Character Details
Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac as Lorenzo Yronwood
Name: Lorenzo Yronwood
Aliases: None
Faction: Dorne
Organization: House Fowler
Occupation: Knight
Rank: Noble Lord
Age: May 15 90 (30)

Lorenzo was killed in a duel by Ser Maelys Targaryen.


Ser Lorenzo Yronwood is a Dornishman from head to toe. His dark locks are thick and curly, oiled and perfumed. His beard and mustache are neatly trimmed, likely seen to by a servant this very morning. His dark eyes simmer with a slow-burning amusement, and follow those that catch their attention with little regard for propriety — or even the comfort of those under his gaze

His build is slender and long-limbed, lean rather than bulky, and he moves with a slow grace that that suggests the lover rather than the fighter.


Lorenzo is the son of a wealthy, but ultimately lesser, line of House Yronwood. A cousin to the lord paramount and his family, Lorenzo has seldom enough met any of them, even. A spare son of even his own line, he was trained up in the knightly tradition, and squired to a lord of House Fowler along with his older brother. It was that connection that would come to determine much of his life's course. He and his older brother served ably as pages and squires, though even then Lorenzo was known for a wandering eye. And a wandering hand. And even a wandering heart.

After earning his spurs, Lorenzo was away from the court of Lord Fowler for only a short time before fate saw him returned. His brother was to court Alaeyna Fowler, the lord's young heiress, and Lorenzo accompanied him. There, Lorenzo's brother's courtship failed, in no small part thanks to Alaeyna and Lorenzo's sudden passion for one another. The two shared a natural chemistry, bolstered by shared interests, cemented by an undeniable physical compatibility. While his brother was in Skyreach for a short few weeks, Lorenzo stayed on at the behest of Lord Fowler, ostensibly as his master of falcons. Since Lord Fowler's death, his status as first among Lady Fowler's male lovers has become an open secret. Though neither of them are exclusive to one another, they are faithful in their way, and the relationship suits them. Neither would have it complicated by something so tedious as marriage.

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  • Notorious Philanderer
  • Dornish Sensibilities
  • Wealth: Opulent

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Lady Love - Lorenzo and Alaeyna have been together for years, since they met while his brother was courting her. Their bond is deep, and neither sees any need to strain it with something so tiresome as marriage.


Friend With Benefits - Alia is Alaeyna's lover, which means that she and Lorenzo have a very intimate relationship as well.


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