Character Details
Daniel Day Lewis
Daniel Day Lewis as Marten Footly
Name: Marten Footly
Aliases: None
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Footly
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Oct 20 78 (42)


Tall in stature and lean in Body, the man before you could easily be described as hearty or hale. His skin is of a fine colour that comes with life in the outdoors. His face's sharp features and hawklike nose, are made less sever, by the addition of a thick beard that is more grey than black and conceal laugh lines. His blue eyes are flanked by the beginnings of crows feet, and a crop of messy short black hair covers his pate. It is a martial cut for sure. On his left wrist some ink has been done in a rather fantastical design, likely something he got during his travels in his Youth.

Marten is dressed as a knight befit of his station. A hauberk of fine steel mail is worn over a tunic of black. His hips are covered in trousers of grey, and slightly pouch out of tall black armored boots. Vambraces and greaves protect arms and legs respectively, while a breastplate is synched tightly over his chest. Over this A long sable Surcoat is worn with the chest covered in a field of caltrops. Worn about the waist is a finely made sword belt and scabbard where a long and sharp blade resides. It is an unassuming piece with a black taped hilt and the caltrop imprinted in the pommel's design. At his shoulders steel pauldrons are worn, and his hands are covered by thick black leather gauntlets. A cowl of black leather with hood is worn over his mail coif, thus disguising it from view.


Marten Footly is the eldest son and heir of Lord Sumner Footly, also known as Lord Sumner the Ancient, or more unflatterlingly-Lord Old Enough T' Fart Dust. (He's in his 60's). Marten is a well known and accomplished knight. Not only from appearances within the tournaments and grand melees that often serve as entertainment within the Reach, but on the battlefield as well. Though he is no Oakheart, or Tarly, Ser Marten has served along the Dornish front for his liegelords and proven to be an apt commander and fighter. His own accolades on the field having earned him respect of friend and foe alike.

Marten in his youth was squired by a neighbor to the north, in the west- Ser Merit Swyft, and thus has good relations with the Swyfts, his own wife Lydia being of their house.

Marten has two young sons, Nyles who is a page in Highgarden and Fraizer who is a squire to a Crakehall. He has a infant daughter and already another baby along the way-needless to say the young caltrop has his line secured.

Currently, Ser Marten is on errand to Oldtown to purchase a house there and thus open up trade to the south through the Sound-as well as see what else he can do for friends and other knights alike.

Marten is known to have a love of maps and to be well educated. If one was to look for a stereotypical knight of the Reach, they would not have to go far with the Young Lord Ser Marten.

RP Hooks

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  • Map Enthusiast
  • Wealth:Comfortable
  • Heir
  • Anointed knight
  • Loyal Bannerman
  • Robust and Hale

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