Character Details
Peter Mooney
Peter Mooney as Mikel Reyne
Name: Mikel Reyne
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Reyne
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Mar 28 101 (19)


Here stands a man of average height, of a slender frame, and with a cruel attractiveness. His light brown hair is cut relatively short, but remains unruly, but his short beard is kept perfectly groomed. He is handsome, with an easy, but knowing smile. His eyes seem much darker than his complexion and hair might suggest, giving them a stark presence upon his visage for those that look upon him. He wears a leather jerkin with no visible sigil, and oddly his left arm is kept in an ornate sling, colored red and grey. His breeches are simple wool, dyed grey, which tuck into thick brown riding boots. An ornate hilt juts out of an equally ornate sheath. The ball of the hilt is golden, and made of a lion's head, while the sheath is soft leather, with bands of red and grey cloth fashioned in stripes around it.


Mikel Reyne was born and raised as the heir of Castamere, but he is no longer so, and this is his story.

Mikel was born under the pomp of his station; he was the first son of Robert Reyne, known as Robb, and the second child after his older sister, Wen. He showed great promise as a child, he was smart and dutiful, and was happy to please. Robb Reyne doted on his son, even after two more sons came, they never could live up to Mikel. Mikel's path in life was not much of a mystery, his Andal knighthood was all but assured. In his youth, he served as a page in Casterly Rock, growing his family's influence with their overlord, House Lannister. However, instead of squiring for House Lannister, instead he was sent to King's Landing itself to squire for Ser Martyn Cave, a knight of the Kingsguard.

The training as a squire to Ser Martyn was some of the best in all of Westeros. He learned the sword, shield and lance equally. At a young age of seven-and-ten, he earned his spurs by aiding Ser Martyn in putting down a lot of criminals that had fled into the Kingswood. Ser Martyn had hoped that when he was old enough, Ser Mikel would be given the White Cloak as well, but that too was not to be.

When Ser Mikel returned to Castamere, his father immediately held a tournament in celebration for his son's knighting. Many of the greatest knight's in the Westerlands attended, and of course Ser Mikel rode for the honor of his house. On the third, and last, day of the joust, Mikel was knocked from his horse by a mystery knight. Unfortunately, Mikel's fall was grevious, and even after weeks and months of treatment by many maesters, he would not recover. His shield arm was near useless. Mikel could raise it no higher than his mid-belly, which was certainly not high enough to brace a shield in the joust or on the field. Lord Robert was heart broken; Lord Robert was furious. He send many envoys out of find the mystery knight and bring him back for justice, quietly. Meanwhile, Mikel fell into a state of depression. He would drink and whore, drink and whore, repeating the process over and over again. His father would never find the mystery knight, and Mikel would never regain himself. Angry with life, Mikel and Lord Robert quarreled. In the end, Mikel denounced his house, and proclaimed himself no longer the heir of Castamere. He left that same day and took to the road as a hedge knight. Even with the protests of his father, and Lord Robb's proclimation that Mikel was still his heir, Mikel lives each day without a care for his station or the length of his life. He is a beaten man with dreams of faded glory and nightmares of days to come.

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  • Lascivious
  • Brooding
  • Maimed
  • Wealth: Hard Times

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