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Katie McGrath
Katie McGrath as Millicent Greyjoy
Name: Millicent Greyjoy
Aliases: Milly, Mills, Sea Witch
Faction: The Iron Islands
Organization: House Greyjoy
Occupation: Courtier
Rank: Major Noble Lady
Age: July 28 95 (25)

Lady Millicent died of the Black Sickness, though oddly without the usual stinking vomit.


Lady Millicent Greyjoy is a noblewoman, roughly 25 years old, of Ironborn heritage with alabaster skin tone, who stands at 5'5" and is around 115 pounds in an overall slender body type. Waist-length sable hair is done in an exquisite weaving of many plaits together down her back with a central part framing a heart shaped face. Cat-like light green eyes are set to either side of her thin nose. Below that nose is a full bottomed, thinner cupid bow upper set of lips. The rest of her a heart shaped face is accented in sharp cheeks, an angular jaw which comes to a pointed chin. To accent these features she is wearing a bit of lip rouge just to make her mouth glisten and slender black ink eye liner done to make her eyes even more striking. Lady Greyjoy smells of lavender perfume. When they speak the tones and accent of an Ironborn, courtly raised noblewoman can be detected.
Despite the fact that it is Summer the Sea Witch is wearing a voluminous black cloak that's held against the pallid swells of her breasts by an iron kraken with two tentacles coiled through the cloak to keep it closed. The deep cowl of the cloak is up as well and shadows her face. Golden embroidery has the fins and body of the kraken over the hood with the back tip of the body settled like a widows peak on the cowl. The tentacles are all rather delicately and elegantly twisted and spiraling around each other over the backs of her shoulders while the two longest tentacles come up from behind and are used to edge the front of the cloak that covers what else she wears from view.


Millicent's parents first meeting is about as romantic as an Ironborn story can get. It was a vicious raid, things had been particularly unkind to the Iron Islands the year before her conception. The Iron Price was extracted as far south along the Westeros coast as Southshield. Milly's father laid siege to Blackcrown for the sole purpose to make his future wife a widow first. Merricent Tyrell was promised to Grodan Greyjoy when they were young. But politics shifted and she was instead married to Jonah Bullwer of Blackcrown. One of the hardships the year before she was born was that her grandfather was died at sea and her father was made ruler of the Iron Islands. One of his first things as ruler was to go get himself a wife! So down the coast the Ironmen went, pillaging and raiding and making it clear that Grodan was no man to be triffled with. But when it came to the moment when Grodan and Jonah came face to face Jonah grabbed up Merri by the arm and held his sword to her throat, claiming that Grodan would never have her. In a lightning fast strike the Ironborn man cleaved Jonah's sword arm free of his body. But Merricent was caught in the blow as well. She was struck in the elbow rending her left arm useless for the rest of her life. But the wound was not mortal. The same could not be said for Jonah who bled out quickly. Merricent and Grodan were married on the deck of his ship in the setting sun as they sailed back north, home. Grodan had what he wanted and ever since The Reach has been safe from Ironmen attacks.

Within the years after that the Iron Island actually saw as much prosperity as their bleak little islands can provide. Craggy cliffs and fields were covered in pillaged sheep and their descendants. Many a salt wife won in those raids gave their Ironmen healthy children. The same went for Merri and Grodan. Grodan soon had enough sons that when old enough could mean a fleet of captains for him to command. They also had several girls as well and they were married off to Ironborn Nobles. A good healthy brood, but there was a runt in the brood, Millicent, she was born early and compared to the rest of her brother and sisters and her father's family she was scrawny and weak. Things were made all the more worse because as she grew up she had a penchant for pretty things and pretty words. Her father would often grumble to his wife that 'Roses don't grow in Iron.' But Milly grew, and grew more and more into something from her mother's family, the Tyrell's of Highgarden. Even Merri was more salty than her daughter. None of the Ironborn Lords would marry her, afraid just the bedding alone would kill her let alone the effort of giving them sons. In any other environment she would be fine, just considered dainty among any mainlander. But she was a weak little runt in the eyes of the Ironborn and was always teased and looked down on.

This teasing was beneficial towards Milly because through it she honed her wits and banter. She began to do things, perhaps foolishly to prove that she was not as fragile as she seemed. So when one of her brothers was given the option of taking the Black after a misunderstanding with the husband of one of his salt wives - Milly decided that she would accompany her brother in his journey to the wall. It proved to be a big mistake. While she enjoyed the visit for the view and history lesson it provided her, she did become very sick from the frigid cold and was quickly shipped back south. But even at home the harsh if not frozen climate of Pyke wasn't doing her any favors. Merri had an older sister who was married into the Hightowers long before Milly was born. So Milly's mother arranged to have her sent south and become a ward of the Hightower family in Old Town.

RP Hooks

  • Rumors: She's called the Sea Witch, because of her mysterious presence and her appearance and companion of her raven, Stormy.
  • Frail: Milly has been on a roller coaster ride of wellness since she was born early. Think you are a healer that can help?


  • Wealth: Hard Times
  • Dainty Iron Rose
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Thrives in Court
  • Mysterious
  • Frail Health

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Lord Grodan Greyjoy
Father - Head of House Greyjoy and Lord of the Iron Isles. By the time Milly was born and born weak Grodan already had heirs a plenty so Milly was pretty well ignored and left to Merricent to raise and deal with.


Lady Merricent Greyjoy nee Tyrell
Mother - Millicent was very coddled and over protected by her mother. This caused feelings of unwanted resentment to rise in Milly. She loves her mother, but also feels that if she wasn't over protected so much as a young child, she could have grown stronger. Like the rest of her siblings. Her mother is who arranged for Millicents polite and quiet exile to Oldtown. Where she'd live with her mother's older sister.


Siblings - Millicent is the youngest of her 9 other siblings. Born practically one after the other and with Milly being the youngest at 25. It's very possible that her older siblings have had children who are old enough for the grid. If you are interested in playing one of her siblings, or neices or nephews. Please contact Millicent!


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