Character Details
Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard as Nikolos
Name: Nikolos
Aliases: Nik
Faction: The Reach
Organization: None
Occupation: Swornsword
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Oct 19 93 (27)


This man's long, oval face is framed by dark blond hair that grows a little long but is always tidily coiffed. His pale blue eyes are almond in shape and set beneath light brows. His nose is straight, if a little prominent, and he has a mouth with a narrow top lip and a faintly pouty bottom one. His cheekbones are high and his chin sports a cleft. His complexion is generally pale, save if he has had reason to be out in the sun for prolonged hours, in which case it's rather red.

At 6'2", Nikolos is tall, broad-shouldered and very fit. His limbs are long and leanly muscled, his hands large and the knuckles of his fingers just a little knobby. He usually wears clothing that is finely if simply made and in colors that allow him to fall easily into the background. Depending on the situation, he may wear a leather armor vest, and either a blade or an ax at his belt. Occasionally, when circumstance demands, he is dressed far more finely to showcase the wealth and prestige of the woman he protects.


There have always been courtesans, and those courtesans have always needed a means of security. Some find it by working within an establishment that provides such services, some find it by serving only one specific house, and some, like Penellen, the Flower of Oldtown, find it the more straightforward way of hiring it for themselves.

Penellen's most trusted bodyguard was a skilled smallfolk warrior named Jolon. He came into her service with an infant son, Nikolos, and no wife to speak of, and Penellen's courteous treatment of the men in her employ, as well as the accommodations she offered for the babe, earned her Jolon's utter loyalty. When, four years later, Penellen gave birth to her daughter Veronica, it only made sense that the only two children in the household spent much of their time together. And, when it became clear that Veronica would grow to possess both the beauty and wit to become her mother's successor, it only made sense that Nikolos be trained to protect her as Jolon protected her mother.

Nikolos spent long hours learning the martial skills not only under his father, but under various local knights and hedge knights willing to offer a few sessions of training to the boy. He was also taught to read and write, the basics of etiquette and heraldry, so as not to embarrass his future mistress or completely miss the subtle intrigue and deviousness at which nobles are so skilled. He also learned how to hunt, track and survive out in the wilds. Not that a courtesan ever had much call to camp, but her job would sometimes require travel, and it would fall to Nikolos to keep them safe if anything should befall them between cities. Lastly, it was impressed upon him his station and his duty. That Nikolos would be Veronica's protector, the head of her guard and responsible for any other tasks she asked of him, but never, ever anything more.

Some of his lessons in etiquette, reading and writing he learned alongside Veronica, and the two children were good friends from the start. Because of Penellen's station, Veronica never had much chance to make friends her own age, and Jolon's rigorous schedule for his son kept Nikolos from spending much time with other young lads. So, the pair naturally gravitated towards each other, sometimes best friends and confidants, sometimes as quick to bicker as blood siblings. Veronica grew into her beauty and Nikolos grew into his skill. On the night Veronica inherited her mother's title, Nikolos took up Jolon's mantle as head of the household guard and Veronica's protector. It has been thus ever since.

RP Hooks

Sparring Partner: When the Flower of Oldtown doesn't need Nikolos at hand, he can often be found in the tourney grounds, looking for a chance to test his skill against a variety of warriorish folk.

Familiar Face: Nikolos has spent almost his entire life in Oldtown. It may well be, if your character has been in Oldtown a while as well, that they know each other. Or, at least, know of each other.

Loyal Protector: Nokolos is the sworn protector of Veronica, the Flower of Oldtown. He takes his duties very seriously and does not take kindly to those uncouth knaves who would confuse a courtesan with a whore.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Educated Smallfolk
  • Protects the Flower of Oldtown
  • Perfectionist
  • Loyal

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