Lady Maera Mormont of Bear Island
Eva Green
Eva Green as Maera Mormont
Name: Maera Mormont
Aliases: Maera
Faction: The North
Organization: House Mormont
Occupation: Head of Household
Rank: Noble Lady
Age: 24


This woman is tall enough to look most men in the eye without having to raise her chin. Her body has a strength and sturdiness to it not often seen in highborn women. Her skin is as fair and pale as most northerners, and is remarkably smooth save for the line of a white scar that runs just below her right cheekbone. Her eyes, a murky combination of blue and green, deep set and as a result she often looks as if she were squinting. Her nose is long and straight. She has a longish mouth with a top lip that possesses a bow shape.

Her dark brown hair is braided into a single plait that stops at her waist.

She wears a boiled leather jerkin over a fine-spun shirt of wool dyed white. Black colored breeches cover her legs, and worn but well-made knee high leather boots cover her feet. She wears a dark green hooded cloak with a brooch that possesses the sigil of House Mormont, a black bear on hind legs on a background of green enamel.

This woman has a bow and quiver of arrows on her back. She wears a bastard sword on the belt on her hip. Her sword's hilt is in the shape of a bear's head, and when she draws the blade the beautiful ripples of Valyrian Steel shimmer in even the dimmest light.



Manish Woman
Monotone Voice

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