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Jessy Schram
Jessy Schram as Norah Ariysse Plumm
Name: Norah Ariysse Plumm
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Plumm
Occupation: Noble Lady
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Jul 6 102 (19)


Petitely built with a cutely shaped face that has a hint of a tan forming. Long blonde hair is worn in a lovely chignon that is complimented by a few long loose curls framing her face with small little sparkly bits here and there. Bright pale grey eyes peek from under manicured brows. Her small nose makes her look a bit fragile. Her lips are a bright warm rosey color, full and kept soft.
Her deep purple gown is cut in a torso wrapping style, with a very light layer of eggplant colored lace ruched along the wrap cut gown's lilac bodice. Her lighter plum colored undergown is embroidered with plum flowers and allowed to flow along her somewhat curvy frame.


Born as the youngest of three children and only daughter to Lord Eldrid Plumm, she was destined to be a pawn for political and financial advances. She was raised in the relative poverty of the Plumms' home, the poverty caused by squandering resources and the previous generations' squandering and attempts at social promotion. Because of the poverty little Norah learned to own her own income through appraisal and an eye for fashion - often recycling old gowns that had belonged to her grandmother and mother to make them new. The silk gowns repurposed fetched high enough amount to get her treated well enough by other houses near her family's lands.
The long years of scrounging led to practical hobbies and pursuits. She excelled in cooking, with skill in gardening, marketability, heraldry, sewing, and singing. Regarded back home as a lovely kind young woman capable of managing her own finances. She never got along well with her father or grandparents - blaming them for the less than optimal conditions of the houses' finances. While every bit the good daughter, she did quietly resent growing up knowing she would be essentially auctioned off to the highest bidding noble house. Her brothers however were always regarded fondly and treated well. They openly adored their little sister - afterall she made them presentable for parties and campaigns. No one ever attended a social event looking raggedy. House Serrett arranged the marriage with mutual benefits for both houses, but mostly house Plumm outwardly.
This engagement however was enough to cause one of the rare crying fits in the Plumm household.When the negotiations finished, Norah was sent to Oldtown to meet her husband and complete the deal.
Since arriving in Oldtown, the engagement to Toran Serrett has in fact failed, much to Norah's dismay and displeasure causing her to once again be a pawn in her father's games.

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