Noble Houses

Noble Houses

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The Seven Kingdoms occupy the majority of the continent of Westeros, from the edge of the Red Mountains in the South to the Wall in the North. The country is broken up into eight different regions, seven ruled over by the Seven Great Houses, while the last, the Crownlands, is maintained directly by the Royal House. Dorne (see below) is an independent nation that has resisted efforts to be brought under the Iron Throne.

Houses of the Crownlands

House Targaryen

Descended from Aegon the Conqueror who united all of Westeros except Dorne, the Targaryen Kings rule from the great city of King's Landing. All the noble houses are sworn directly to the Iron Throne, as are the seven Great Lords who each hold one of the seven regions of Westeros.

House Celtigar

House Darklyn

House Darke

House Sunglass

House Velaryon

Houses of the Iron Islands

House Greyjoy

House Blacktyde

House Codd

House Farwynd

House Harlaw

House Sharp

House Volmark

Houses of the North

House Stark

House Bolton

House Cassel

House Cerwyn

House Dustin

House Flint

Flint of Flint's Finger

Flint of The Mountains

House Glover

Clan Woods

Clan Forrester

Clan Branch

Clan Bole

House Hornwood

House Karstark

House Locke

House Manderly

House Mormont

House Reed

House Blackmyre

House Boggs

House Cray

House Fenn

House Greengood

House Marsh

House Peat

House Quagg

Houses of the Reach

House Tyrell

House Ambrose

House Ashford

House Blackbar

House Chester

House Cockshaw

House Crane

House Durwell

House Florent

House Footly

House Fossoway

House Grimm

House Hewett

House Hightower

House Beesbury

House Bulwer

House Costayne

House Cuy

House Mullendore

House Inchfield

House Meadows

House Merryweather

House Norcross

House Oakheart

House Oldflowers

House Redwyne

House Rowan

House Osgrey

House Webber

House Serry

House Tarly

House Vyrwel

Houses of the Riverlands

House Tully

House Blackwood

House Bracken

House Darry

House Mallister

House Ryger

Houses of the Stormlands

House Baratheon

House Caron

House Connington

House Kellington

House Mertyns

House Morrigen

House Rogers

House Swygert

House Wylde

Houses of the Vale

House Arryn

House Corbray

House Hunter

House Lynderly

House Royce

Houses of the Westerlands

House Lannister

House Banefort

House Crakehall

House Reyne

House Swyft

House Tarbeck

Houses of Dorne

Dorne is the last remaining Sovereign nation on the continent of Westeros, encompassing the Bone Mountains and everything South. All noble Lords are sworn directly to the ruling Prince or Princess. Dorne practices equal inheritance, allowing the eldest child to inherit regardless of gender.

House Martell

Descended from Mors Martell and the warrior queen of the Rhoynar, Nymeria, the House's full name is House Nymeros Martell, to honor both of these great figures. The union of these two legendary figures bound the Andals of Dorne to the Rhoynish refugees, and gave birth to the Dorne that exists today, an amalgamation of both cultures. Known as Prince or Princess rather then King, in honor of the Rhoynar tradition, the rulers of Dorne have kept themselves and their people independent against the Targaryen kings, and remain so to this day.

House Allyrion

House Blackmont

House Dalt

House Dayne

House Fowler

House Gargalen

House Jordayne

House Ladybright

House Manwoody

House Qorgyle

House Strickland

House Toland

House Uller

House Vaith

House Wyl

House Yronwood

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