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James Purefoy
James Purefoy as Maelys Targaryen
Name: Maelys Targaryen
Aliases: The Prince of Ashes, Maelys the Burner.
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Targaryen
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Prince
Age: Dec 10 86 (34)


Maelys is a formidable man closer to seven feet than six with a long mane of black hair framing a hard-chiseled face. Violet eyes look out upon the world with aristocratic disdain or manic hilarity. The Prince of Ashes is arrayed in black manticore leather riding boots, black trousers, and red doublet. His cloak is a heavy thing of sable and crimson silk pinned back with a cloak pin wrought from dragon glass and steel: a three-headed dragon atop three broken swords.


Maelys of house Targaryen was born of the union between one of the Old King's Grandsons and a maiden of House Velaryon: the daughter of Lord Corlys Velaryon, Master of Driftmark. Although the boy hailed from two Valyrian lineages, Maelys inherited little more than his father's violet eyes and black hair. His mother perished during his birth and the Maester of Dragonstone had to cut the ashen mother open to tear the boy child out from her womb. Maelys's father regarded the boy as a curse: payment for the misdeeds of his youth-he already had three grown sons and his young wife was the delight of his old age. The boy spent his formative years on Dragonstone where he excelled at the joust and the melee. He spent an inordinate amount of time in the library of Dragonstone and along the shores bordering the Dragonmont watching wild dragons hunt. The boy dreamed of hatching a dragon from an egg-but he was a Prince in name alone. The boy Maelys would never touch part of the clutches of Silverwing, Vhagar, or their sisters.

At nine, Maelys's uncle grudgingly took the boy into his service as a page and cupbearer. At twelve, he became the old man's squire. He served his uncle ably. Some suspect that the boy grew fond of the aging Velaryon patriarch. The boy's time at Driftmark was unremarkable save for a brief altercation with another squire, when Maelys was naught but thirteen. A bastard squire of fifteen, one Daeron Waters, and two of his fellows accosted the Prince after he had verbally eviscerated the bastard in Lord Corlys's hall. Maelys was thrashed within a breath of his life. Some weeks later, the bastard disappeared. Many believe that he ran off with a scullery maid who disappeared the same day. Strangely, the squire and maid left their meager effects in their cells within Lord Corlys's keep. At fifteen, Maelys earned his spurs after besting forty other squires at Lord Corlys squires' games.

Maelys spent the remainder of his youth at court; he served as an Officer of the Watch for all of a year, albeit time enough to earn a reputation for brutal efficiency. At sixteen, Maelys rode in the lists at Lord Corlys's nameday tourney at Driftmark. The Prince was in fine form throughout the event. He unseated several champions half-again his age. In the final tilt of the second day of jousting, he rode against the young Ser Gyles, son of Lord Lorant Tyrell (father of the current Lord Lorant Tyrell). In the second pass, Maelys's lance rose alarmingly high a mere instant before his foe's coronel snapped upon his shield. The tip of the Prince's lance slid through the slit in the young Ser Gyles's visor. Blood from the ruin of the young knight's eye sprayed across his helm and gorget. At the nadir of his pass the knight's neck snapped. In short order, Maelys was disowned and on his way to Braavos, aboard a merchant vessel.

Very little is known of the next seven years. Maelys seems to have been swallowed bodily by some beast from the Age of Heroes. Little by little, word of his deeds reached the courts of King's Landing and High Garden. The exiled Prince was serving with the Bright Banners. He was fighting with the Second Sons in the disputed Lands. He had risen to the rank of Captain-General. Then, nine years after his exile, word of a great battle, or rather a great slaughter, reached Gulltown, White Harbor, Lannisport, and King's Landing. The Second Sons had taken the Lhazar city of Hesh and put hundreds to the sword. The Mercenaries had confiscated vast stores of gold and trade goods. At the head of their host, a giant in red scaled armor flying a sable and crimson banner. A three-headed dragon atop a broken sword. Tales of a darker sort soon followed. The garrison remained in Hesh to tax Meereenese merchants and sell Lhazar slaves. The Second Sons were on the march. Lhazosh and Kosrak had fallen to the Second Sons and, rather than leave a garrison, their 'Prince of Ashes' had burnt the cities to the ground. In short order, the dragon surmounted three broken swords.

Nineteen years after his exile, Maelys Targaryen relinquished his command and returned to Westeros. Within two weeks of his return, Ser Corey Tyrell, the brother of the late Ser Gyles, sought the Prince of Ashes, on the road to Oldtown, to redress the old grievance. They fought a day's ride from Honeyholt. To hear tell of it, it was a magnificent battle. Until, the Prince of Ashes clove Ser Corey from breastbone to pelvis. Maelys's arrival has raised many questions, although, the motives of a Dragon are often alien and inscrutable. Upon his arrival, Maelys delivered the severed head of the late Ser Corey to his niece Princess Visenya. Within a month of his arrival, he took the field in a Trial of Seven between the Lords Errant and the Blackmonts. Maelys was the last champion named to the Dornish. Ser Laurent Tyrell and Ser Abram Florent battled the Prince and Ser Arros Sand, the Prince and the bastard getting the the worst of it. Maelys took grievous wounds from the Thorn and Ser Abram, but has since recovered.

RP Hooks

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  • Blood of the Dragon
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Infamous: Prince of Ashes
  • Disowned Prince
  • Amoral
  • Charismatic

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Niece - My fair niece, a hero to the small folk and a Dragon Rider. A great lady in the making.


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