Character Details
Alyssa Sutherland
Alyssa Sutherland as Lynesse and Lynette Hightower
Name: Lynesse and Lynette Hightower
Aliases: The Twins
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Hightower
Occupation: Doppelgangers
Rank: Noble Ladies
Age: 20


The twins are utterly identical, and can truly only reliably be told apart by the necklaces they wear. Each of them has a matching strand of pearls with a letter H for Hightower, only Lynette's is strewn with black pearls and Lynesse's with white. When in doubt, one might glance at the necklace each twin sports to determine who is who.


Lynesse and Lynette were born and raised at the Hightower. Their mother, a Frey, wed their father, a cousin to Lord Otto Hightower, but died tragically in her childbed. This devastating tragedy endeared them from birth to the residents of the Hightower, both their noble relations and the folk who serve them. The girls were raised under their father's protective eye and are the loves of his life. He never remarried, but rather devoted himself to overseeing his daughters' upbringing.

The twins are pleasant, well-mannered girls, accomplished in singing and dancing and fluent in the social graces of highborn ladies. Lynesse favors her mother, and has her healing touch; Lynette favors her father, and has his natural agility.

RP Hooks

Lynesse or Lynette?: Most commonly referred to as Hightower twins rather than their respective names, Lynesse and Lynette are inseparable, and telling them apart is a feat nearly impossible to accomplish.

IC Events

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Lord Husband - Lynesse has been wed to Lord Ormund, making her twice a Hightower.


Darling Cousin - We love her so.


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