Character Details
Annabelle Wallis
Annabelle Wallis as Lynette Lannister
Name: Lynette Lannister
Aliases: Lyn
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Great Noble Lady
Age: Aug 16 102 (18)


A young golden haired woman with the regal pride and beauty of all Lannisters. She stands a mere five foot two inches her frame short and voluptous. Fair skin is as pale as snow and completely smooth without a single visible flaw to it. That hair is a rich golden hue and reaches down to her waist during the time it is left loose. Currently those golden tresses are pinned up into an elegant updo and pinned in place with golden pins. A small delicate golden circlet with pearls and rubies adorning it sits atop the crown of her head accenting the elborate hairdo. Golden brows arch delicately over her large grey eyes. Those large smoky eyes are framed by thick dark lashes and seem to hold a well of emotions within them constantly expressing whatever the lady might be feeling at the time. A long dainty nose comes to a slight point just above full and rosy lips. High cheekbones and a gently sloping jaw lead to a small chin that comes to a neat point and then leads down to a long and slender neck. She wears a gown that is equal parts elaborate and risque. The collar around the back of the neckline is high reaching white lace. The front of the neckline plunges quite low revealing the tops of her large breasts. The top of the dress is done in a corset style, red silk fabric with black laces down the back of it. The skirt of that dress is loose and flowing and would be quite proper if not for the large slit in the skirt revealing the skin of her smooth toned left leg from her lower thigh all the way down to where the dress ends. Red silk slippers with tapered heels are worn to match the dress and complete the outfit.


Lynette Lannister is one of the children of Jason Lannister the head of House Lannister. The young Lynette was a poor study at learning heraldry or history, it was not lack of intellect but merely lack of interest. Lynette was easily bored often prefering to dance, sing or play her harp rather than sit and sew or read. She liked to go riding and even studied a bit of healing and other..less helpful concotions as well. However te older she got the more she became to become a problem. At age thirteen she indulged in too much wine at a ball and nearly destroyed her reputation with one of her fathers visiting bannermen. Thankfully her mother spotted her before she could permenatly tarnish her potential for marriage.

Her father had long been planning to use his beautiful daughter to gain allgeince with another Great House. Lynette had no real problem with this save one…she wanted to flirt with ever nobleman she met until she was married. After a few more near scandals her father sent her to Oldtown to be with her brothers. A letter was sent with her to be given to the head of the Stark house that also resided in Oldtown. Lynette has her suspicons that her father is still trying to find a noble house willing to take her and he might be getting desperate…

RP Hooks

  • Lannisters: If you are from this House then you likely know of Lynette, by reputation if nothing else. She is a bit of a scandal in Casterly Rock and is from the main line of the Lannisters.
  • Starks: The real reason Lynette was sent to Oldtown. Her father aims to form an alliance with this house through marriage but hasn't been able to get commitment from either the Starks or Lynette as of yet.
  • Taverns: Lynette's favorite type of location. She is prone to getting drunk and loves to do it in a company so if you like your booze Lynette would make an excellent drinking buddy.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Attractive
  • Lascivious
  • Charismatic
  • Drinks Like a Fish

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