Character Details
Candice Swanepoel
Candice Swanepoel as Anika Hightower //nee Redwyne//
Name: Anika Hightower nee Redwyne
Aliases: Nika (N)
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Noble Lady
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Nov 27 104 (17)


Honey blonde hair is swept back from her face in a intricate arrangement of soft curls that lifts the heavy length of her hair that would reach nearly to her waist off of her neck, baring the smooth column of her neck and slender span of her shoulders. Curling tendrils escape to brush against her neck and shoulders, the style accenting her gently pointed face and striking bone structure, small silver pins fashioned into the winged form of a butterfly in flight are nestled amongst the honey blonde curls.
Bright eyes in a enchanting shade of blue that hold just the faintest hint of mischief are set beneath subtly arched eyebrows. Her cheekbones are high but pleasingly so, full lips that curve into a smile that transforms her face from pretty to striking. Petite in height, a modest 5'4", she is dainty and slender, fine boned and light on her feet.
Her attire of choice this day is a tailored gown the color of the vibrant blue of the sky, complementing her honey colored hair and almost matching the blue of her eyes perfectly. The threading is silver, the neckline dipping delicately into a slight scoop, skimming around her narrow waist, laced corset style in the back and flaring again at her hips, lovingly embracing and accentuating her curves.


Since the day she was born, Anika Redwyne was betrothed to Brynden Hightower, the arrangement being made that if a healthy girl was born the match would be made with him. Despite him being ten years her senior, a drop in the bucket in age differences, the match was made for when she hit her sixteenth year. Her father, one year younger than his brother, the Lord of the Arbor, and her mother, a Tyrell, had arranged the match to strengthen their ties with House Hightower.

Nika has always been naturally graceful, so when she wanted to learn how to dance, she took well to it. Her father took her hunting with him almost every time there was a hunt, so she fared well with a bow, and she adored wrestling around with her brothers. She was quite spoiled being the youngest girl, and allowed to have her way in many things. Most of her time has been spent outside, though she wears a hat and sleeves and carries a parasol to protect her flawless skin from the sun.

Known for her beauty and for being temperamental… not necessarily angry all of the time, but different situations either sparking her anger or her excitement rather easily. Her mother attempted to temper her daughter, yet she had gotten her way for far too long. She was able to teach her to act like a lady though, but her favorite times are those spent outside.

As the time went on, the years passed, the Lord of the Arbor kept losing his children, one by one and so it was dependent on his brother to ensure the matches to bind the houses. Now as Nika has reached her sixteenth year, the wedding has been scheduled, dowry agreed upon and prepared. The wedding is upon them. She does resent not having choices, not ever being able to even consider it, since she has been betrothed since the day she was born… so they do not get along the best.

RP Hooks

  • She is the youngest in the family.
  • She has been betrothed to Brynden Hightower since her birth.
  • She definitely does not like raw oysters. Definitely not.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Headstrong
  • Betrothed Since Birth
  • Temperamental
  • Graceful

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Husband - I have been betrothed to him since the moment I was born. I resent my life being decided for the entirety of it. Perhaps it is not his fault, though he is the one I shall have to live with… Now that we are married, I find him to be a good, if somewhat sad and angry man at times. We have a tentative peace between us and perhaps it is not as bad as I thought it would always be to have my husband chosen for me.


Oyster Man - I do think he did that on purpose!


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