The Asp of Kingsgrave
Luke Arnold
Luke Arnold as Loron Manwoody
Name: Loron Manwoody
Aliases: The Tempest of the Stepstones, The Asp of Kingsgrave
Faction: Dorne
Organization: Manwoody
Occupation: Heir to Kingsgrave
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: 21


What some might term boyish yet slightly rugged if not handsome features grace the man before you, His hair of dark brown near black kept short along the sides allowing a faint glimpse of his scalp while the top is left to be a few inches longer allowing it to fall to his shoulders with a natural curl to them framing his features.
While one of Loron's most notable features, his eyes of startling blue with just a hint of grey look out upon the world around him with a small glimmer of amusement or maybe even wickedness given the mischief burried deep within those shifting depths.
The man's facial features themselves show hints of Dornish heritage as well as hints of northern heritage from his high cheek bones to his sculpted jawline that holds a faint five o'clock shadow.
At a height of 5'10" and normally weighing around 220 pounds Loron has a build that many might call athletic if not solidly built, the body of a man who knows work as the callouses upon his hands might well suggest to those who notice such small details. The man's tanned flesh showing someone who has spent much of their time out in the sun and perhaps a hint of his true heritage.


The life of the Ironborn are never easy ones, Filled with trials of one sort or another and that much is what Loron's life has consisted of, Or as he has been refered to by those on his crew and during his rare trips home to the Iron isles the Tempest.

Loron was born to Garvey Greyjoy's aunt. Loron's mother married away to the heir of the Dornish House Manwoody in order to secure an ally in southern waters. The young man raised initially in Dorne and the family home of Kingsgrave. When the boy was ten his mother fell ill and soon died, the news of her death hitting her family hard and causing them to send a ship to send for the boy so he might learn of his mothers own culture. With the boy not yet of age or need to take control of Kingsgrave he decided with his fathers permission to return with the ship to forge the boy into a man and show him what else laid inside his veins.

It was during this trip that the young man fell in love with the sea for the first time truly. When he learned of its fury and of its beauty. The trip bringing the boy far away from the warmer climates of Dorne and the comforting embrace of his mother and into the cold reaches of the Iron Isles.

Life in the Iron Isles was one of constant lessons and tests, One where the ease of life he had known in Dorne vanished. The young man often teased by his cousins for his foreign heritage and not being a full and true Ironborn. The looks and comments serving only to drive the young man on making him crave more riches and power than any Ironborn before him.

Loron set to reaving with a near insatiable lust, the man throwing himself into the fight in such a way that he was quickly given the name Tempest given his moments of calm before bursting into a often ravenous episodes of blood letting.

Upon his nameday the young Loron set out with a single ship of men to go reaving, The young man vanishing for near a year before returning with at least most of the crew intact and the holds loaded with riches for the crew and for the Greyjoy Family to prove though he was a Manwoody and a Dorne in their eyes the ironblood still ran through his veins. For a time it remained as such with short stints at home before setting to sea before the man would vanish for years.

During an expedition near the coasts of Dorne in his 18th year the fleet he was guiding was set upon by a storm. The entire fleet and the man apparently lost in the storm. Loron was spared by the drowned god for whatever reason, The man washing ashore either dead or near death before choking up the last of the water in his lungs and coming to. The man setting quickly to return to his true home Kingsgrave and procure a ship before heading for the Stepstones make a name for himself and honor his mother in his own way. Guided there given whatever visions he saw during his time in the grasp of the drowned god. The man regularly traveling between the Stepstones and Kingsgrave. The reason for his returning from his home there and the wealth it provides through reaving and his own position within his House remaining to be seen.

RP Hooks

  • Tempest of the Stepstones: It is rumored by many that this man and the Tempest are one and the same. Committing acts of piracy in the southern waters and preying upon ships that near the Stepstones.
  • Kingsgrave: Loron was born and mostly raised at Kingsgrave but did travel throughout Dorne in his youth and more frequently in recent years. Perhaps paths have been crossed.
  • Hedonist: In some ways even by Dorne standards Loron is a hedonist.. the man looking for pleasure in all things and diving headlong in wherever he may find it which can sometimes lead to trouble. Be it drink,women,fighting or gambling the man is never far away.
  • What is dead may never die : Due to his specific heritage and the time spent learning of his mother's culture in the Iron Isles Loron went through this right of passage. Those from the Isles may recognize him from his time spent there.
  • Gambler: If there is mention of gambling Loron is sure to be curious.


  • Arrogant: Pride or Arrogance? There is no question that Loron dances a fine line and often takes his own leaps and bounds over it even more so than some Dornishmen. The man's arrogance prone to driving him to be rather myopic at moments.
  • Ambidexterous: Loron is a trained florentine style fighter having trained from a young age. Though he does more with his hands than just use them to fight.
  • Worldly: Well traveled across the seven kingdoms and as he would sometimes tell it in the tavern late at night well beyond. Loron's time spent raiding and reaving lending to significant travel as well as those on behalf of his house.
  • Infamous: Tempest of the Stepstones
  • Wealth - Oppulent: Between the wealth of House Manwoody and his raiding this man has seemed to have amassed a rather nice wealth. It is said he can be free with it towards those he counts as friends or use it to see to the misery of those who cross his family.

The Tempest of the Stepstones


For near 5 years the Stepstones have been home to a pirate known as the Tempest, The man's temper rumored to be mercurial much like the violent storm he has been named for. Rumor has it not all ships are targeted by the pirate, there seems to be something guiding him in what ships he sets upon, sometimes leaving survivors other times making sure none are left behind. This has made the man and his ships something of a infamous myth in the areas surrounding the Stepstones.

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