Character Details
Alex Meraz
Alex Meraz as Manfryd Qorgyle
Name: Manfryd Qorgyle
Aliases: The Scorpion
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Martell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Minor Noble Lord
Age: Jan 9 98 (24)


Manfryd is fairly tall, for a Dornish man - but that may not be the first noticeable thing about him. Smooth and sienna skinned, this man has obviously spent a great deal of time in the sun - turning him an obvious shade of Sandy. His darker coloring is not limited to his skin - it extends to his hair, stubble and eyes, rather suiting him in its shading. Espresso-colored hair is cropped reasonably short, though long enough to style. His facial features may cause many ladies (and other men) to consider him quite handsome - a strong jaw, full lips, and expressive dark eyes, though tends to be on the sneering side of scorn half the time. His nose might be a bit on the large side, but it, too, suits him. Sparkling in his left ear, a wooden loop hangs from his earlobe - not large enough to be gaudy, but certainly noticeable, while a smaller bone made droplet sits in the upper curve of his ear. On his arms when he fails to wear long sleeves are the black ink stains of a rudimentary tattooing, limited to black. The tattoo ranges up his forearms, shaped like twisting scorpion of the desert. Underneath, should his chest be exposed, is a tribal tattoo in the design of a sun.

The man's frame has a decent amount of muscle, showing behind whatever he wears. He's not bulky though, rather he has a lean type of muscle, sinewy but strong. He always wears something fashionable to Dorne's warriors, choosing attire that is well looked after. Currently he is wearing a cotton dusty red sandysilk robes that is kept unbound at the v-neck collar. Overtop, the leathers to bind his torso and wrists with protection, which suggest and expose the built muscle of his solid body; broad shoulders, a fine, sinewy torso, and a solid abdomen. An exquisite charcoal jacket trimmed in crimson, sharp and crisp, sits over the leather, often left open and loose. His long, thick thighs are clad in a pair of dark slacks that emphasize the backside. As for accessories, a red scarf wraps once around his neck with tail ends left to hang loose in front, while brightly colored metal bangles wrap around both wrists. On his feet, often shining and clean, is a pair of dark lace up Caligae, marking him from Dorne if nothing else. Often an assortment of weapons accompanies him, from whips, spears, daggers, or a sword.



Manfryd Qorgyle is the nephew of Madyn Qorgyle and first cousin to Emira Martell. He was knighted young, at the beginning of his career as a raider of the Marches. A loyal vassal of House Martell, but notorious for being hot headed and quick to action. He has always been fascinated with the scorpions that are the sigils of his house, playing with them, building a resistance to their bites and their mild poison, learning strategy from the way they fight each other, adopting the brashness with which they rush their prey. He was raised in the Water Gardens at Sunspear, and has never left Dorne except to participate in raiding and battle at the command of his Martell lieges. He has several siblings, and is far enough removed in the family tree from Lord Qorgyle that he's never had much need for politics or diplomacy. His spear and his poisons are the tools of his trade.

During the Targaryen visit to the Court of Sunspear in 122, Manfryd was paid insult by a young knight called Aelyn Targaryen. The dragon had choice words about the Dornish being deserving of what befell them at the massacre at Red Rookery and on the field of battle at the Trial of the Seven. Though ordered by Prince Torren Martell not to take action to avenge these insults, Manfryd later snapped during a second confrontation with the same knight, in which new insults were paid. This time, he could not keep his temper in check, and his liege lord was nowhere to be found. He slew the young Targaryen knight, and was then imprisoned at Torren Martell's command.

RP Hooks

  • The Scorpion was the one that killed Aelyn Targaryen in a duel. It is said that he attacked from behind.
  • Manfryd is hot blooded and entirely too Dornish for his own good. He'll get into a fight pretty easily and won't back down until someone is bloodied or dead.
  • In the Dornish circles, he's known for his outspoken opinions regarding the Prince's marriage to a Dragon.
  • When announced as the Joust Champion, a riot started! He's infamous for it.
  • Rumours say he poisoned a boy.
  • Rumours have it he was attacked in the Lysene baths by a Prince Targaryen and that he had to fight his way out.
  • Rumours have him being spotted visiting the manse of a Prince Targaryen set to wed his Cousin.


  • Stings Like A Scorpion
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Hot Blooded
  • Fight, not Flight

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My Prince. While I'm loyal to you, I am disturbed by your marriage to a Targaryen. I find myself at odds with you often but miss the days when we could speak openly. She has already changed you…


The one who tames the blood of the Scorpion.


You may have married my prince, but that doesn't mean you'll earn our respect and trust for it.


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