Master Scribe of Oldtown
**Mat Dillon**
Mat Dillon as Novak
Name: Novak
Aliases: Scribble, Ink.
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Scribe
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Apr 22 103 (18)


Novak looks to be in his late teenage years, almost on the verge of eighteen years old if not already eighteen. His chin is well rounded, and above it upon the left and right sides of his face would be strong cheek bones, and above that would be a pair of simple brown eyes.. nothing special. His body is an example of a mesomorph, his height quite regular but some muscles are defined on his arms and stomach. One would say he's bookish, and they would be correct, he's a scribe afterall. He carries a leather satchel over his shoulder wherever he goes, it's filled with writing utensils, paper, and ink when he needs to do some work. His black hair is naturally messy, and it would take the worlds strongest adhesive to keep his hair flat against his head.


Novak's life can easily be expressed with a five word idiom, 'Love and leave you' - his parents weren't around to feed him, change him, put him into bed, or love him. He was born in the depths of Horn Hill, his mother was quite young at the time and it would of destroyed her life if she brought home a baby, so she gave birth, and then left him in the where he was soon spotted by passer-byers and then saved. He was then passed off to be raised by several capable Septas where he stayed until his sixteenth year of life. He emigrated to Oldtown which was several leagues away in hopes to find a bustling land of opportunity where his talent of penmanship and inscribing could be put to use. It is rumored that he has one of the finest hands in the art of writing, one that looks so elegant and professional that it could put a highborn on their knees. He's also a good dancer, he's light on his feet and can sweep a girl off hers, if only he wasn't so busy working all the time. His voice is soft, and delicate.. making his singing voice just beautiful.

RP Hooks

* Novak is one of the most respected and best scribes in Oldtown, do you have anything you need written, letters, signs, banners?


* Beautiful Handwriting - It's not him that's bragging, everyone who has seen it is. He's highly skilled in the art of writing and does it on a professional level, writing scrolls, doing banners, and making book-covers for those who need his help.. for a fee of course.

* Bookish - He spends alot of his time reading and writing, it's common to see his nose buried within a book and a fountain pen tucked in the crease of his ear.

* Good Dancer - He's very smooth on his feet, he is self-taught but yet has such a nice stride with his dance.

* Workaholic - He usually has about a dozen projects to complete at one time with very little time to turn them in, sleeping for him is a rarity and his health is deteriorating, often blacking out while having conversations when he isn't working.

* Wealth: Middle Class - He makes a quite reasonable amount of money for the work he does.

* Great Singer - Just as good as a singer as he is a dancer, his voice is enchanting even when just talking.

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Customer/Friend? - I'm doing some work for her, business is business, but outside of the realm of trade I find that she is most enchanting and a delightful person to talk with.


I'm not quite sure.. - I don't know.. she seems friendly, we made smalltalk for awhile and then I fell backwards and broke a chair, I don't think I will ever be able to look her in the eye again.


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