Character Details
Unknown as Missy
Name: Missy
Aliases: Nicknames or Aliases
Faction: The Reach
Organization: The Bawdy Bard
Occupation: Whore & Mummer
Rank: East End
Age: 32


Missy's Frame Rate: 1 Copper Star
Each of the Whores at the Bawdy Bard have two costs. Next to the door of each whore's room there is a boudoir nude painting of the same whore. Every frame is notched out and painted to the size and metal of the coins that must be placed in each coin notch before access to the room is granted. This money goes to the Brothel House and has become known as 'Frame Rate'. Within the room it's up to the whore to determine how much they will expect beyond the frame rate for their personal services.


Missy has been a whore since she flowered, by choice. She always viewed the life of a whore as being rather glamorous. It of course wasn't exactly as she day dreamed about. Unfortunately she didn't have the looks to make the big coin. But she has a sweet disposition and will listen to anyone talk for hours on end. Since Jessilyn took over the brothel and re-modeled the place up, Missy has been like a pig in mud. She loves to belt out the bawdy songs. Because of her plain appearance she is known to do many an interesting thing in private for the right amount of coin. Things the west wing girls wouldn't do no matter how much they cost. This more than makes up for her lack of appearance. Missy has a sex appeal all of her own.


  • Can suck and egg through a hose.
  • Kinky
  • Tri-Sexual - She'll try anything at least once.

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Jessilyn Jessilyn
Boss Lady - Missy has been through several madams at the Brothel now known as The Bawdy Bard. Jessilyn is by far her favorite.
Wulfred Wulfred
Hard To Get - Drunkard through and through, but Missy don't care. There's a betting pool going on at the Bawdy Bard that will go to the whore that finally convinces the adorable lush to go upstairs with her. Missy aims to claim that money!
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