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Hugh Dancy
Hugh Dancy as Loryn Tyrell
Name: Loryn Tyrell
Aliases: Lo
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Tyrell
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: 20


A young man of 20 years, usually dressed in fine expensive garb that tells of his noble background, Loryn is of medium height with green eyes and auburn curly hair. He carries himself with confidence bordering on a swagger, hiding teenage insecurities behind a blustering attitude.

He is presently wearing a fine coat of reddish-brown that matches his hair, the fabric interwoven with golden embroidery, and sandy-colored pants tucked in high brown boots. He wears a sword by his side and looks like he knows how to use it - in a pinch.


Loryn Tyrell is the younger brother of Ser Laurent Tyrell, the Thorn, and Septa Leire, though he hardly knows the latter, her having grown up elsewhere. Loryn had always admired his older brother who had early on shown his great prowess for being a knight and tried to emulate him. But Loryn was more of a typical Tyrell, good-looking, sensitive and interested in the fine arts of life, especially music, dancing and acting. He'd create little plays for the family for entertainment and was always the first to ask pretty cousins to dance. Still, he wanted to be like Laurent and thus, at fourteen was sent to be a squire for a distant cousin. He spent three miserable years on the road, participating in skirmishes, tourneys and a lot of drinking, but deep in his heart he knew that he would never be like Laurent.

Once Loryn heard that Laurent had gone to Oldtown to serve cousin Garvin - with who he always shared a love for theatre and who just so happens to run his own theatre there now - the then seventeen year old Tyrell decided to give up his quest for the spurs of a knight and join the theatre instead. With his father recently been murdered and his mother drowning her sorrows, there'd be nobody to stop him to do whatever he likes - or so he thought.

Squire and Theatre Owner

It didn't take long for Laurent to make sure that Loryn would go back to squiring to earn his spurs and not let the family down. So the young Tyrell is now serving Ser Brynden Hightower as a squire - not altogether unwillingly since the man turned out to be a much better mentor and he also gives him free rein to pursue his theatrical dreams.

Following some upheaval the Tyrells rather keep quiet, cousin Garvin was recalled to Highgarden - and so much to his surprise, Loryn found himself in charge of Garvin's theatre, the Whimsy. However, he's taken the new job on with relish and new plays are in the works.

OOC: If you want to be part of the Whimsy's troupe, sell sausages at intermission or rent the theatre, contact Loryn!
More Information: The Whimsy.

Arise Ser Loryn

It had begun as a madcap adventure when Loryn talked his friend Andolin Stark in going on a quest to slay a fearsome beast that was terrorizing a part of the Reach near Oldtown. But the two youths brought the terrible beast down with a combination of great archery, swordplay, balls of steel and sheer dumb luck. Their reward came soon: Both young men received their spurs in a knighting ceremony at Garden Isle's private sept from Ser Malcolm. So with merely eighteen years to his name, Loryn may now call himself Ser - and is determined to live up to knightly ideals. At least Laurent has set a great example for him… on how not to be a knight.

New Heir to Highgarden

After some failed romances Loryn settled for young Lady Miranda Merryweather who charmed him not only with her looks but with her quick-witted brain and gentle nature. Soon enough they were married in a lavish ceremony in Oldtown. It didn't take much persuation on Loryn's side to convince his uncle Lord Lorant that he might be better suited to ruling the Reach later than his son Garvin who would not procreate and his older brother Laurent. Some quiet conversations, a surprising departure of Garvin Tyrell to Essos and an equally surprising marriage between Ser Laurent and Lady Olenna Roxten later, words began circulating around the Reach that young Loryn Tyrell was destined to follow his uncle as ruler of Highgarden and the Reach. Loryn's perfect year was then crowned by the birth of his first daughter, little Lady Marigold Tyrell


  • Prone to make rash decisions
  • Stubborn as hell
  • Loyal to his family
  • Can charm the birds from the trees when he sets his mind to it

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Wife - The sweetest creature in existance. Could possibly kill you with kindness. Her piousness can grate, but one look is enough and I forgive her anything. Besides, it could be so much worse.


Brother - My oldest brother and the man I respect most in the world, even if he's a grumpy bastard most of the time.


Sister - My older sister who decided to become a Septa for whatever reason. Still, I respect her and she's cool.


Sister - My slightly less older sister. We played together as kids and she could be a real pest, but I adored her to bits. Now she's grown boobs and stuff and it's a bit weird. But she's still cool, I think.


Cousin - My favorite cousin. I came to Oldtown to join his theatre troupe. But then he got himself recalled to Highgarden… so now I'm a theatre owner. Oh dear. I hope to do Garvin's dreams justice.


Lord Corey Tyrell
Father (NPC) - Poor Dad's a goner.


Lady Josanne Tyrell
Mother (NPC) - Mom's … just Mom, I guess.


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