Beastly Fighter
Akara Amarttayakul
Akara Amarttayakul as Marcellus
Name: Marcellus
Aliases: Green Beast
Faction: The Free Cities
Organization: None
Occupation: Fighter
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Oct 22 91 (29)


A lean narrow face, with bruises and the like. With stubble covering around his chin and mouth, not seeming to be one to have much facial hair. Strong straight brows rest over dark, almost black, deep eyes. A small straight nose, with a slight jack to it. Showing of it having been broken. Still, it does not ruin any positive features of that area that he might have. Upon his crown is short hair. Black roots but having been dyed dark green.

Standing at 5'9" With an athletic build. Scars showing where there isn't clothing. Along with a tattoo or two upon his body. At least one being seen at the neck. Despite not being the tallest of men he is quite the muscular man. Not seeming to have an inch of fat, which might come as no surprise from a fighter as himself.

His clothing is of quite poor quality. A red tunic and loose sandy brownish yellow pants. With black boots. Seemingly quite durable but clearly nothing fancy.


Famous fighter and former slave

RP Hooks

  • Well traveled — He has been to most places in Essos. Even some places in Westeros. To fight mainly. Having been a slave. So it is highly possible you could have met him.
  • Always up to fight — He won't say no if you want to fight him. Though be careful, he won't hold back.


  • MacGyver
  • Extreme Stubborness
  • Light Claustrophobia
  • Famous: Fighter
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Ambidextrous

IC Events

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Peri Peri
Provider — She has given me a place to stay as well as trying to help me find work. The only one that I know in Oldtown. Having met her a long time ago, it is good to see her again.


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