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Aaron Tveit
Aaron Tveit as Lorn Lannister
Name: Lorn Lannister
Aliases: {$nicknames}
Faction: The Westerlands
Organization: Lannister
Occupation: Heir
Rank: Great Noble Lord
Age: Feb 26 93 (30)


This man is very obviously a Lannister. The golden hair falling in handsome curls, the strong jawline, the smile that fills a room, the posture of a proud lion, it is unmistakable for anything else. Well groomed and kept, the man is foppishly fashionable. Just enough roughness, in undone top buttons and open vests, to be charming, but not indecent. Tall, standing at around six feet, he is difficult to miss, his frame trim but strong, and though lines have started around his mouth and brow, they are faint, the marks of a man in his early thirties, and surely not any older. Blue eyes, so common for his House, sit under expressive brows that can go from stern to charming without much delay.


There are somethings in this world that are self evident. Highgarden smells of roses, dragons breathe fire, and the first born son the Lord of Casterly Rock is raised with precision. The eldest child was born a good sight before his siblings, and thus his early life was without relent. Tutors and nurses, trainers and courtiers, paging to his father, at all times. The eye of his father, appraising and severe, every day. The poised, polish example of his mother, unchanging and steady. He loved them for their stability, for their grandeur, for the elegance and ruthlessness that could not be denied. No, that would not be denied. It, and the presence of his Great Aunt in his life shaped, for many years, precisely the sort of Heir that House Lannister desired.

In his early life, Lorn was a shining example of a Lannister. Golden hair and bright personality that could fill a room. And it did fill rooms. No one doubted the security of the line of Casterly Rock. No one doubted the security in general of Casterly Rock. He was a good and attentive squire, he had some skill at arms, but, most importantly, even at a young age it was hard not to notice him. Jason Lannister had produced a strong line. By the time Lorn was a man grown, he had already built a reputation. It's not every generation someone so promising is brought up. He served in his father's standing force, commanding, learning how to lead men. It was during this time that he earned his Knighthood from his father. The Heir to Casterly Rock, a Knight of the Westerlands, the world was his oyster, and he made use of that fact. He had lovers a-plenty, he had the wealth to take his friends on extravagant bouts of indulgence. He had the charisma to demand all he desired.

And when his family began to go on about marriage prospect, he had the ability to be choosy. Much to his Great Aunt's chagrin, he took years to finally find a woman who suited his tastes. Fiery and bold, with hair the color of fine, cherry wood, she stole his heart from the first time she laughed. He had the luxury of love, and he indulged in it. At 19, he was married. It was a glorious time, Lorn couldn't ask for more. It was a whirlwind of love and glory and opulence, and when a few months later, his wife was found to be carrying his child, the height of that glory only reached higher.

That is the problem with such things, however. For when you reach such heights, the fall is all the worse. Ten months. They were married ten months. She still had months to go in the pregnancy… Or, she should have. The Gods saw fit to never let it get that far. There was so much blood, so suddenly, so much just wrong. The early labor took his child, the infection that followed took his wife. And in their wake, Lorn was a mess. Though he had been advised to not love her, he had not listened. Never get too attached, right? He failed that lesson. But wine made the sound of her crying cease in his mind, wine made the space behind his eyelids dark, not filled with his wife's blood, wine eased the weight of his stillborn child in his arms. So he drank, and he kept drinking.

Eventually, though, Lorn's problems learned to swim, and the wine could not drown them. When that happened, he turned to other things. To gambling. To sex. To milk of the poppy when he could con it out of the Maester. Inevitably, there was at least one bastard fathered in that time, though Lorn has never bothered to try and look into that too closely. But the Heir to Casterly Rock could not stay this way forever. Between his father's stern disapproval, the goading of his Great Aunt, and his brothers, Lorn came back to the realm of the living, at least mostly. It was more or less a farce, but it did the job. He learned how to appear to be what people wanted from him, no matter how his demons ate at his heart. He learned that all anyone really is the mask they put on. He learned that having nothing left to lose was just as good a way to be appear brave as actual valor.

And so he went from the golden child to an actor playing upon the world's stage. But, hey, at least the Lannisters had back their inspiring Heir. Though for all he learned to pretend, he has staunchly refused to remarry. He has also staunchly refused to give up the drink, though it doesn't numb as it once did.

He still drinks more than he ought, and there are plenty of nights where he doesn't sleep, but it has been ten years and he needs to move on. Even he knows he needs to move on. It is that notion that has Lorn leaving Casterly Rock, and the Westerlands, now. Off to Oldtown, to see more of the world, and to maybe try and find himself again. Start over and move on, where, perhaps, there will be fewer people who remember the woman he once loved, or the bright, prospective youth he once was.

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  • Functional Alcoholic
  • Hopeless Flirt
  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Lionhearted
  • Chameleon
  • Proud

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