Lord of Blackcrown
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as Mark Bulwer
Name: Mark Bulwer
Aliases: N/A
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Bulwer
Occupation: Lord of Blackcrown
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Apr 27 80 (40)


At just under six feet, Mark Bulwer stands at nearly average height, but that is certainly the only average thing about him - his bearing is one of born authority, his shoulders are broad, and the body underneath his garments is clearly muscular. The piercing aspect of his blue eyes is such that few men likely feel tall in his presence regardless of their actual height. His hair is on the light side of brown or on the dark side of blonde, depending on how the light hits it, and it is always kept neat and closely cropped, as is the beard that he wears.

When dressed for court, Mark's clothes are always fine, but never loud, and he favors his House colors of bone white and blood red. Sometimes, on more important occassions, they will also contain some thread-of-silver embroidery, but only ever a small amount at the color and the cuffs of his sleeve. When dressed for war, his armor, likewise, is of quality make, but functional rather then stylish. The exception to this rule is when he takes the tourney field - then, he dons a helmet much akin to his father's famed bull's head helm, but with silver horns adorning it rather then gold.


Mark Bulwer is the firstborn son of the late Lord Trenton of House Bulwer, known as the Golden Bull, and his wife the Lady Clara of House Costayne. His father's death at the hands of his mother's Braavosi lover, Furio Vielo, saw the mantle of lordship placed upon Mark's shoulders when he was only just coming into manhood. There was much disgrace to be had in the Bulwer family at that time, and despite having his uncle Ser Harrian the Bloody Bull there to aid him, Mark felt the weight of that burden keenly. His House words haunted him, and are largely what drove him to become the man he is today, for he would not let himself rest until he had not only restored the glory of his House and his father's memory, but surpassed it. In him was the pride of his uncle the Blackbull, the late Lord Jonah, and the pride of his father, as well as the ruthless pursuit of his goals that gave his uncle Ser Harrian his Bloody byname. But as he grew into his position, all these were held together, and often held in check, by a staunch pragmatism, one that made him judge his actions carefully so that he could best fulfill his plans.

It is this that has held him apart from his siblings and allowed him to use them as pieces in his game, and none so much as his sister Mordane. The beauty once known as the Golden Calf would have been Mark's meal ticket, an alliance that surpassed even his match to Lord Redwyne's daughter. But instead, her recklessness saw his hopes vanished, and with it all caring of her well-being from Mark's mind. Since then, he has done his best to make matches for his other siblings and his children to best advance his ambitions, and though he does, in fact, harbor some affection for most of his relations, the only one who has thus far been able to influence him in any noticeable way is his lady wife, Lia Redwyne. Her, he listens to. Their demeanors are different, but she has a strength all her own, and though theirs is not a marriage of love, it is one of mutual respect and duty.

Mark's time is divided between being a presence at court and seeing to his responsabilities at Blackcrown. More then half the time he is at Blackcrown, being lord to his people and managing his holdings, for without a stable powerbase none of his ambitions would bear fruit, and he would have nothing to support him and his family if they failed, as they did with Mordane. But every few months he will make the short journey to Oldtown, take up residence in the apartments set aside for his family in the Hightower, and keep a finger on the political pulse of the region.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Ambitious
  • Authoritative
  • Pragmatic
  • Proud
  • Ruthless

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