Lord Matrim returned to Highgarden.
Later, Matrim the NPC was killed at Highgarden.

Character Box Title
Jackson Rathbone
Jackson Rathbone as Lord Matrim Tyrell
Name: Lord Matrim Tyrell
Aliases: Mat, Matty
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Occupation: Nobleman
Rank: {$rank}
Age: 18


Standing tall and very confident, a young man with light brown hair and vibrant, mischievous green eyes, looks out over the crowds he gazes over. He wears a dark green doublet slashed with black, and matching Black trousers tucked into elegant black leather riding boots. The Top of the boots are etched with gold scroll work. He wears a black cloak scrolled with the same golden needlework along the borders of the cloak. His hair is tied back by a thin leather cord creating a ponytail that falls just past the young man's shoulders. The hair is slightly curly, and curls around the edges.


Matrim was born to the Lord and Lady of House Tyrell, growing at the knee of the Warden of the South. Since the day he could walk, he had been given a blade, a horse, and a lance and a Knight or a Master at Arms to instruct him. Sometimes it was his Lord Father, sometimes a Knight. His was an education to raise up a True Knight. He learned strategy, he learned how to command men, he learned what it meant to hold honor, and to be trly honorable.

For the most part they succeeded. Matrim grasped both strategy and sword easily, and it was clear the boy held talent with horse and lance. However, Matrim eventually grew form a boy, into a young man, and it became just as clear, that he had a weakness for the fairer sex. On his own he taught himself the game of love. How to woo a woman, and more importantly how to make himself look better in the eyes of a woman.

This did not please his Lady Mother, who found the idea of him "Wenching" as he called it, or even going Whoring, to be a great breach in protocol for the Heir of a Great House. His Lord Father, who believed it was just a young man coming of age, has been forced by his Lady Wife to have talks with Matrim about his "inappropriate" behaviors. All this has really accomplished is Matrim trying to hide his past time activities better, and his parents retaliating by trying to find him a suitable wife.

Currently, Matrim finds himself as untested. He has won a singular Joust, but it was a small one, and nothing he'd truly brag about. He has decided to travel to take his father's request up, and travel to Old Town. There he hopes, while under the pretense of looking into his father's interests, he can find himself, and maybe test himself as a Knight as well.


  • Cocky
  • Daring
  • Honorable
  • Womanizer

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