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Mitch Hewer
Mitch Hewer as Mathis of Tarth
Name: Mathis of Tarth
Aliases: ma
Faction: The Stormlands
Organization: None
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Jul 6 100 (22)


This young man stands at around six feet tall and has a warrior's muscular build. His shoulders are broad and his waist narrow, providing a masculine 'V' shape to his torso. His hair is cropped somewhat short and is as blond as Lannister gold. His eyes are a cool blue, but tend to sparkle with an easy humor. He moves with an easy grace, fluid, yet unhurried.

Commonly, the young man is found in a set of fine breeches, fine leather riding boots with spurs, a finely woven white shirt with billowed sleeves, and a sleeveless doublet with indigo slashing and piping. A wide leather belt encircles his waist, providing sturdy support for a drinking horn, a pair of eating daggers, and an ornately embossed leather coin purse. Around his neck hangs two silver chains studded with deep blue sapphires that bring out his eyes.


Mathis was born in Evenfall Hall on July 6, 100. He is the first son of Lord Grigor Tarth and Lady Mathilde Tarth. His mother was formerly a Lannister, married to Grigor when they both reached the age of sixteen. Both families were highly pleased when little Mathis was born nearly nine months to the day of the consummation of the marriage vows.

Mathis is the oldest of four children, although his family is sufficiently far from the seat of power that it means a great many perks with very few responsibilities. So, as his father before him, he gave himself to service to the House, serving first as a page, then a squire and finally a Knight. Thanks to the combined might of having both a Tarth and a Lannister as parents, he served as a Royal Page in King's Landing until he was accepted as a Squire to Ser Kristof Stark who stood with the Kingsguard. This afforded Mathis some of the finest tutelage in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Kristof took his responsibility to his squire nearly as seriously as he took his duty to his King, teaching not only the arts of war, but also the art of being a good man. Mathis studied High Valyrian, such that he could understand the root and heart of romance. Ser Kristof would always tell Mathis that the most worthy battles that hang on a man's name are always those of words and not swords.

While not the sharpest sword in the armory, Mathis was diligent in his studies and made his mentor and knight proud. It was with a reluctant heart that Kristof finally released Mathis as a full knight, as Kristof truly enjoyed and valued the affable young man. He feared the real world might destroy the young man who always looked for the best in people and believed in the light glimmering in all men and women.

As a new Knight of eighteen, Mathis was afforded a horse, new armor and weapons to spend some time making a name for himself in the tournament circuit. Despite his youth, he was a superb swordsman, having had the supreme advantage of learning from one of the Kingsguard. Learning from a Stark carried the added advantage of being as comfortable with a massive two-handed sword as well as the usual longsword, so he favored the versatility of the hand and a half sword to add unique flavor to his sword play. After his first two placings in as many tournaments in the sword circle, he was sent Simin Lannister to serve as his own Squire. Simin was a cousin on his mother's side and, at only thirteen, was happy as a sated lion to get away from the Hedge Knight he was with previously.

Mathis took his duty to his squire as seriously as Kristof did for him, trying to teach the worldly blond cousin more about honor, the strength of a Knight's mind, and strength of character. Simin on the other hand, showed Mathis what he had learned from the drunken hedge knight, which mostly revolved around drunken carousing, whores, and dice games. While the drink and dice held little lasting appeal, a portion of each tournament purse was then set aside for the brothels.

While somewhat rocky at first, as Mathis wasn't at all prepared to take a Squire so soon, he found he had a real knack for teaching. With all the travel, he wasn't afforded the luxury of King's Court tutors to do the heavy mental lifting, so he had to impart the lessons on etiquette, heraldry, High Valyrian, and so forth on his own. All said, Simin proved to be as diligent a student as Mathis had been, although it seemed to come to Simin a great deal easier than it did for Mathis.

Mathis continued to do quite well in the tournaments, always taking a purse and sometimes being the best to take the field in swordplay. He didn't do nearly as well in the jousting competitions, but his striking good looks made him a favorite with the maidens. Win or lose, his unassuming and bright smile won favors on his lance every time he took the field.

After nearly two years of traveling the length and breadth of the Westeros with Simin, the two received word after a tournament in the Westerlands that Simin was to be moved to another Knight in King's Landing, as Mathis was needed in Oldtown to help deal with some situations regarding the family. It seems that there was some tragedy and suspected foul play with the Lord of Tarth's recent death and someone looking eerily similar to that dear dead cousin was sighted near Oldtown.

RP Hooks

  • Tournament Knight - Mathis has been travelling all around Westeros the past 2 years. Maybe you've seen him compete or have competed against him. He's especially known for his sword work and only fair work with horsemanship and on the tilts.
  • Whores - Ser Mathis has only a single vice and this is it.
  • Knight - He is one and is without a Squire currently. If you're looking for a Knight, he may be willing to take you on.
  • Connections - Mathis served a prestigious Stark Knight in the King's Guard in King's Landing. His Mother is a Lannister by birth. He is from Tarth and serves the Stormlands.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Forgetful
  • Double Jointed
  • Attractive
  • Lascivious

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