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Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel as Nechtan- son of Brude
Name: Nechtan- son of Brude
Aliases: Tuagh
Faction: Freefolk
Organization: None
Occupation: Sell-axe
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Nov 18 91 (30)


Huge, this one, head to toe muscle and scars and gristle as well.
The man stands tall and broad, his flesh tattooed and his left eye clouded by a scar-slash that makes it most of the way down past his mouth and presumably his chin. Presumably, because he has managed to hide most of his face behind a thick and bushy auburn beard that he has braided so that it hangs most of the way down his barrel-chest. His hair is swept back in a great cox comb, shaved close to the scalp at the sides. How barbaric.
Facially, hes not much to write home about, heavy features and hazel eyes with a pleasant enough wolfish smile.
Clothing wise; he tends towards the basic, all furs and leathers and peasant trews, often going barefoot.
He does, however, keep himself habiitually well armed, often lugging a great woodsmans axe about with him.


Nechtan was born north of the wall to the chieftain of a small clan-hold.
His mother, who passed for his peoples priest or druid, effectively ruled the roost. She taught him her tales and the correct way to sing them, grooming him to replace her, whilst his father tried his damndest to shape the young boy into someone that could take over (though Nechtan does have a younger brother and a smattering of sisters, he was by far the most promising, going from a rangy child to a brick privvy iin a matter of years.)
Nechtan, for his part, did not want either responsibility, happiest when using his talents on the kirtles of local girls or to lampoon their menfolk.
In fact, it was one such lampoon (and one such dropped kirtle) that led to him planting an axe into the skull of such a manfolk and in turn led to him turning to the wandering life. Still, at least he wasn't stuck in the homestead
So, a-wandering he did gang, first south to the Wall where he joined a warband that made its way southwards still, skirmishing with the crows and dissolving into the countryside when soundly beaten. From there, Nechtan made his way on a slow wander southwards, trading his skill with an axe for coin and luxuries until he ended up in Oldtown, though how exactly he ended up there he may have trouble telling you, at least until the hangover passes. But still, theres work to be done and coin to be had.

RP Hooks

  • Wildling-Born :- Granted, hes from somewhere small and insignificant near the west coast, but hes a wanderer at heart and easily bump-into-able on his travels.
  • Mercenary :- Again, no great sort at it, but a reliable axe and up for hire should you need a giant goon.
  • Hedonist :- This, hes quite good at, though he has several gaping lost hours. He's a bit of a drunken manwhore too (also, for hire!) so if you're into big goons, thats an in?
  • Pagan Bard :- He knows his folklore, has a decent voice and is more than happy to sing for his supper.


  • Wildling-born
  • Properly Pagan
  • Wealth:Poor
  • As Loyal as your purse is full
  • Poor Impulse Control
  • Hedonist

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