Character Details
Gemma Ward
Gemma Ward as Magden
Name: Magden
Aliases: Mags
Faction: Dorne
Organization: {$org}
Occupation: Runaway
Rank: Smallfolk
Age: Mar 21 103 (18)


Standing a scant 15 hands high, slender as a willow switch, she looks rather like a doll, all limbs and eyes and pale gold hair. The angles of her face sweep from high, clear forehead to a pointed little chin, framing a sweet, sly bow of a mouth and startling blue eyes, clear and sky-colored with a faint, exotic slant. Her skin is light enough to freckle in the sun, which it has indeed, leaving a smattering across her nose and cheeks.


Magden was born in the village of Grosk, a dusty settlement on the border of The Stormlands and Dorne, the daughter of a tinker and a weak-willed, broken woman who seemed to have no other purpose than to give him children. They didn't have much, and what wealth anyone was ever able to accumulate was regularly reaved by raiders crossing the border from Dorne. By the time she was six, she'd determined that a sedentary life was simply asking for trouble. It was safest to always be moving, so she made herself useful to her father and traveled with him. Life as a tinker's daugther, purveyor of snake oil, stolen goods, and junk wasn't idyllic, but it was interesting. She was quick and clever and worked especially hard to make sure she was indispensable. Her father, a man of oily charisma and immense guile, had a weakness for drink. He was a mean drunk, but the beatings weren't so bad. It wasn't as though he'd kill her, and she'd seen raiders murder on a whim.

When Magden was ten and one, her father lost her in a drunken hand of cards. It wasn't the first, or the last, time she'd change hands as property. This one time, however, it was for something of a better life. The man who 'won' her was named Fazyl, the ringmaster of a circus troupe that traveled the length and breadth of Dorne. It was with Fazyl and her new circus family that she first saw Sunspear and, for whatever it was worth, was better treated than she'd ever been in her life. In his pretty and nimble little acquisition, Fazyl saw the makings of a star, and gave her over to the keeping and training of his acrobat family, billed 'The Flying Adani.' With them, she learned to juggle, to throw, to fly… and to be valued. Accepted. Something very close to being loved. She was safe. She was happy. And it was, of course, too good to last.

Come ten and four, Magden and the Adani were the stars of a very lucrative show, and life at the circus had never been merrier. In the Ringmaster's wagon, however, Fazyl couldn't bring in the money fast enough. He had debts, old and deep, and when his debtors finally caught up with him, demanding coin or blood, he was forced to close down the show, selling off all that he could. This included Magden, sold to slavers from Essos. She traded hands a number of times on that continent before, finally, she caught the eye of another showman, this one from Astapor. Lazar Saduul was one of the premier pit masters of the city, supplying fighters and other diversions for Astapor's most popular arenas. Saduul outbid a number of brokers buying pleasure slaves for the small and remarkably lovely acrobat with her blue eyes and pale hair, envisioning a stunning end for the girl on the horns of a savage bull. Once she was in the pit, however, things played out differently. Magden dodged and sprang, twisted and tumbled, avoiding the enraged beast with such astounding showmanship that the crowd fell in love. Finally, as the coup de grace, she leap upon its back and finished the creature with a knife left over from the warriors before her. It was then Saduul realized he had something lethal and, more importantly, lucrative on his hands. She was remanded to his champion gladiator to be trained in combat. The man wouldn't be her last mentor — she outlived five. But from each she learned much, and combined her new skills with the old so that, while she wasn't the deadliest killer among her peers, she was by far the most entertaining.

All men are mortal, however, even Lazar Saduul, and after some years he died, taken by fate and a sudden illness. His business was left to his eldest son, a young man who had no interest in showbusiness or any business at all. His father's table of human flesh was worth more to him on the market, and to the market they went. This time, no one outbid the pleasure brokers, and Magden changed hands again, especially valuable for her fame and fierce reputation — a true prize for the buyer who liked to break a challenging spirit. The night before her new owner was to take possession, however, Magden put to use skills she'd never dared, taught by her last mentor in secret — she slipped her chains, picked the lock, and fled.

She hid aboard the first ship she could find, hardly caring where it was bound or what became of her if she was discovered. It was thus she came to Volantis, then Myr, and finally to Sunspear again — 'home' to Dorne. All this… was not that long ago, and Magden is still on the run, however safe she might be. There are slavers and bounty hunters in every shadow, just over her shoulder, and in her dreams. To be returned to the Plaza of Punishment would be worse than death. It haunts her, and so as she learned when she was just a child, she keeps on the move.

RP Hooks

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  • Escaped slave
  • Wealth: Poor
  • Gladiator
  • Illiterate
  • Dirty fighting

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