen who caused chaos during the trip, and nearly burnt down Killian's ship. They were both taken into Targaryen custody by the unknown Prince.

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Roseroad Bandits Still Kicking Feb 16 2015 Kai

The recent investigation into the reports of a bandit fort off the Roseroad ended in failure, after a party of roughly twenty men entered the forests, and were repelled by those whom dwell within. Included in the party were Owen Fossoway, his men, and Killian Farwynd, alongside a number of locals and sellswords. Of those that entered, thirteen were killed and Lord Fossoway was injured, and was forced to pull out his men. Tales of men covered in earth blending in with the trees have arisen from the surviving local farmers, talk of the screams of the dying and white wolves, leading some of the commonfolk in the countryside, and even within Oltown itself to believe that those that reside at the fort in the woods are not entirely human, nor natural.

Regardless of what truly occurred, and many think the stories are absolute ass, it seems the bandits at the fort off the Roseroad have managed to repel a scouting party.

Message: 8/77 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Obscene Entry Feb 26 2015 Leandro

Rumours have it that a positively obscene painting has been submitted to the art contest and is still hanging alongside the others. It's a painting of a pair of very shapely feet, and the luscious curves of calves there attached rendered in exquisite detail. For those that like feet it is certainly the sexiest pair of women's feet that may have ever been painted, to most others it's a mystery what'd made a small minority declare the painting pure filth and demanded it be burned. The painting and the subject thereof both remain nameless but one Septon's been heard muttering that it's entirely inappropriate to display the Mother's feet without the rest of her attached, and a Maester was seen to go a particular shade of purple on spying it and mutter obsceneties of his own.

For those that look closely at the picture, the shadows beneath those glorious feet might take the form of a robed figure prostrating itself, worshipping those feet, or perhaps being trampled by them, or it could as easily be just a trick of the light. Even if it were the case though surely that wouldn't be enough to get people so incensed by the work of art. Well not unless you were a maester who'd been previously ejected from the Sept for molesting a statue.

(See also +bbread 8/63)

Message: 8/78 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Ladies Dolphin Party Results Feb 27 2015 Marsei

It seems the first Dolphin Festival ladies' party, organized by Lady Marsei, was a success, according to the words of said ladies. Rumour has it that, among others, Princess Visenya took the theme to heart and, as the Queen of Love and Beauty, was the most vocal in demanding entertainment from the rare men. It's said there was a wizard from Essos in attendance, amusing with magic tricks.

The light-hearted contest of talents ended with more than one winner, none placed higher than the other; among them were a young pair of dancing sisters, a singing maiden, and the embroidery work of Lady Norah Plumm. The prizes were fine slippers, jeweled hair combs, and gold-and-silver spun spools of thread. Lady Marsei generously went about delivering other trinkets to all contestants at the party regardless of their placement. Nearly every guest went home with flowers.

Message: 8/79 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Daevon's Return May 23 2015 Daevon

After having spent several months at Sunspear, Ser Daevon Targaryen has returned to Oldtown without a bride and still unmarried. It would seem that the great love between he and Princess Mariya Martell was just not meant to be and that politics got in the way of their marriage.

This is likely related to +bbread 10/7

Message: 8/80 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Hightower Party's Effects May 28 2015 Marsei

After the betrothal party of Prince Dhraegon and Lady Marsei two days prior, mixed reviews are coming to light. Certainly, the guests of the celebration that ended in abrupt disaster were terrified for their lives as the Hightower was descended upon by dragons, but the hearts and minds of at least a few were warmed by the calming words of Lady Marsei and the firm command of Lord Ormund in the heat of danger, leading everyone to safety in the Hightower's lower level, as well as the the apparent bravery of Prince Dhraegon … although there are very polarized rumours on this as well.

It's said Lady Marsei sang lullabies and led the people collected in the Hightower with prayer until the dragon took flight from the Hightower. Since then, she has has been offering her sincerest apologies to the guests of the event for the rather unforseen circumstances. At least few Fossoway ladies, who travelled for the party, are remaining for a few days to visit as they intended, rather than fleeing back to Cider Hall.

People now must wonder: if the unlikely betrothal celebration of the Hightower lady turned Fossoway widow and the "clown prince" Dhraegon turned out so drastically, what lies in store for their future wedding?

Message: 8/81 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Strange Coins Jun 01 2015 Sun

Ceramic coins depicting flames on one side and a blade on the other begin to circulate through the docks and the Undercity, along with the rumour that, if they're dropped off on the steps of the Red Temple, you may find the answers you seek, or your enemies may be brought to justice. But not without a price.

(For coins, inquiries, and/or scenes, +mail Sun!)

Message: 8/82 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Prodigal_Brother_Returns Jun 01 2015 Culler

Ser Culler Hightower the younger brother of Ormund Hightower has returned from an exile discretely imposed upon him by the Head of House Hightower Otto Hightower. He apparently was leading a company of sellswords in Myr. Some of these nefarious individuals who hail from all over Essos have returned with him including a beautiful female of unknown origin called Jax and a large black Summer Islander called Bolo. Just what Culler is doing back in Westeros has yet to be discerned but the Hightower has a bad reputation for creating trouble and brawling.

Message: 8/83 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Ironborn Invade! Jun 07 2015 Tamber

Few things are as awful as an Ironborn ship coming ashore after months at sea! Though it is often mitigated by the copious coins spent on worldly pleasures that pours into the city's economy as they do.

Tamber Greyjoy, daughter of Godan Greyjoy, and Tyana Rene, wife of the Dwarf Gimp of Lord Drumm, brought their crew ashore for merriment and revelry at the Bawdy Bard after sailing into harbor aboard a damaged Asshai warship. Word has it that the pair racked up quite the expense report with broken furniture and other damage to the establishment.

When the fights and 'manly' contests became too out of control and extreme, spilling into the streets, the city guard had to be summoned to disperse the men, the more lively ones receiving thumpings and a night or two in a cell.

Rumors of Tyana Reyne's infidelity towards her husband are not softened by this news. She was also reportedly seen wearing a dress. In a whorehouse.

Apparently the raiding crew is intending to stay for a while, sending messages back to the Iron Islands and ordering extensive refits to the ship.

Gossipers… away!

Message: 8/84 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Under skin and over sea. Jun 07 2015 Leonte

Fishmonger, The First: This isn't the first time he's done it.
Fishmonger, The Second: I haven't forgotten, none, last season he pulled the same stunt. Nobles, think birth buys it all.
FtF: I won't have it I tell you. Traders have rights. The good for nothing. Blue Traders should not have to compete with the threat of bored Nobles.
FtS:(a gruff laugh) What are you going to do? Tell him yourself?
FtF: He is taking money out of the of the mouths of my children! Someone should tell him.
FtS: You don't have children now fetch the barrels and quit yer bellyachin' before someone hears ya bitching like a newborn shepup.

Ser Leonte Locke is a capable sailor who has been known to sell fish and oysters every few months for sport. Possibly to piss of the blue traders- also for sport. If you are a trader feel free to have at least a passing dislike for Ser Leonte. If you wish to play this out I am more than willing and a very friendly accommodating player OOC. Let's make stories!

Message: 8/85 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Ironborn take Ironwood! Jun 08 2015 Tamber

Tamber Greyjoy has recently purchased the Ironwood Manse and is using it as housing for the Greyjoys and their bannermen. Property values have probably just gone down on Hightower Street.

Message: 8/86 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Ironborn 'Merchants'!? Jun 15 2015 Tamber

The Nameless, the Ironborn-crewed black Asshai warship has recently finished extensive refit, including black sails and an enormous skeleton affixed as a figurehead. It set sail last week, returning a little over seven days later bursting at the seams with cargo, which was quickly offloaded to various merchants.

The crew are silent as to the origins of the Volanti goods.

Message: 8/87 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Birdman? Jun 22 2015 Andyrs

A most odd rumour has started to do the rounds on the nights following the Celebration In the Sky.
Apparently some doxy or common harlot, no doubt known in passing to smallfolk, has went missing or perhaps been waylaid.
Not that uncommon! I hear you cry!
What makes this noteworthy is that the ever present street urchin witnesses attest that she was carried off by a creature as much bird as man! Less kind folk may well wonder why no one ever seems to suspect the urchins, especially with such baffling excuses, but most no doubt would prefer the little bastards story.
Only time will tell.

Message: 8/88 (timeout warning) Posted Author
A Night of Slow Moving Stars Jun 23 2015 Xavia

A single light drifting out across the harbour sky where no light should be.

The single light is soon joined by others in an arresting silent departure. The slow moving lights are being swept away on the seaward breeze. They are charming and soon more folks will notice as the sky becomes peppered with paper lanterns in the distance. The illusion of hundreds of will o wisps heading slowly out to sea. A light show had been promised and in the sky one was delivered by the simple magic of paper lanterns and little candles. The slow moving stars number the hundreds and they twinkle softly like nothing seen before.

((This phenomenon occurred after dark on the night of June 22nd. See the log: Playing with Fire for more information. It was visible all across Oldtown and out to sea for several miles.))

Message: 8/89 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Targaryen Roadtrip Jun 23 2015 Rhaegor

Prince Rhaegor Targaryen, nephew of King Viserys I and Crown diplomat to Dorne, returned a fortnight ago from his most recent trip to King's Landing. Already he prepares to depart Oldtown once more, but this time the party he leads is ten times its usual size, consisting of both kinsmen and bannermen. Their destination? Dorne.

Rumor has it that the party will rendezvous in the field with a group of similar size originating from King's Landing, making the remainder of the journey together.

The purpose of the visit would seem to be one of leisure; though the party transports wagons laden with gifts and consists of several members of the royal family, their guard is modest. A sign, perhaps, of improvement in diplomatic relations between Dorne and the Crown.

Message: 8/90 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Strange Coins Broken Jul 03 2015 Sun

Some of the unusual ceramic coins — depicting a flame on one side and a blade on the other — that have been showing up around Oldtown, rumoured to bring justice to one's enemies if placed on the steps of the Red Temple, have been smashed and left there instead. Perhaps it's vindictive customers whose wishes haven't been granted. It's said that a local sailor's brother placed a coin, seeking to right an injustice done against him, and was found brutally murdered himself soon after. What justice is that?

Some smallfolk have been simply breaking the coins if they find them, disparaging the Red Temple and its strange fiery god, while others refuse to touch the coins at all, fearing evil.

The Red Priests simply sweet the coins away, seeming unbothered.

Message: 8/91 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Pavilion Jul 07 2015 Gashlycrumb

Oldtown herbalists and travelers from Honeyholt report that there's a pavilion of undyed roughspun, all patchwork scraps sewn together, setting out on the Western side of the river, near the bridge off the Honey road a couple of miles outside of town.

Message: 8/92 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Weirwood Whispers Aug 18 2015 Malcolm

It is said that some of Lord Carolis' household has returned to Weirwood, including his rather flamboyant Stormlander body guard and peculiarly coifed Master of Beasts, and that they are keeping some mysterious prisoner taken in the north in one of the upper rooms. The Stark guards being notoriously tight lipped, the rumors are vague, although it is said that there have been new orders for fine brandy and peary brandy, hitherto not much to Starkish tastes, and several book orders coming in, despite Lord Carolis not having been spotted about town

Message: 8/93 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Scandalous Dornish Nov 10 2015 Manfryd

"He said what?!"

"That he had a fierce prick—"

"You can't be serious… To a Targaryen Princess?"

"Yep, and get this… he was clear that he wanted to bed her! Not even any shame in it! Suggested they could use the floor for her lack of a bed made ready!"

"What did she do?"

"She giggled! And laughed! The chief handmaiden was not pleased as I hear it. Told the dirty Dornishman off. Course then he told the woman she had cob webs between her legs."

"And he thinks he can get away with it?"

"Not at all. I think the Qorgyle is waiting for the dragons to come."

Message: 8/94 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Return to Oldtown Nov 23 2015 Rhaegor

Word spreads that Rhaegor Targaryen and Princess Emira of Dorne, his betrothed, have recently returned to Oldtown. Prince Rhaegor, a Crown diplomat, has resumed his political affairs and is once again available for meetings at the Hightower.

Message: 8/95 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Ser Loryn Tyrell - Beast Slayer Nov 30 2015 Daevon

A fearsome monster terrorised the countryside, ripping cows limb from limb, devouring sheep whole! As most quaked in their boots at the sheer thought of this horned monstrosity, Ser Loryn Tyrell rose to the challenge. He ventured bravely forth, rescuing a poor damsel from its fearsome clutches. The two battled, one knight, one beast the size of ten men, with the strength of twenty, daggers for claws, and razor sharp fangs. With an almighty stroke from his sword Loryn Tyrell cleaved its head straight from its body restoring peace to the land once more!

The actual head that's being paraded around, by one of the men drinking out on the story, looks like someone's stuck antlers on a large, but somewhat mangy bear. There's a few that think this might be the latest publicity stunt, and/or play for the Whimsy Theatre.

Other versions suggest that Loryn wasn't quite alone and that he wrote out with the Maiden Knight. (Of course it's hard to tell the difference between the Maiden Knight and an actual Maiden some snicker.) Some are even saying that the 'damsel' had a sword too and assisted in this fearsome battle and that it was she who lead the farmers to retrieve the beast's body.

Whatever the specifics, Ser Loryn Tyrell, has slain yet another beast, and is beginning to get a reputation for doing such things. A brave noble knight indeed. And he's still unmarried. (Perhaps he'll marry that damsel he rescued…)

Message: 8/96 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Service, Please Dec 12 2015 Camillo

In the week or two after the wedding, residents and guests may find small snags in the service around the Hightower. Tea brought without the usual milk, a smudged glass, a cobweb gathering in the corner of one's room, a dusty bannister. No earth-shattering lapses occur, but some things just aren't as smooth and conscientious as usual.

Message: 8/97 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Northman Knighted Dec 17 2015 Desmond

Rumor has it that Desmond Snow, the huge Northman sellsword who's been known to frequent the Tooth and Nail, has been made Ser Desmond Snow — and not by the Maiden's Knight, whom he serves, but by King Viserys himself! The Northern bastard bent the knee before the Hightower after holding a vigil in the Starry Sept. He was heard to joke, afterward, that he "Did not vomit on the King's boots."

Message: 8/98 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Dragon Diet Deaths Dec 18 2015 Daevon

Whoremaster has a taste for human flesh, having plucked whores from the very streets and terrorised the entire city in an attempt to sate her abominable appetite. While some claim her tastes aren't that refined and she's also eaten maesters pirates, would-be knights, others insist that she only prefers women of a certain reputation, hence her name. Whoremaster.

Rumour has it that several Targaryens have travelled to Oldtown specifically to tame the ferocious Whoremaster. Gossip in the seedier parts of town are that they're resorting to human sacrifice, or at least human bodies to do so. A woman was heard sobbing in the sept about how they took her daughter, and that they're abducting young women and feeding them to the monstrous beast.

There's also claims that the Targaryen's are paying good coin for dead bodies. Surely Whoremaster prefers fresher meat. Any rumours about corpses being carried into the manse are undoubtedly just that: rumours. There's enough drunken princes about for any of them to be mistaken in their inebriated states.

Message: 8/99 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Giant and the Dragon Dec 18 2015 Desmond

Rumors abound in the city about the duel fought between Prince Rhaegor and Ser Desmond Snow — though many snicker and speak of the Snow Giant, instead. Prince Rhaegor, it is said, met his monstrous foe with great good will, and even accepted the Northern Bastard's apology for his egregious insults. Rumors about those insults are still circulating — what did Desmond actually *call* the beautiful Targaryen? No two stories agree. But it was surely foul, and the Giant was surely overreaching himself when he demanded an apology from the Prince!

Prince Rhaegor, it is said, had never looked more dashing than when he stood in the sunlit field and agreed to meet the horrific Snow Giant in battle. Silver-haired and noble, he spoke kindly to his former squire Ser Vhaegor, a so-called Targaryen with dark hair, and many maidens whisper of how he knelt before a young Septa and begged her blessing. When he entered the ring, victory was assured.

Desmond Snow made no prayers to the Seven. He made no obeisances to the crowd. His ugly face surely marks an ugly nature. And when the fight began, it is said that his ugliness was on full display. Though Prince Rhaegor fought with all the courage of a Targaryen Prince, the Snow Giant was like an avalanche crashing down. No skill, no finesse, and no chivalry. Taunting Rhaegor, demanding he yield, striking like a great thresher, he overthrew the heroic Prince with a brutal strike.

And afterwards, it is said, taunted him by making jests about how /brave/ his defeated enemy was in front of the whole crowd. A few tell another tale, of Snow's sincerity and gallantry, but they are in a rapidly decreasing minority.

Message: 8/100 (timeout warning) Posted Author
It's a Dornish Fix! Dec 21 2015 Daevon

There's a definite discontentment that most of the tourney prizes were claimed by foreigners. And certainly a lot of grumbling about those Dornishmen coming to the Reach simply so they could cheat good men out of their due rewards. Some are even calling for Dornishmen to be forbidden from entering any future contests."

Message: 8/101 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Scourge Rides Dec 23 2015 Rhaegor

A mere week after his duel with Desmond Snow, Rhaegor Targaryen and his men were spotted riding through Oldtown, fully armored, toward the tournament grounds. Spectators watched for the better part of the afternoon while the Dragon prince sparred with his men, seeming in fine, fit form. This was of grave disappointment to certain enterprising individuals that had taken to collecting bets on whether or not the wounds Rhaegor sustained in the duel were grievous enough to finish him.

Message: 8/102 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Dornish Not Welcomed Dec 24 2015 Manfryd

Gossip from the Dornish Perspective:

"The Lysene Baths used to be welcoming and friendly to the Dornish people. Until just recently."
"I used the Baths not too long ago myself. What are you going on about?"
"It's true, one of ours got molested, by that woman who runs the place. She wouldn't let off either."
There's laughter, "And there's something wrong with that? I should go and get a few tugs myself."
A snort, "Nothing wrong with it, but only a one way street that ride."
"In for a tub, out with a rub!"
More laughter.
"If it was that alone, we wouldn't even be talking. I'd be laughing with you."
"Well? What's got your tongue."
The laughter stops.
"A Dragon. The one who had that bastard suck on his junk before he knighted him."
"The pretty boy. Didn't he spend time at Sunspear?"
"That's him yeah. Apparently, he brought his men with him, went fully armed into the baths, and surrounded our man. Went on to abuse the name of our Prince, may he shine forever. How do you suppose they found out he was there? That woman who runs it."
"What happened?"
"Well, our Lord, he got himself out. He came out bleeding as I hear it. He stood at the entrance of the baths for hours, waiting for the craven to come out of the baths. Ready to duel him. Apparently the dragon was terrified and hid."
There's some grumbling going on. Discontent.
"Which one of us was it?"
"Who do you think? The one who caused the riots at the Joust for his win."

Message: 8/103 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Incident At The Bathhouse Dec 24 2015 Daevon

"What sort of nonsense is that? No. I was here. The Dornish are as welcome as ever at the Lysene Baths. We love the Dornish. It's just that Manfryd. He came into the baths, he assaulted Peri, and the Maiden Knight stepped in to protect her virtue. Ha! Like Peri needs anyone to protect her virtue. She already had it all in hand.

"Yeah, that Prince Daevon, he's a strange one, didn't take his clothes off for a bath. I doubt he even has a cock, you know they say he's a girl underneath that armor, definitely a virgin. Peri kissed his cheek as a thank you and he blushed bright red.

"Besides wasn't the Bastard Snow Giant knighted by the King himself, for protecting the King and Queen during the riots. It wasn't a fancy ceremony, but there was still quite a crowd. It's not every day the King comes to Oldtown. Are you saying the bastard sucked the King's dick for the Knighthood? What with those dragons in the sky at the time? You should have seen him at the bathhouse, now there's one who wasn't shy about getting naked. He's HUGE if you know what I mean!!! That sword of his isn't the only Giantsblade.

"Now that Manfryd, I bet they call him the scorpion because of the size of his little prick. After he grabbed Peri, she told him to leave, and he refused. No one surrounded him though he was being a complete ass. He threatened the baths, saying he'd have the whole place closed down and make us all lose our jobs. And then he started frothing at the mouth and spitting blood everywhere. He's diseased, or crazy or who knows what.

D"on't believe a word he says though. He's a liar. Just keep away from him. He's giving the Dornish a bad name. You don't want to be associated with him."

((This references the previous post on Oldtown Rumours, Dornish Not Welcomed))

Message: 8/104 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Lysene Bath response Dec 24 2015 Peri

The Lysene Baths have responded to the recent slander by hanging colors of red and orange - a nod to the Martell's colors, as well as banners of red and black - the Targaryen's colors. The exterior having small bundles of flowers to match the swags.
A simple piece of parchment has been posted on the doors
To all who wish to spill blood, threaten harm, or do harm in these doors, you are unwelcome and we ask you find somewhere else to bathe. This is against the relaxing and healing atmosphere we pride ourselves in. Dornish are welcomed, whole heartedly.
In light of recent stresses to peace we invite all in, for the next four days the penny pools will be free for all that wish to enter and sample the water - Come in the water is lovely. This is a peaceful establishment at its core and will continue to be.
— No confirmation or denial of the events is offered.

Message: 8/105 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Dragon In Eclipse? Dec 24 2015 Vhaerys

Some have begun to wonder what it is Prince Rhaegor Targaryen might have done to lower himself in the esteem of his once-fond uncle, King Viserys.

First, at the wedding feast of Prince Dhraegon and Lady Marsei Fossoway, the king was seen to take the side of a northern bastard so lately arrived in Oldtown he still had snow on his boots, whose service to a minor member of House Targaryen was only days old, over this nephew of his own blood — and then, on the eve of the duel between the pair, what did the ruler of Westeros do but knight the bastard? As though giving him a special royal blessing to beat the stuffing out of Prince Rhaegor, which task he duly accomplished.

Meanwhile tensions continue to rise between the people of Oldtown and their Dornish visitors. Resentment over the unfair division of tourney prizes, threats to private businesses, talk hinting again and again at spilling over into violence… Perhaps it's not a matter of what the crown's official diplomatic envoy to Dorne has done — but of what he hasn't?

Message: 8/106 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Ser Fluzzy Slayer of Snow Giants Dec 26 2015 Daevon

Ser Fluzzy, Slayer of Snow Giants is a fearsome beast that lurks outside the Quill and Tankard, on Hightower Street! Ser Fluzzy is said to be twice the size of any ordinary cat, and three times as mean. This ferocious feline leapt from a tree atop the Snow Giant, felling him in a mighty blow. Until a small child stepped in and rescued him, taming the savage beast with her sweet nature.

Some observers outside the Quill claim it was better than any farce at the Whimsy. With two knights trying to rescue a cat from a tree, a cat that clearly didn't need rescuing, and failing miserably. With the cat ending up on Ser Desmond's face, as he lay on the ground, while a small child trampled the new Knight, trying to pull the beast off.

Others praise The Maiden Knight's gallantry, in taking time to reassure a small child, and help her regain a much loved pet. It's that common touch, even when it goes wrong, that makes him so loved. He bought everyone a round of drinks afterwards and was heard laughing about the whole affair.

Message: 8/107 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Maiden's Knight vs Scorpion Dec 29 2015 Daevon

Ser Daevon Targaryen and Ser Manfryd Qorgoyle fought very publicly, in a duel which one of the bystanders yelled was unfair with Ser Daevon being far better armoured than Ser Manfryd. The Maiden's Knight fought with an uncharacteristic fury and easily defeated the Scorpion.

Ser Daevon was heard to publicly accuse The Scorpion of being a terrible Knight, who preyed on the weak, and abused those that he should be protecting. Despite the fact Ser Daevon clearly won, his cries that Manfryd was a rapist were denounced by both Prince Rhaegor Targaryen and Lady Lara Gargalen.

While Manfryd was on his knees, begging for mercy, Ser Daevon continued to threaten to kill him, unless he swear some oath to be a better Knight, until Ser Jonel Costayne, the Castellan intervened and put an end to it.

The Scorpion was clearly outmatched by Ser Daevon's superior skill, and armor, and Ser Daevon was barely scratched by the end of the bout, whereas the Scorpion had to be carried off by a Maester.

Rumours are rife about the exact details of why the two men fought. Could it have something to do with the incident at the bath-house where Manfryd was said to have assaulted Peri? Or was it connected to Manfryd killing Daevon's cousin, Ser Aelyn? Could it have been the way Manfryd attacked Prince Dhraegon at his own stag party? Or connected to Ser Manfryd's constant threats of poisoning and killing? Is Daevon just jealous that Prince Rhaegor is spending more time with Manfryd than he has ever spent with the Dragon Knight. Or perhaps it's a culmination of all of this.

Message: 8/108 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Visiting Hours Jan 02 2016 Desmond

Some acolytes murmur that Manfryd Qorgyle had the most unexpected guest in Oldtown. Ser Desmond Snow, the infamous Snow Giant, came to visit with him! No one know what the two spoke of, but Snow was seen leaving a book behind. And the despondent Scorpion was still breathing.

Message: 8/109 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Snow Giants Don't Melt Jan 03 2016 Miranda

Septa Miranda is a common fixture among the city's urchins and orphaned youth- but soon after her return from a countryside venture she has a new story. How a dragon tried to melt the Snow Knight, better known as Ser Desmond. Spoiler: He doesn't melt.

Message: 8/110 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Syrax's Fly-By Jan 03 2016 Marsei

Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen's bright yellow dragon, Syrax, was glimpsed winging high above Oldtown with her rider astride (it was difficult to tell, but it's nevertheless certain that the princess looked resplendent) — blessedly without the dragon known as Whoremaster. This, after Syrax was seen entangled with the other beast upon taking flight at the Hightower and Targaryen tournament and fleeing into the Uplands. A party of knights and adventurers were seen leaving with Princess Rhaenyra at the helm (Princes Daevon, Rhaegor and Jurian among them, along with the Snow Giant, apparent sellswords and bandit-looking men and even a woman, a septa, and a child) much earlier in the day.

Syrax and Rhaenyra did not return to Oldtown for long, flying northeast soonafter, the direction of King's Landing or Dragonstone.

Message: 8/111 (timeout warning) Posted Author
More Visitors?! Jan 04 2016 Manfryd

Just when you think the flow of visitors had stopped… TWO more visited the infirmary a yesterday morn and eve! The notable Lady Hastwyck who might have been overheard on various occasions supporting the innocence of the Dornish. The second visitor, the Maiden Knight himself - forcing his way in wearing a blade! Wonder what that was all about?!

There was no more blood spilled at least! The Citadel confirms the Qorgyle was left breathing, alive, and walking. They say he was aided on his departure from the healer's hall - but not by whom.

Near the same, it was noted that the Scorpion and his entourage had been spotted embarking a ship under hurried escort, shortly after, and that the vessel unfurled its sails swiftly to depart the waters around Oldtowne.

Truth is, the masses can rejoice! The Scorpion is _gone._

Message: 8/112 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Merqueen Rises Jan 05 2016 Desmond

Rumors are beginning to emerge, from the dark crevices of Oldtown, that a shift in power has occured in the Court of Thieves. An old hand in the Underworld, reputed to be more vicious than a pack of wild dogs, has killed the reigning Prince of Thieves. Rumors swirl about why he did so — that he takes power for himself, that he resented a slight, that he killed for his lover. And at the same time, a new name begins to emerge. A new power. They say she is known only as The Merqueen. They say that she had her killer plant the head of her predecessor atop a trident, a war-prize.

Message: 8/113 (timeout warning) Posted Author
His Grace's Bouquet Jan 07 2016 Joyeuse

Patrons of the winery in Lower Hightower Street were the other day delighted spectators to the Clown Prince on a spree: all three hundred pounds of Dhraegon Targaryen, his silks soaked with wine and his eyes reddened with tears, sodden inside and out and babbling like the loon he surely is.

They say he was latterly in the company of the widowed Lady Hastwyck (a fine figure of a woman and no mistake, though isn't she getting on a bit by now—?), and that she cuddled him and stroked his hair and blew his nose and led him away home by the hand as though he were her little boy… or, as certain wagging tongues have it, as though she were his wife, rather than her cousin Lady Marsei Hightower, the famed Flower of Oldtown.

For, to judge by the manner in which the new bridegroom was gazing into Lady Hastwyck's eyes and calling her by all manner of sweet and tender floral names at the top of his fine strong lungs — and was seen thereafter being driven through the streets in the back of a cart, passed out with his silvery head in her lap and a bottle in his lap — it would seem this muddle-headed prince can't remember from one day to the next which redhead he wed!

Message: 8/114 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chickens… AWAY! Jan 08 2016 Miranda

A crowded day in Beacon Boulvard led to a mishap when a dog upset a draft-cart and sent barrels of eggs and live chickens spilling down the street. A few people were bruised in the fracas, a few purses were lifted, and quite a few people feasted on chicken dinner at the cost of a hapless farmer. A septa was knocked over to the guilt more than a few.

Message: 8/115 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Dornish Departure Jan 12 2016 Visenya

Prince Torren and his court of young Dornishmen have departed Oldtown by ship. Rumor has it that the Prince sails to Starfall.

Curiously, Princess Visenya has not been seen in the week leading up to the Dornish departure. Rumor has it the Princess is ill. Others say the Princess was with child, and the child spoiled in the womb. Either way, a litter delivered a woman swathed in sandsilks onto the Prince's ship before departure along with a cage rumored to contain her dragonets.

Rumors swirl amidst the Dornish Prince on his departure. Some say he has been run out of Oldtown because of the bad behavior of his sworn man Ser Manfryd Qorgyle.

Others assert that Princess Visenya is with child, but the child is not Prince Torren's. After all, the Princess was known to flirt openly before she wed. What else could she have gotten up to? And Prince Torren's first marriage proved unfruitful. And he has no claimed bastards under his belt.

The Dornish who remain in Oldtown seem to be circulating he story that Prince Torren is a cuckold, and the list of potential fathers for Princess Visenya's unborn child is long. The most common names that pop up on the list are:
The Scourage of Qarth Prince Rhaegor, who Princess Visenya was rather publicly linked to before her marriage to the Martell heir.
Her twin brother Ser Daevon the Maiden's Knight, who she was betrothed to for the majority of her life.
Prince Maelys, the Princesses' Uncle and an infamous rake who is rumored to recently have had a bastard with a formidable Dornish noblewoman.
Prince Alaryn Martell, Prince Torren's brother, and who the Princess was said to have a brief friendship with several months ago.
A bard well-known in the Reach. It cannot be settled if the bard is Pretty Pate or Petyr Longlute.
A few have suggested the child's father is none other than Lord Pansy, heir to Highgarden. They then mention the vast amount of arbor red Lord Pansy would have to consume to complete the act while others simply say he 'pretends she is the Maiden's Knight with teats'.

Message: 8/116 (timeout warning) Posted Author
The Council of Thieves Jan 17 2016 Cotter

Rumors begin to emerge from the Undercity about a conference of thieves. There has been talk, recently, about this mysterious Merqueen and her thug Cotter. But now the rumors are more solid.

New rules have been laid down, it seems, for the treatment of whores. No more abuse. No more enforced prostitution. Higher percentage to the girls. Any whore who wishes to leave the profession may approach the Merqueen, who shall find them an honest employment.

These rules are reported, by some, to be a grotesque joke of some sort. But recently, several of the crueller pimps who work the Undercity have vanished.

Message: 8/117 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Unmaidenly Behavior Jan 24 2016 Camillo

"And when I went out at noon to go for a bit of bread, you'll never imagine what I saw. I almost swallowed me own tongue!"

"Oh, you always exaggerate!"

"Not a bit of it! What did I see but Daevon Targaryen, the Maiden's Knight himself, leading a girl right to the Bawdy Bard! Looked like his cloak round her shoulders, too!"

"No! Not him! You're confusing him with the gammy-legged one, sure!"

"Don't you believe it! He walked straight and true! And what's more, the girl looked like she'd got herself a black eye."

"You don't mean to say that /he/—"

"Well, I'm not the one to say, am I? But I was so shocked, I stopped and stood and watched. He went inside and talked to someone, and then he didn't come out again for /some/ time!"

"But /how/ long?"

"Plenty long /enough/, believe you me!"

Message: 8/118 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Oldtown's Got Talent! Jan 25 2016 Loryn

Well, that's what Ser Loryn Tyrell is hoping anyway. An audition note has been pinned up outside the Whimsy Theatre, inviting people of all backgrounds and ages to audition for a new show that will require some really good voices.

Do you have what it takes? See Ser Loryn for an audition!

If your PC wouldn't be seen dead in stage but you'd still like to get involved in a big show, feel free to use an NPC who can be part of the next production.

Message: 8/119 (timeout warning) Posted Author
A rousing patriotic tune Feb 02 2016 Miranda

A new song starts to circulate with a martial beat to it. A song of praise to both the glorious city of Oldtown and the royal famaily. The origination is unknown but the song has a catchy rhythm which has caused it to spread rapidly.

Three great beasts, came o'er the narrow sea
With fire and blood they forged their kingdom
Bound were they, in glorious dynasty
with only death to those who opposed them.
Crowned by rubies forged in steel
Before King Aegon all men would kneel
With sister queens our Lord stood strong
All praise the glorious Targaryen

News had spread of reigning dragon fire
Unto the Seven the Septon prayed
Oldtown spared from raging fun'ral pyre
As wisdom from the Crone was relayed
Open the gates and greet your king
With gladful hearts and rejoicing
Lord of Rhoynar and First Men
King of Seven Kings - Targaryen

(Written by Miranda's player, to the tune of March of the Three Kings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le4aXLnMLmY)

Message: 8/120 (timeout warning) Posted Author
New Arrival Feb 06 2016 Nock

There appears to be a newcomer to Oldtown by the name of Nock. No one special, but he seems to have a mouth on him. He questioned both Prince Daevon and Ser Malcolm's Kighthood.

Message: 8/121 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Scandalous Drawings Feb 08 2016 Leandro

A multitude of exquisite sketches of a beautiful naked woman, (and some much cruder copies done by lesser artists, who've added bigger 'assets') flood the marketplace. Sold for a pretty penny, they're much sought after by men who're into that sort of thing.

The identity of this woman, with her dark hair, devilish smile and come hither looks remains a mystery. Although some say she does bear a striking resemblance to the newest whore at the Bawdy Bard.

Message: 8/122 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Dolphin Dinners Feb 21 2016 Margot

News is spreading through the streets of Oldtown, not so very far above ground level, that a kitchen has been set up near the Starry Sept where any children who are hungry may eat till they're full, as often as they like, for the duration of the Dolphin Festival. The food is simple but nourishing — plenty of bread, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables, and bountiful bowls of a hot thick meaty stew which changes each day — and though there are always septas present, keeping order, they don't seem to be preaching tediously. It's possible to have a second helping of stew without gods sprinkled on top.

One day every child who comes at mid-day is offered a toy: a rag doll, or a wooden sword, or a wooden dolphin on wheels for the littlest ones. Those girls who would rather have swords find their preferences accommodated; likewise any boy brave enough to wish for a doll. Many a mock battle takes place later in the day, around the city, and the boys are not necessarily victorious…

The only catch seems to be the candles.

There's another septa waiting round the corner, in the sept itself, with a box of 'em — and each child who is considered old enough to understand what it means is encouraged to light a candle to the Mother (under watchful eyes, because fire is dangerous), and to say a prayer to Her for the soul of somebody called Lord Gareth Rowan. Apparently he's a boy who died lately. Whatever. It only takes a minute, and it was very good stew…

Message: 8/123 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Time for Shrines Feb 22 2016 Miranda

In preparation of the pilgrims arriving for the Dolphin Festival, a shrine to the Mother has been set up in Old-Town Square. Attended by a septon and septa at all times, it sports flowers in blue and white to make it look as if the Mother stands on sea-spray, with carved dolphins leaping at her feet. Candles and offerings pile up around the base, and a donation box has been set up as well. The Faithful serve as a sort of living festival guide to the various events - holy more often than not.

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Not a Septa anymore? Mar 22 2016 Miranda

Gossip starts to spread from the Starry Sept about one of their youngest charges, the youthful Septa Miranda. Following a private meeting with the High Septon, she was actually seen packing a trunk and -leaving- the sept. She seems to have gotten rooms at an inn for the time being, but the septa isn't wearing her habit or robes anymore. The girl looks -happy- about the turn of events and is even dressing like a noblewoman instead of a holy-woman. Has she left the order or been sacked?

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Maiden's Day Mania Apr 30 2016 Marsei

The Maiden's Day Dance took place last evening at the Maidenday Gardens, where people are said to have witnessed a "Magpie Game" — a rhyming dance-game commonly played among children, especially girls, as a way to play at predicting the future — take place with several, mostly adult, guests in attendance after the lighting of the lanterns. It was led by Princess Aelia Targaryen, who was rumoured to have introduced /herself/ as a magpie, and whose extravagant fashion is still being whispered about among the ladies of Oldtown with varying opinions.

The game culminated in the sudden collapse of Prince Dhraegon Targaryen when the rhyme "foretold" of a birth. Was the Clown Prince too frightened at the thought of a birth he could not handle it, or so overjoyed by a potential pregnancy of his wife Lady Marsei that he fainted just as he did at the altar during their wedding ceremony?

While the prince was dragged off, followed by his seemingly mortified and praying wife, it is also said Princess Aelia was forcibly removed from the gardens by her raging brother, Prince Jurian Targaryen, who she has been set to marry for some time. Some say the wedding should already taken place, but has been delayed.

* * *

~ One for sorrow,/ Two for mirth/ Three for a funeral,/ Four for birth/ Five for the Warrior/ Six for the Crone/ Seven for the Stranger who walks alone. //Eight for silver,/Nine for gold,/Ten for warmth,/Eleven for cold,/Twelve for the Smith,/Thirteen for Mother,/Fourteen for the Maiden who knows no other. ~

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Undercity: The Mad Dog… Gone? May 01 2016 Merqueen

The Merqueen's rise to Undercity power was bloody and tumultuous, and word quickly spread in the darkest and most depraved of corners that her red right hand Cotter was as rabid as a dog, biting out the throats of those who stood in the Merqueen's way.

Things have quieted since those early days. Some credit the Merqueen's "New Rules," in place to forbid forced prostitution. Some credit the increased availability of bread and opportunity for the lowborn, the wretched and the criminal. But others whisper that things have quieted only because her hellhound, Cotter, has been noticably absent from the Court of Thieves. Why? No one is particularly certain. In his wake, the Court is defended by the Merqueen's Ironborn, but if one were enterprising and prone to believing whispers, Cotter's absence might be interpreted as a weakness to be exploited.

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Septa Still Missing May 02 2016 Rhaera

Rumours of the disappearance of a septa some months past have begun to resurface. While not a wide-spread rumour, the news now does drift more freely from the Starry Sept if one listens, as the elder septas who had accompanied the now missing woman — who was not of the Reach and had only just arrived in Oldtown before vanishing — pray nightly among the statues of the Seven for her soul, if not her return. They clearly must presume her dead. They are set to leave the city at last and return from wherever they sailed from.

While those of the sept are tight-lipped as to the circumstances of Septa Raya's disappearance, it is whispered that, for reasons as shaky as the rumours are reliable, she was kidnapped. There are those in the Undercity who quietly link the event to the Merqueen and her hellish right-hand. Perhaps this supposition, unlikely as it is, also flows more freely in light of the Undercity rumours that Cotter is absent from the Court of Thieves.

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Baker's got a bun in the oven Jun 01 2016 Audra

Rumors flit through the Shambles and Dockside about the pregnancy of Audra, wife of the Shambles most well established baker. The woman is a regular fixture distributing day-old bread in charity to the city's poor and hungry, and on -very- friendly terms with the ladies at the Bawdy Bard. A few of the bawds asking Audra for her special 'care package' known to contain tea and biscuits were politely turned away with regrets. Seems quite a few things are now off the menu.

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Grocery Gossip Jun 15 2016 Esme

Neighbours and regular customers of the grocery shop on the corner where the Shambles meets Oldtown Square (or the butchery next door), may have noticed something missing from the left hand of its proprietress, Esme.

When a brave soul pointed out in a conversational sort of tone that she wasn't wearing her wedding ring, she is reported to have glanced down at her hands and said "Dearie me, I'm not, am I?" and changed the subject*.

One thing's for sure. It can't have anything to do with that bland-looking, grey-and-greying younger man who has been calling to see her so assiduously: dinner every Tuesday for a couple of months, and sometimes another visit later in the week. Some have laughingly suggested that he might be courting her — but he's never arrived with flowers, has he, or anything of the kind? — and now for a full fortnight the Shambles hasn't seen hide nor hair of him.

Clearly he must after all have been long-lost kin (a secret bastard son?) or someone trying and failing to buy her shops from her. Clearly.

She was widowed eleven years ago, if anyone remembers.

*To pie.

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Princesses Pending Jun 18 2016 Vhaerys

This week the servants at the Dragon Door Manse have been caught up in a flurry of preparations under the supervision of one of Princess Vhaerys's beauteous dragonseed handmaidens: removing the dust sheets from the princess's furniture, scrubbing her marble floors and her corniced ceilings, replacing the cut flowers in her vases twice a day, aligning every chair and tapestry she's likely to walk past with the aid of a ruler, and otherwise ensuring that everything upstairs and down meets her exacting standards. One can never, after all, be quite certain how she might define the words 'you're fired'…

The empty suite next door to hers has also been aired and put in order for her daughter, Princess Ardaerys, who will be making her first visit to Oldtown.

They are expected at any hour at all.

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Strange Tides Jul 01 2016 Loron

Rumors begin to flitter through the docks and undercity moving well beyond onto the more respectable streets of Oldtown more slowly of two new ships arriving sometime in the night, The ships crewed by mostly Dornishmen though it has been whispered there may have been a few Ironborn amongst them given the look of some of the sailors. Whatever the reason for their coming to oldtown remains to be seen, though some of the crew have been seen ferrying crates up near Starry Street. Stranger still is that some of the things being unloaded from the ships seem to head directly for the undercity.

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Whispers from Docks and Sept Jul 05 2016 Loron

Whispered from the docks of the harbor to Starry street there seems to be word going round about a recently arrived woman from the Stormlands rumored to be of House Tarth being seen frequently in the company of some Dornish nobleman. The pair seen entering and leaving White Stone Manse on a few occasions for shopping. Some beggars near the sept going so far as to mention that she may be staying there with him after going in and not coming out until well into the next day.

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Painting Oldtown Red Jul 12 2016 Rashiya

The Red Temple near Oldtown's waterfront has always been more a haunt of sailors from afar, than the city's own people — and, of course, it's been well nigh deserted since the flooding in late 121… Word on the street, however, has it that the temple is open for business; that its sacred fire is burning again; and that a new priestess has been preaching from its steps, twice a week at dawn and once at dusk, to small clusters of brave souls gathered round to hear her tell of the ancient battle of the Light against the darkness, and of the Lord of Light's love for even the most wayward of His children.

Apparently it all sounds quite convincing when her orations are in full flood: they say there's a hypnotic quality to the rhythm of her speech, and those eyes of hers are like burning coals, searing right down into the core of you… Or it may just be that she's a stunning foreign beauty. A definite improvement upon the funny old priests they used to have. Good theatre, anyway.

(OOC: The tags page on the wiki mentions a special one called faith:red, but Rashiya's page is the only one tagged with it! Gasp. Followers of R'hllor, do please come into the Light and make yourselves known… :) )

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Blackrood Presumed Dead Jul 12 2016 Alaeyna

Rumors are rampant in the Reach. Ding dong. The Blackrood's dead.

Speculation runs wild, but the most authoritative of the rumors is that several months ago, Quillian Oakheart rode into Dorne to retrieve his younger brother, a hostage of the Blackmonts. The brother made it back. The Blackrood did not. Word is he was captured by bountyhunters somewhere on the Ocean Road.

(Get in touch if you think you might be positioned to have additional insight into these happenings!)

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