The Silver Fox
Unknown as Lorayne Florent
Name: Lorayne Florent
Aliases: Lora
Faction: The Reach
Organization: House Florent
Occupation: Noblewoman
Rank: Minor Noble Lady
Age: Jul 13 102 (18)


A short and timid looking girl in her late teens or very early twenties. She has a shy and almost innocent demeanor to her. She moves with grace but also a measure of caution as well. Her skin is pale and unblemished where it can be seen. Silky platinum blonde hair is pulled into a single tight braid that reaches her waist and is held in place by an ivory ribbon. A pair of prominent and slightly large ears peek out from where they are partly hidden by her hair. Large eyes with irises the color of green apples are framed by long silvery lashes. Her face is rounded and her features soft. High cheek bones, plump rosy lips and a pointed chin are the main features here. She wears a form-fitting pale green dress with a rounded neckline and long flowing slightly off-the-shoulder sleeves. The dress is accented with a thin ivory sash that is secured about her slim waist. Her arms are slender leading to dainty hands with clean kept nails. Her body is slender and petite with subtle curves that are highlighted by the dress she wears. The dress reaches down to her ankles and underneath small feet clad in pale green slippers that are made to match her dress can be seen.


Lorayne Florent is the youngest child in her family. Born to a cousin of the main line of House Florent she was kept as sheltered as she possibly could given the poor standing of her family at the time. She had an older brother Abram and she was many years younger than him so thier interaction was less than she would have liked. She lived in Brightwater Keep with her family and she enjoyed the chance to study and learn. She was a reserved girl who had a unique beauty to her which became even more obvious as she grew.

Her mother was certain she would marry well if given the time and chance to prove herself. Lorayne grew up learning the traditional skills of a noblewoman and she also showed an interest in healing as well. She was extremely loyal to her family and followed thier rules without question hoping to help bring honor back to the name of House Florent.

When she was eighteen years old she was sent to Oldtown to join her brother Abram. She had hope that she will be able to spend time with her brother and cousins who reside there. She isn't sure if she should heed her mothers advice and seek a husband or not but she will at least make the attempt out of family loyalty if nothing else.

RP Hooks

  • House Florent
  • Musician and Singer
  • Healer in Training


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Striking Beauty
  • Timid
  • Loyal

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Brother - Honestly Lorayne doesn't know as much about her older brother as she would like. She hopes that her being sent to Oldtown will allow them both to bond and actually get to know each other.


Friend - Lord Loryn Tyrell is a kind young man and Lorayne finds herself quite charmed by him. He is polite, courteous, and quite sweet too. Lorayne has hope that their friendship will grow and help her family to see that not all the Tyrell's are so bad.


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