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Helena Mattsson
Helena Mattsson as Nerissa Celtigar
Name: Nerissa Celtigar
Aliases: Neri
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Celtigar
Occupation: Lady-In-Waiting
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: Feb 28 104 (17)


White-blonde locks are drawn back into a high ornate bun, at the crown of this young woman's head - the rest of the tresses falling in thick waves to curl at the base of her waistline. Two long curls remain loose in front to frame her face, falling to mid-breast in length. Her complexion is fair with the faintest hint of golden, indicative of time spent more indoors than without. An oval face, complete with delicate feminine features only enhances her loveliness and comely appeal. Bright crystal blue eyes rest beneath a plethora of dark lashes and shapely brows, while her lips are full and possess a slightly bee-stung quality - stained a light petal pink.

Her figure is shapely and pays homage to an hour-glass figure with an ample bosom, nipped in waistline, and generous hips. The sweetheart bodice is dyed a rich raspberry rose with the faintest flecks of pinkish-silver embroidery speckling through, only to be overlain by a dark onyx corset laced with rose ribbons. The sleeves have a little puff at the shoulders, tapering in to form-fit at her elbows before spreading into bell sleeves trimmed in pale gray embroidery. Her skirt, itself, is a dual layer with the innermost consisting of pale pink satin adorned by a myriad of darker flowers. The dark raspberry rose overskirt is cut away into a three-panel design, leaving the middle one bare, while the surface is elaborated with several silver-threaded fern leaves.

A set of white pearls with small silver pendant encircle her swan-like neck, matching the pearl chained belt - the cord of which hangs to her ankles. Her feet are trimmed in rose-heeled slippers - all of which is complimented by the delicate insignia ring of House Celtigar upon her right hand.


Nerissa Celtigar was born seventeen years ago to Ser Captain Nyall Celtigar, younger brother to Lord Celtigar of Claw Isle, and Lady Junea Celtigar (nee Velaryon). With a sister only a few years older and a loving family of old Valyrian blood - it should have been a relatively idyllic childhood. Unfortunately, Nerissa lost her family within her 6th year when their ship was lost upon the Narrow Sea en route from Greyshield following betrothal negotiations for her older sister with House Grimm. Young Nerissa barely survived and would not have if it had not been due to the efforts of a single former pirate, come sell-sword that kept the young noble girl afloat and from sinking beneath the watery depths.

The sellsword, Creynard, was rewarded handsomely for his heroics by Lord Celtigar and placed as head of young Lady Nerissa's personal guard. Nerissa found herself quickly embraced under the care of her Uncle and Lord, though with a rather sizable family of his own and lands to be run - there was little time for affection or attention to be paid to the young orphan. Arrangements were for the young Celtigar girl to be fostered over at the Red Keep amongst the royal Targaryens as companion to the rather sickly, Princess Elionys, courtesy of her uncle. As the two girls were rather close in age, only a few weeks apart in truth, both houses believed it to be a suitable arrangement.

Once again Lady Nerissa found her belongings packed up and shipped off to a new family, this time accompanied by her personal guard, Creynard. Though Nerissa was terrified at first of the sickly princess, too afraid she might cause the young royal harm - in time she grew to adapt. The two became swift friends and near thick as thieves, sisters in every possible way save for blood. As a result, Nerissa was afforded an education befitting any royal. Upon her own accord, Nerissa took the initiative to learn the healing arts in hopes of being more attentive to Princess Ely should her seizures strike at inopportune moments.

As the years progressed, the two young women became quite symbiotic. They shared a lust for curiousity and desire for adventure, which frequently resulted in young Nerissa coming up with some outrageous plan and dragging a most willing Elionys along for the ride. Nerissa dedicated her development to finding ways to help bring Elionys to the land of the living and out of the sheltered sequestering of sicklihood. From lockpicking, to adopting disguises, to sneaking around and evading their various guards and chaperones - Nerissa was the pulse forcing Elionys into the world of the living.

Now, with Princess Elionys setting off from the Red Keep for the Manse in Oldtown - Nerissa has decided to make the journey as well. She knows the time is swiftly approaching when both young women will need to take husbands, yet she finds herself not quite willing to leave the service of her best friend and sister. As for Elionys, Nerissa worries that the still somewhat fragile princess will be forced into a marriage with one of her more maddening cousins - a fate that Neri truly hopes to avert. It is not that she doesn't think Eli should marry one of her Targaryen cousins, but Nerissa really hopes it is one of the saner ones.

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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Loyal
  • Impulsive
  • Curious
  • Orphan

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BFF - Ely is Nerissa's bff and surrogate sister. The two women have been close ever since they were children when Neri became fostered by the Targaryens as a lady-in-waiting to the sickly princess. There is very little she would not do for Ely - even if it meant giving her own life.


Cousin - Lord Lyonel Velaryon is technically a cousin on her mother's side. Though she does not know him overly well, Neri has recently been informed that he is pressing suit for Ely's hand. Whether or not this is a good thing, for now, remains to be seen.


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