Character Details
Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany as Lyonel Velaryon
Name: Lyonel Velaryon
Aliases: ly
Faction: The Crownlands
Organization: House Velaryon
Occupation: Counselor
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: Jan 14 86 (35)


Lyonel Velaryon has the look of Old Valyria about him. Sharp features, silvery blond hair, eyes of pale blue-violet. He's of an average height, with good posture and a confident bearing that make him seem… Not larger than other men, but somehow more present. His hair is cropped short, perhaps half the length of a finger, and he is habitually clean-shaven. His pale eyes miss little, quickly darting toward any movement or sound. His face has a stern cast to it, though that is broken often by a thoughtful smile.


Lyonel Velaryon is the much younger brother of Lord Corlys Velaryon, Master of Driftmark and Lord of the Tides, which makes Lyonel a spare son to a wealthy and infuential house. With several brothers between their ages, Lyonel stood no chance of inheriting, and so was set to serve his family in other ways. He was sent at an appropriate age to act as a page to a Targaryen cousin on Dragonstone. When it came time, he was squired to the same cousin, who had moved to King's Landing. It was there that the boy's true talents began to show. He was perceptive, and a quick study. He drilled at arms, learned a squire's skills, but he had no flair for them. He was brave enough, but he excelled in other areas. Still, he remained a squire until after his eighteenth nameday. By that time his knight was sworn to the service of Rhaenys Targaryen, and Lyonel had returned to Driftmark at his side. As a member of Rhaenys' personal guard, the knight served often at court, and so Lyonel served at his side.

It was in Lyonel's twentieth year, then, that his knight was slain in a boarding action against Ironborn reavers. By this time, the princess and her lord husband — Lyonel's own brother — had noticed the young man's keen eye and sharp mind. With the knight's death, Rhaenys adopted young Lyonel as her personal aide, a role he would fill for years to come. He served at Rhaenys' side, counseling her in matters of war and of politics. Though he was not a warrior born, he commanded men when it suited the Queen That Never Was. He often led her light horse, or commanded the reserves. Her sponsorship saw him wed to a lady of House Strong, on whom he fathered three healthy sons and a daughter in their nine years of marriage.

When his family was taken from him, many expected Lord Lyonel to fall into despair. A wife and four children — his oldest son a squire himself, and his youngest barely more than a babe — lost at sea with a ship and its crew, en route to Harrenhal. Instead, Lyonel poured himself into his work. It was then that he truly came into his own, traveling in the princess' name, speaking with her voice, doing business under her hand. For three years he had no place he truly called home. Only within the last two years did he settle again at her side to serve the princess and his brother in person.

It was decided that for Rhaenys' trip to Oldtown Lyonel would act as the captain of her personal guard, and with her departure he would remain in Westeros' oldest city to oversee her interests here. With the sudden influx of Targaryens, the savvy princess means to keep an eye on the political landscape of the city. Moreover, the outcome of the trial must be upheld, and the proclaimed marriages seen to.

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Level Headed
  • Sea Legs
  • Skillful Diplomat
  • Bereaved

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