Character Details
Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter as Malicia Bolton
Name: Malicia Bolton
Aliases: Mali, Malice
Faction: The North
Organization: House Bolton
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: May 2 100 (21)


A young woman of Northern blood who stands at about five foot two inches in height. Dark brown hair with slight redish hint to it is a mess of wild curls. Often considered untamable, those thick ringlets often try and escape her normally elegant updos giving her a slightly wild look. Brown brows arch high over large brown eyes. Those dark chocolate orbs seem to have a habit of expressing whatever she happens to be feeling. They are bright and have a wild gleam to them at times. Pale skin is smooth and clear, her face heart-shaped with high cheekbones a long slightly down-turned nose and full lips. Her neck is long and slender and her frame despite being quite short is blessed with curves that would make many a woman envious. She isn't stocky but nor is she slender and dainty she walks the line between the two with full breasts, a slender waist and full round hips. Her legs are long and both they and her slender arms possess just the barest hint of muscle tone.

Currently her hair is pulled into a loose briad and secured with a black ribbon, a few stray curls escape the briad to frame her face. She is dressed in an elegant gown of of dark black with small silver buttons down the front of it. The neckline of the gown a v-shape and shows off just a bit of her full breasts. The sleeves are long reaching her wrists and hugging her arms slightly but not tight enough to restrict movement. The sleeves are cuffed with silver buttons to match the ones on the front of the dress. Her hands are dainty, her fingers long and her nails sharp. The skirt of the dress is long and flowing reaching to the ground and underneath it a glimpse of black boots can be seen. She wears no jewelry other than a small dainty chain about her neck that reaches down between her breasts and has a small dagger charm hanging from it. About her waist is a thin black leather belt where a dagger can been seen sheathed and her is coinpurse is also held.


Malicia Bolton is the younger sister of Lord Vidomir Bolton the current Lord of the Dreadfort. As a child Malicia was raised mostly by servants or occasionally her mother when the woman bothered to check on her. The girl with her wild hair had an equally wild heart.

Mali as she liked to be called or Malice as some called her behind her back was a very active and some would say odd girl. She liked daggers, knives and archery over sewing and reading. The only ladylike pursuit she took to was dancing and that was only becuase she thought it might help her reflexes with a knife. Malicia was devoted to her family but she had a vengeful streak that was quite strong. When ever anyone angered her she could never hide it and she had a knowlege of poisons that would put most ladies to shame along with a strong fondness for fire. That love of fire made sense for such a fiery personality. Malicia was quick tempered, impulsive and while she was cunning in ways she was also brutally honest and she would kill for those she cared about without a second thought.

As she grew she began to face pressure to marry. When her brother became Lord of House Bolton and left for Oldtown she was not far behind him. She has come to assist her brother in whatever his plans are and maybe have a bit of fun too.

RP Hooks

A Bolton Lady! Yes Malicia is a Bolton and a slightly infamous one as well. Those from the North would have heard about the wild younger sister of Lord Bolton and her fondness for fire and sharp pointy things. Still she can be quite polite and even sweet until you offend her. Just don't expect het to fit the traditional 'Lady' mold.

Fire Starter? Its mostly rumors but some suspicious Northern smallfolk may have lost their homes to fire when they insulted House Bolton and Malicia may have been involved…but surely she would never burn down an entire village as these rumors suggest?

A Little Intense… A bit on the wild side Malicia has a rather untamed look to her. Her hair is wild, her eyes highly a expressive and her demeanor more than a little unpredictable. She may make some people uncomfortable with the intensity of her personality and the way she does things.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Sadomasochist
  • Pyromaniac
  • Loyal
  • Attractive

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