Mischa Mullendore
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell as Mischa Mullendore
Name: Mischa Mullendore
Aliases: The Owl-Eyed Knight
Faction: Faction/Regional Fealty
Organization: Mullendore
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: 32

His sight failing, Mischa returned to the uplands.


He stands straight and proud at six foot even. His skin is dusky and bears the occasional scar to indicate that his life has not been an idle one. Strong shoulders and solid, lithe physique paint the picture of a soldier. He has a noble face, with no one feature dominating any other, instead meeting in rough harmony. His brow is high and his cheekbones are strong. He has bowed lips, wide nostrils and expressive eyebrows that arch very close to his eyes. Exposure to the sun and a life of hard work has made him seem older than his actual years. Dark curls bear filaments of silver that have come before their time and appear at random places in his medium-length hair.
Though most of his features come together in harmony, his eyes stand out. They are yellowish with green undertones. The iris also larger than average. It gives him an owlish and otherworldly look. It's given him the nickname of the 'Owl-Eyed Knight.'
He's wearing a simple tunic of dark blue. Its only embellishment is a trim of gold thread around the trim. As a matter of course, he wears a simple but heavy cloak and carries his sword beneath it.


Mischa Mullendore was born to be a knight - at least that's what his trainers said. Since the moment someone put a wooden training sword in his hand, he took to it as easily as a fish to a pond. As the second son to the brother of Lord Albys Mullendore, he grew up in relative luxury, and with access to all the resources to further his training and to outfit him properly. He squired for a well-respected knight. His rise through the ranks was expected.

Blessed with a strong arm and a way with tactics, he took very well to knighthood. He excelled at his training and showed a natural knack for teaching others the skills that he had learned. He also gained a reputation for having a nose for things of value, be they trinkets, horses, or even squires. He was a spotter of talent, of potential, of diamonds in the rough. He gained a reputation for producing strong fighters among those who trained with him. Although occasionally short-tempered, he was absolutely dedicated to the betterment of anyone under his tutelage.

Despite his successes, he's been hiding a birth defect - a genetic abnormality. Mischa was born with strangely yellowish eyes. It was a feature that earned him the nickname 'The Owl-Eyed Knight' after his first tournament win. Healers were concerned that the abnormalities would one day impact his sight. Despite the occasional headache, difficulties seeing a full of range of colour and difference in perception, he managed to train as a fighter for several years without great difficulty. There is still grave potential for his eyesight to fail, but he's taken steps to prevent this. Through a regime of exercises and a series of herbal remedies and diet, he's managed to keep the degradation under control. For obvious reasons, he doesn't make his potential disability public knowledge, but his eyes are unusual enough to give some people pause. The Healers have told him that damage to his sight is inevitable, especially if he continues to receive sharp blows to the head. Mischa stubbornly refuses to accept that, though every glitch in vision does give him pause.

RP Hooks

  • If you're a fan of the tournaments, you may well have heard of the Owl-Eyed Knight. He's known as much for his skill as his odd appearance.
  • Mischa has a reputation as a skilled combat teacher. If you're Hightower-affiliated especially, he may have instructed you or a relation.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Poor Sense: Degenerative Eye Disease
  • Short Temper
  • Famous: Skilled/Strange Eyes
  • Chivalrous

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Cantric Mullendore (NPC)
Older Brother - Cantric is two years' Mischa's senior. He's a born politician and tradesman. He handles trade on behalf of the Uplands and their uncle. They have a decent relationship, though they don't see eye to eye on many things. His brother is more of a pragmatist where Mischa tends to lead with his gut.


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