Character Details
Anna-Sophia Robb
Anna-Sophia Robb as Miranda Tyrell
Name: Miranda Tyrell
Aliases: Mira
Faction: Faith Of The Seven
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Wife of Loryn Tyrell
Age: Jun 18 100 (22)


She is dressed demurely in green silk with a touch of golden thread running through. A blouse of sheer violet is drawn up high against her neck with a keyhole opening at the base of the throat. Box-pleating and golden embroidery of berries and blossoms gives it a rich touch. The square-cut neckline is higher than on most dresses of the sort, and the skirts and violet-lined sleeves are long and full. The drop-waist doesn' play to curves but does accent a healthy womanly figure. The green skirts open to reveal an embroidered underskirt in a riot of flowers and fruits - bountiful and full of color. A golden cornucopia pins at her chest with a strand of pinned pearls accenting the bodice to both sides. The pin is echoed in the golden combs holding her wheat-colored hair - a light golden brown with the occasional whisp escaping from the ornate coiled braids its' pinned down in. Her face is tanned by the Reach sun and fairly pretty, more rustic than refined. The kind of girl who gets out into the sunshine and does things instead of sitting in a solar sewing or reading.


The Merryweathers of Longtable are known for their wealth and largess even by Reach standards. Behold Our Bounty is their motto and they take delight in showing this off. So when Lord Merryweather's eldest daughter decides to enter the sept instead of remarrying…

Three sons - two by his first bride, a third by his second. One daughter, she only a few years younger than the second Lady Merryweather. Said daughter Miranda is a bookish girl who loves animals, the Seven, and visiting with her father's smallfolk to enjoy the countryside and its' beauty. Hunting, riding, swimming in the sweet rivers- if she wasn't at home with a book in her hands she was out in the villages and towns sharing bread with the miller's daughter, milking cows with the dairymaids, or making offerings with the tinker's family at a roadside shrine. A gentle girl, full of love and laughter and sunlight.

When she was nineteen, Miranda was betrothed to Allister Norcross, second son of that house. He was a sworn knight that enjoyed patrolling the roads for bandits or hunting poachers down. He was hardly a love-match but it was seen as a benefit to both houses. Miranda shed her maidencloak and wed the knight in what was best described as a 'rough' marriage. She was too gentle and simple for his tastes, and his tastes ran a bit more violent. Although she prayed to the Mother to make her a more pleasing wife and the Father to make him a more gentle husband, it was perhaps the Warrior or Stranger that answered her prayer by seeing Ser Allister fall in a drunken brawl with a dagger through his eye. As their union bore no fruit, she and part of her dowry were returned to her father's house. Instead of allowing her father to negotiate for her hand once more, Miranda followed her heart and the voice of the gentle Maiden within her and pledged herself to the septry.

Her father was furious. He wanted to marry her off again to show off how much he could set her dowry at, negotiate with the other houses for better trade and profit on their largess. But his daughter took her vows, what could he do? She removed herself to Oldtown where she studies as an acolyte. The Merryweathers pray that someday their girl will come to her senses and do her duty by father and family - take up her role as a wife and mother. Her stepmother had a long talk with her and they struck a bargain- she would serve the Seven but not take her full vows, so that perhaps someday she would be able to better understand the role of the Mother once a proper husband was found.

To that end, her father would dangle eligible lords and knights towards her to entice her away from her faith. But Miranda helds strong - she had not sworn herself fully to the Starry Sept yet but continued to study as a novice of the faith. She continued her forays into the countryside surrounding Oldtown and helped the smallfolk with their daily chores and ensured the love and mercy of the Seven shines brightly in their lives.

But she and Loryn Tyrell met, fell in love, and were married. Perhaps it was her reward for being so diligent a servant to the Gods… They are one of those rare love matches that the singers will tell tales of for years to come. Both the Tyrell and Merryweather families blessed their union and expect great things of the pair. Nonetheless, Miranda continues in her pious and virtuous ways- even if she's a happily married woman.

RP Hooks

Animal lover - Miranda adores animals of all types; she's the kind who will rescue orphaned kittens and scoop spiders in a cup rather than squash them.

Green-Thumb - Miranda has a way with plants and crops, she knows a lot about gardening, crops, and even more advanced farming technique. A talent put to good use in the Tyrell gardens.

Mishap or Murder - Ser Allister Norcross was killed in a tavern brawl to the dismay of almost no-one. That he was cruel to his sweet lady wife was no secret. But was his death a pure accident or something darker? Her brothers seeking revenge? A father's hired assassins? Or perhaps another knight seeking a kind-hearted widow to woo? It could have even been a total freak accident. Perhaps the Hightower / Fossway incident inspired such similar events. It seemed to have worked well, as Miranda's married into the Tyrells. Whispers and rumors point more towards murder, with a faceless man having said to have been hired. Such silly rumors have no merit, do they?

Orphan-Wrangler - Are you one of the city's orphaned children? Has an orphan crossed your path wrongly or become worthy of adoption? Do you have an event the city youth would want to observe or participate in? Miranda is often given baby-sitting duties due to her youth.

Can take the girl out of the motherhouse- Even though she's no longer in service to the Seven, Miranda volunteers her time and money to the Sept as often as possible. She now has the largess of both her house and the Tyrells to help with her donations and charitable projects.

Legendary Love - The story of Loryn and Miranda is celebrated in story and song through Oldtown and spreading through the Reach and neighboring regions. How the young knight saved the fair maid from a lonely life in the Sept, how they fought against their attraction for months until they realized they were destined to be together. Some versions combine the story of Allister Norcross' death with Loryn saving her from him while others have him saving her from a runaway wagon and stampeding horse. Some take Miranda's religious bent and incorporate the Seven into the story as the catalyst for their marriage, with the Maiden and the Warrior guiding the two together. But most of the stories end with his spectacular victory at a tourney where he bested ever knight, including the mountain of a mystery man, to win her hand. Despite the fact the tourney was after their wedding day, the victory detail was truthful.


  • Wealth: Opulent - The Merryweathers are among the wealthiest of the Reach's noble houses, if not amongst the most important. And now she's married into the Tyrells - she has no real concept of money outside of using it for whatever he wants
  • Pious - All her life, she has been a child of the Seven. Her faith was what kept her strong in her unfortunate marriage. She serves with a pure love that is never questioned. She would never countermand an order of the Church or her husband, although her faith does sometimes irritate him.
  • Haunted - Loud voices, the footfall of boots outside her chamber, the threat of violence… sometimes she does not sleep at night for fear her husband, dead or alive, will call on her. The guilt of his death weighs on her soul - did the Stranger take him at her calling? Someone told her recently she has as debt to pay for her former husband's death. What was that about?
  • Pressure from Family - She is young, healthy, and the bride of the only male Tyrell who is in good standing with the family. Let's not talk about Garvin's taste in relationships, hm? There's pressure for her and Loryn to produce heirs rather quickly.
  • Favored of Smallfolk - Miranda is known for her kindness, charity, and willingness to get dirty and help work the land, crops, and tend to babies so a mother can have a few moments rest.
  • Honest - Like most of the Faith, she speaks truthfully and earnestly. This sometimes irks Loryn…

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The young Tyrell knight is an actor/playwright/theatre impresario and kind-of friend. He introduced Miranda to the tea-house, and the two talk pressures of parents being parents. The fact that he's young, single, and of the ruling house's line has likely not escaped her father-if word of their being seen together in public has reached him. Miranda thinks he could use the Whimsey to better preach the love and wonder of the Seven and hopes to influence him towards more Mystery Plays - she was already able to convince him to write a more 'child friendly' show. She's (wrongfully) accused him of being a shill from her father - the kind of guy she may actually want to leave the Sept and remarry for.

And oddly enough, they realized they loved one another and to no surprise, their parents happily agreed and signed the contracts. She never knew marriage could be like something out of the old stories and songs but it is. They are both decidedly in love and she's never been quite so happy. It's as if the memories of a harsh past were a nightmare she's finally awakened from. Loryn has his faults but they're endearing to her.


The Snow-Knight. A bastard of the Nothron lands and a giant of a man. He's a follower of the Old Gods of that cold blasted land but a good hearted soul. He serves as friend and companion to the Maiden Knight from what she's heard, and he is gentle and kind around the orphan children who like to ride him like an auroch. When he is angry, though, Miranda tends to avoid being around him. Too many memories of bellowing voices and large rough hands.


The Maiden's Knight is every bit as amazing as the stories say. As beautiful as the Maiden herself, perhaps, and full of such a holy devotion to Her. Miranda enjoys discussing matters of the Faith with him and can understand him on a spiritual level that few others can - his love for the Seven shines in every step and she is honored to sometimes keep company with him.


Although she's not a follower of the Seven and runs a very luxurious and sinful bath-house, Peri as a person is kind, generous, and good-hearted. She has a child (out of wedlock) but loves him dearly. She does good deeds simply because it is Right, not because she feels that the Gods compel her to give charity. Her faults are easily overlooked due to the quality of her character and compassion. She is teaching Miranda the finer points of healing, and Peri often serves the Royal Family in that capacity. Mira enjoys her company and kindness.


The Flower of Oldtown, now a princess married into the royal family. The Hightower woman had a similar life, an unhappy childless marriage, a husband's death. She is married to the 'Clown Prince' who is a sweet childlike man with a love of gardens. She and Marsei are both very much alike though it is clear Miranda has the happier marriage of the two. She enjoys Marsei's company as they both believe a noblewoman's duty is to be kind and gracious to all.


Lord Josaph Merryweather
Her dear father, who wants his daughter to re-marry a more worthy man so he can show off just how wealthy their house really is. He schemes and plans to lure her back to married life but her marriage to Allister was a mistake so he'll give her some time in the Faith to get over it. At least he was able to have it annulled and got part of her dowry back. And my my my, his little girl is marrying into the Ruling House. Could a father ask for more? Perhaps he arranged the fateful end of Allister Norcross. Perhaps he just got lucky. He won't discuss it, bad form, behind us now.


Nigel Merryweather
Older Brother - a knight and good at all things knightly.


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