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Austin Butler
Austin Butler as Lory Lannister
Name: Lory Lannister
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: House Lannister
Occupation: Noble
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: June 1 103 (17)


A tall young teen who reaches almost exactly six feet, give or take a few inches. He has a lightly tanned skin-tone. His Lannister golden blonde hair is cut short at his ears and is sligtly unkept as loose blond strands sometimes block his vision. The luminance of his deep blue eyes are filled with secrets and can hold many surprises within. Though this intriguing side of him is rarely seen unless caught off guard. His skin is flawless and no scars mark it. His aquiline nose, pointed chin, and high checkbones all go handsomely with his full pouty lips. His body is filled with youth yet he is only slightly muscled. But this slender and lean build gives him a graceful and regal grace to his walk.

This boy always dresses extravagantly and lavishly. He is wearing beautiful red silk shirt and the lion of House Lannister is embroidered on to the breast with intricate detail. Around the lion head other small rubies are worked in. He usually wears dark black trousers and on his feet are boots that always appear to have never been worn.


Lory Lannister was born to Lord Jason as the fifth son. Even as a young boy he was Lann the Clever reborn and the Lannister blood flows through him. He was always a child of deceit and intrigue.

Lory never liked most of his family and was all too distant from them. His father had his own reasons for not liking the Lannister boy .Lory liked books instead of swords, he lies so much (yet his Lord Father rarely found out when he did) and he simply can't fight the way true knights are supposed to. He can hardly move in heavy armor, he hates using shields, and he CANNOT hold a greatsword. He also can't take a hit. His mother said she had heart-attacks seeing him get hurt and pleaded to Lord Jason to let him study instead of fight. His father disagreed, but on Lory's 9th name-day his mother (using Lord Jason's funds) bought him a retired Bravo for his training. At first Lory still was not fond of training until he learned that these Braavosi swordsmen fight in a very elegant style .He soon fell in love with the style of fighting. He also learned how to speak Braavosi and High Valyrian from the exotic man.

As Lory grew older his relationship with his father grew worse and at some point Lord Jason didn't want the boy around. So in attempt to increase relations with the Reach he sent Lory to Highgarden to be squire to a Tyrell knight. The knight did not last long though as two weeks later he died of an illness. Healthy one night dead the other. Strange right? Well Lord Jason certainly knew that there was something suspicious going on and truly gave up on Lory. So the Lannister child was able to read, lie and continue his water-dancing training whenever he pleased. But when his two brothers decide to go to the Citadel, Lory was tempted to come with them, but his father wouldn't allow him too. With the help of his mother he was able to convince Lord Jason to allow him to go to the Oldtown and find himself a good marriage or increase relations with the Reach Houses. Though Lory showed no particular interest in marriage his father knew that Lory would be the perfect person to send for political relations and sent him off (with his Braavosi master). Now he must see what awaits him in Oldtown.


A calm individual who is slow to anger and slow to judge, but quick to flatter. Truly he could be called a kind and compassionate person, but only for people he cares about. Even with all this he has a certain ambition and can seem power hungry, but this side of him tends to be reserved for reputation purposes.

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  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Attractive
  • Silver Tongue
  • Weak
  • Deceitful
  • Ambitious

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