Character Details
Bartek Borowiec
Bartek Borowiec as Nico
Name: Nico
Aliases: None
Faction: Essos
Organization: None
Occupation: Whore
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Oct 6 102 (18)


A pale skinned man who stands at five feet ten inches tall. He has an exotic look to him the appearance of a forigener, likely from Essos. Hair of a deep crimson red is his most striking feature. It falls down far past his shoulders reaching to his mid back. Left loose and unbound it has the gentlest of waves to it. The features of his face are soft and gentle cross between the feminine and the masculine the skin there clear and unblemished. Tilted almond eyes are the shade of bright emeralds sparkling with life. A slender neck leads down to a lean body that is toned but not quite enough to be considered muscluar. He wears a shirt of pale green silk so thin it is almost sheer. It is low cut in the front to reveal the smooth hairless skin of his pale chest. The loose sleeves practically float down slender arms to small hand swith long fingers and clean well kept nails with a slightly sharp edge to them. The shirt falls down his chest the sheer fabric covering it but still offering a teasing glimpse of what he has to offer. The shirt ends as a pair of skin-tight dark brown leather breeches begin. The fabric of those pants is solid and reveals nothing but the way it clings to his ass and groin is almost sinful. The leather reaches down his toned legs and then tucks neatly into a pair of matching leather boots.


Nico was born in the city of Lys. He never knew his mother or his father he was sold into slavery very young. His hair was always something that drew attention and so he was allowed to keep it long. He trained as a pleasure slave the slavers who bought him seeing his looks would fetch a high price with thright buyer. They were right and Nico was sold to a wealthy nobleman. He served well and became highly favored by the lord but it was his son who had the most interest in Nico. When the lord died he left Nico to his son and the young man confessed his love for the slave. Nico was confused he had lived his whole life in servitude to please others but this coffession of love had him shocked. The young lord offered to take Nico away from Lys and see the world with him. Nico couldn't refuse and so they boarded a ship and left Lys. The lord didn't survive the voyage a sudden storm had him pitched overboard into the waves. When they reached the nearest port that just happened to be Oldtown Nico left the ship. Old habits died hard and he found himself seeking employment in the Bawdy Bard Brothel. He was free now and yet it seemed nothing had really changed at all..

RP Hooks

  • Forigener
  • Whore
  • Former Slave


  • Wealth: Well Off
  • Charismatic
  • Exotic Beauty
  • Night Owl
  • Free With Affection

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