Sean Connery
Sean Connery as Lucamore Arryn
Name: Lucamore Arryn
Aliases: None
Faction: The Vale
Organization: House Arryn
Occupation: Nobleman
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Mar 18 97 (24)


Standing at five foot nine inches, this young man looks to be in his twenties. Clean-shaven with neatly trimmed dark hair and equally dark eyes, most people would describe this man as charming, handsome, or both. He has strong Andal features, and possesses an average sized, quick build and is well dressed in finely made attire. His attire always has at least some white and sky blue mixed into the look, though often has other colors as well. He often is seen wearing a sky blue cape with white embroidery at the edges, that is waist length and worn over a single shoulder to drape half of his body.


Born on the eighteenth of March in the year 97 A.L. Lucamore Arryn was attractive even as a baby. This trend would continue throughout his life. The second born of Kevan and Arianne Arryn, cousin of Lady Jeyne Arryn of the Eyrie, also cousin to Ser Harrold Arryn. Lucamore and his older brother Jonn grew up in a reasonably friendly relationship. Jonn was the 'golden boy' of his branch of the Arryn line, strong, charismatic, on the path to becoming a knight. As close to perfect as any Arryn could want.
Unfortunately in his teens Jonn became sick one day and even the Maester of House Arryn couldn't help him, and he passed soon after. Later it was discovered Jonn was in fact poisoned when Lucamore, always a clever and observant boy, presented a near-empty vial which contained a small amount of the poison that killed Jonn, which was found in the Maester's own quarters. Despite pleas of innocence and conspiracy, the lack of evidence to support the Maester and the vial standing against him led to the Maester being executed for murdering a young Lord of the Vale.

Two years after his brother's death, Lucamore was set to marry Lady Ysilla Royce, younger sister of Ser Kaspar Royce. A girl of roughly the same age and considered by most to be extremely beautiful, also most considered it a great match as well. It is said that, in the midst of finalizing the betrothal contract, Lucamore stormed into his Lord father’s room to interrupt his negotiations with Lord Wilmar Royce. Lucamore then threw about “accusations most unbefitting a noblewoman.” Needless to say, there was no betrothal contract.

Studying many courtly matters such as riding, dancing, intrigue, etiquette, flattery, heraldry, and stewardship. Over the years Lucamore has developed a network of connections within the Houses of the Vale to the point that his influence reaches out to all of its corners and there is little that he doesn't at least hear rumor of. His keen mind, natural presence, and his family's wealth has led Lucamore to try and gain the attention of his cousin Jeyne Arryn, to try and be declared her heir. Now he has come to Oldtown for one reason or another, though only he knows.

Some time after the brief effort to engineer a betrothal contract with house Royce, Lucamore began making accusations regarding Lady Ysilla’s character. Some months later, as a plague ravaged Oldtown, Lucamore was slain in the streets. Allegedly, the shade of King Robar II, the last of the Rune Kings, slayed Ser Lucamore. By all accounts King Robar cut Lucamore’s hamstrings and tore the Vale lord's tongue out from his mouth with dagger and gauntlet, then opened up his belly below the groin.

RP Hooks

  • The Vale - If you are from the Vale or ask around about those of note from there you have likely at least heard Lucamore's name.
  • Intrigue and politics - Lucamore is versed in these matters, perhaps arrangements can be made.
  • Eligible Bachelor - He's still single and rumored to be looking. Anyone want to try and get their hooks into an Arryn?
  • Tragedy - Lucamore has lost both his only brother to a murderer and a possible wife to infidelity, perhaps you know of them?


  • Wealth: Opulent - I'm rich and I know how to use my wealth.
  • Vale Influence - There is nothing that happens in the Vale I don't know about.
  • Natural Charm - What can I say, some men are just born with it.
  • Ambitious - Anyone who isn't isn't a real noble.
  • Clever - I like to think so.
  • Silver-Tongued - What can I say, truly what would you like to hear?

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Lady Jeyne Arryn of the Eyrie
Cousin and Liege - My dear cousin, surely you must realize with my influence, connections, and knowledge of the Vale I am the best candidate to be your heir.


Lord Kevan Arryn
Father - My dear father, a good man who has only really made one true 'mistake'.


Lady Arianne Arryn
Mother - My dear mother, always a pleasure to spend time with her.


Lord Jonn Arryn
Older Brother - My poor brother, you had so much to look forward to, if only if it wasn't for that Maester.


Cousin - I have heard he is in Oldtown, perhaps I shall pay him a visit some time.


Cousin's Wife - Cousin Raymun has no idea how lucky he is.


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