Basic Information
Dave Franco
Dave Franco as Lorcan Darry
Name: Lorcan Darry
Aliases: The Plowman of Silent Fields - a common nickname which has no clear origination other then the reason of House Darry taking no actions during any struggles in the recent past.
Faction: The Riverlands
Organization: House Darry
Occupation: Noble Lord - Knight
Rank: Head Of House
Age: December 22nd of 90AC (32)


Physical Descriptions

Casual/Formal Clothing

Lorcan is clothed with fine silk imported from Braavos, painted in black and golden colours, the buttons of the colour of charcoal while his shoes are finely made, coloured the same as the buttons. Their hair is coloured as charcoal, firmly slick to the side while their face is covered with short facial hair, their eyes of a emerald colour while their skin is fairly tanned. Occasionally, there is a sheath on the side of their belt, holding a finely-forged gently-bent sword.


The Lord is covered with fine steel harboured from the Essos as it's colour is shining beautifully in shades of grey while a brown patch of a coats of arms is placed upon his chest, with a charcoal plowman upon a field of what seems to be simple soil. Their face is covered with a finely forged helmet of a regular shape, covering their face with holes for sight alongside nose and mouth. The male's figure is quite muscular and straight, not surprising for a men of his training and age. His eyes are of the emerald shade while his hair is of a charcoal shade. The lest of their body is covered with the same steel clothing - greaves, gloves, plate armour protecting the legs and the thighs. However, the lightness of the armour is quite astonishing, clearly allowing the user to move swiftly. At their hip lay a sheath for a gently bent sword with a greatly decorated hilt with golden edges.

The Tale behind Lorcan Darry

Chapter I - The Birth

Although not much is known about Lord Darry, Maester Kholgran from Castle Darry has been known to spread tales of how the liege of his homeland has been brought to light. The story began on December Twenty-second 80AL - the day Lorcan Darry has been born. Bells were rung all day within the Castle as it beat against the walls of the surrounding settlements, as the promising heir of Lord Darron Darry was considered to be healthy and well.

Chapter II - The Martial Arts

Lorcan was known to be extremely interested in martial arts and the arts of war other than courtesy. With the iron grip of Lorcan's father and the gentle hold of his mother has led him to be trained by the most skilled knights of House Darry alongside teachers hired from the personal purse of Lady Darry. Several years of harsh training has led Lorcan to master leadership and become most certainly skilled with the grip of a sword's hilt alongside use of shields and such.

Chapter III - The Courtesy

As Lorcan has been taught courtesy by his own mother at the times he has either given in to her desire of him becoming a gentle man, he's learnt how to speak different tongues, most certainly related to his lieges and even ageing back to the First Men. The men of Darry are known for their ethical and loyal attitude, following their leaders to the last drop of blood, yet the juxtaposition of Lorcan's parents caused him to become short-tempered and adventurous, trying to follow his own path. However, the father of Lord Lorcan Darry has expressed the meaning of respect and it's incredible meaning clearly - causing Lorcan to 'usually' have mutual respect for both his allies and foes.

Chapter IV - The Death and Departure

As the bells of Castle Darry rang, twice - in a short period of time, announcing the death of both Lord and Lady Darry, Lorcan has been given the heritage and claim of the noble House Darry, under the command of House Tully. Years have passed since that day, and the leadership of Lorcan's house has been most certainly profitable. The lands are filled with both garrisons of men ready to fight for their Lord as well as fertile soil, providing nourishing harvest… However, there is one thing that Lorcan is missing until the present day… Not only love, yet also an heir… meaning that his death may rupture House Darry at it's finest…

Minor Details

  • Ethical - it is known that men of Darry (usually) share the ideology of acting in terms of the positive approach, trying to avoid any acts that may be seen as cruel, vicious or brutal.
  • Respectful - Lorcan himself has been taught to hold mutual respect with strangers, enemies and allies. Much credit is paid to his father for such upbringing.
  • Adventurous - the lack of any effort to provide Lorcan with any activities other than training and lessons have caused him to seek adventure and enjoy the thrill of journeys, which sometimes - may be negative.
  • Short-tempered - due to the juxtaposition that his own parents were, caused Lorcan to loose his anger management to reasonable measures. Respectfully, he will not loose his temper in public, yet if irritated to the point of red-zone, he will most certainly become harsh and disturbed.
  • Loyal - although some do not realise it, Lord Darry is greatly loyal, until it crosses the line of personal matters. Whether they have to march into death or poverty, so they will - with great bravery.
  • Wealth: Opulent - quite fairly speaking, House Darry had one of the most prominent harvests of the Summer, rising in the charts of the greatest suppliers of nutrition and goods in Riverlands and beyond, which has accumulated a powerful sum of money, which was invested well to secure a firm claim on finances.



Latter Lord Darron Darry (DECEASED)
Father - Being the first-born and heir of House Darry has created a firm stance of admiration and respect from his father to Lorcan, however, the focus on training and preparing for the position that Lorcan has been put into forced them to have small amounts of love… Although the discipline was the major factor of their relationship, fairly enough, the death of Lorcan's father has certainly affected him, yet the details are hidden away.


Latter Lady Darry (DECEASED)
Mother - Although Lorcan doesn't have much of an opinion on his mother, he did greatly love her due to her aspect of subtle approach to his education and himself in general, which has created a much more softer opinion of her in contrast to his father.

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