The Silver Archmaester
John Gielgud
John Gielgud as Luckin
Name: Luckin
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Citadel
Organization: The Citadel
Occupation: Archmaester
Rank: Archmaester
Age: Sep 2 48h(72)


He is an old man with a silver ornament. White bearded, blue eyed, fragile yet lively. At around five feet and nine inches, he is neither tall nor short, and neither broad nor thin. Perhaps an ideal shape for a man, if he wasn't clearly seventy years of age at the very least. His thin pale skin is flawless but for the wrinkles. His nose is a little hawkish, but otherwise he has a very kindly face.
Luckin wears black robes and a Maester's chain — a long one, with many links. His head is covered with a little close-fitting cap that comes down over his ears, with dangling ties so it might be bound close under his chin against the wind, but he leaves them untied. He is also carrying the queer hammered silver mask that traditionally belongs to the Archmaester Healer. It depicts a young man's face, with delicate swirls, faint and barely visible, decorating the features. The old man doesn't wear it, though, it's just on a leather thong around his neck, resting on his chest. Sometimes, his outer robe obscures both it and his chain.


No one remembers now, but he was born the son of a household knight in service to the Lannisters. Ser Olwen, his father, had hoped in his youth that knighthood might better his lot in life, that he might be granted land and knightly nobility. It was not to happen. When his boy came to the age of nine and was expected to become a squire, the man sent him off to the Citadel instead.
Luckin was a bright boy. He learned well, and fast. He had enough of a chain to become a Maester before he became a man, but of course the Citadel held him until after his 16th name day. Even then, it was hard for such a young fellow to be accepted in a position at a major house, and thus he spend his younger years traveling, and assisting older Maesters in one kingdom or another. Later he served House Ryswell for over ten years, and later still, the Targaryens at Dragonstone.

For the past 15 years he has served as the Archmaester Healer at the Citadel, teaching, and serving Oldtown in times of need.

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