(120-11-19) Zaldrizes
Summary: Bryn, Kelinyx and Aeron discuss what dragons, sellswords, and bastardry.
Date: 19/11/2013
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Hightower Square

A broad, cobblestoned square, ringed by grand buildings hewn from stone. A massive fountain, also hewn from the same strong grey stone, stands in its center. It is wrought in the form of the Hightower in miniature. A tiny flame burns at its peak, and crystal waters pour from its base, pouring down the stony pedestal into the mirror-smooth pond below.

Stone benches offer places to sit, vendors cry their many wares, merchants ply their trade, and all around one can see the finely-dressed Oldtown wealthy meandering about. There is a pleasant smell of cooking food in the air, tingeing the ever-present smell of the salt sea, and a hint of perfumes and spices.

To the West, the Hightower street leads away. To the South, the archway to the Beacon Boulevard rises. The cobblestone market square is quite clean and fresh, with nary a sign of any beggars, street rats, or grimy peddlers hawking stolen goods. The buildings here are in pristine condition.

CONTENTS: Bryn(P) Kelinyx(P)

Hightower Street <HS>
Beacon Boulevard <BB>

Bryn giggles as well at that, nodding quickly. His curious attention turns to her daggers then and asks, "How come you carry those where people can see? Getting money's easier when people think you can't help yourself."

"Guess that's one way to get fed. I, uh…you know…I never really liked asking. I learned fast what happens when a man thinks you need a favor." She gives him a warning look. "That's part of how I found out what's inside people when you give them a little…" She mimes a stabbing gesture.

Bryn ohs, and nods a little bit. "Yeah, gotta be careful. I guess extra careful if you're a girl. But, I didn't mean just asking. People notice knives. When they notice their money's gone, they look around and see a kid with knives, they see you fast. Easier to act innocent and blend in without." He says this as if he's tried carrying weapons openly too.

Kelinyx lifts her brows. "Guess you met different people than me. But you made it this far," Keli says, giving him a playful and weak shove of the shoulder. "You, uh…you been out here a long time. I remember seeing you a while ago. Like, when we were shorter. Remember that one inn that would put out scraps for us, near the grain and feed mill?"

Aeron walks slowly through the square, coming from Hightower Street. He whistles a jaunty toon; a popular Essos drinking song. While he doesn't seem to be too intoxicated, he has a happy smile on his face and the aroma of wine is detectable. His stroll takes him towards the fountain, perhaps to splash some water on his face.

Bryn nods quickly and says, "I've been out here since I was seven… I think I'm ten now, not sure." Then he nods again, emphatically, "I remember." Looks like he was going to say more, but he's distracted by spotting Aeron's approach. He waves to the noble immediately.

Kelinyx smiles and finds herself stepping near enough to Bryn that she's a bit between him and Aeronn, almost protective. "Good day," she greets the somewhat familiar gentleman, out of turn as a child speaking to adults, much less an urchin to the well-kempt and well-kept.

Although, Aeron sees Bryn's wave, he doesn't return the gesture immediately. He continues to whistle to the fountain's edge, while trying to be nonchalant about the company Bryn's keeping. He reaches down to splash some water on his face, the tune stopping abruptly. "Much better," he says and washes his face again with another handful of water. "Good day to you, too," Aeron replies to Keli with a pleasant smile. Then to Bryn, he offers a sly grin, "And to you, too, master Bryn." A non-too-subtle wink is given to the boy, hoping his familiar address earns the urchin some points with his young female friend.

Bryn looks a little confused when Aeron doesn't immediately wave back, but he smiles again when the greeting does finally come and he says, "You too," he answers the greeting, and then he says, to Keli, "This is Aeron Targaryen."

Pushing back her cowl, Keli narrows her eyes slightly and lets her smirk grow lopsided, boyish. "Hear that name a lot, lately, don't I? I heard it means fire and silver, if you ask some people." She gives the man a more serious examination, looking to his blonde locks, then the boy's.

"Have you now?" Aeron replies to Keli with a smile. "Well, maybe there's a little bit of truth to that." His smile widens a bit, "We've already met, Bryn. So what brings you both out here to Hightower Square?"

Bryn looks to Keli curiously, at her explanation of what the name means, and asks, "Really? Thought it meant dragons." Then he looks up to Aeron and shrugs to the question, "I was really, really, bored. And I like that statue."

"It could mean all that, I guess. If anything, I have learned that a word means thirty things in some mouths." Keli oohs, lowering her head. "Oh, look. See that guy?" she confides to the two, "I need to, uh…check on him." She gives the two an impish smile and notes, "If you hear the guards getting angry, you never saw me," then darts off between people and into the crowd.

"The word for dragon in our tongue is Zaldrizes," Aeron says to Bryn. He looks at the statue in the center of the fountain and hmms loudly. "I never really gave it much thought. I think the real thing is more impressive." He watches Keli run off and laughs a little. "So, my young master Flowers, what do you think of your friend there?"

Bryn grins and nods quickly to Keli, looking away as soon as she's run off, so not to attract attention by watching. He looks back to Aeron and repeats, "Zaldrizes. That's even better than 'dragon'," he comments. Then he nods quickly and says, "But I can't get near the real thing without guards asking me what I'm doing there and stuff." He answers the last question honestly, without hesitation, "I like her. She's tough for a girl, tougher than me. But I think I'm smarter."

Aeron nods lazily at Bryn's assessment, more of an acknowledgement than a tacit agreement. Speaking in a low voice he says, "You know she has some sort of arrangement with the lady of Harrenhal? I only mention that because my cousin Igdah… which I suppose is your cousin, too, even if it's not all official." Aeron's eyes roll at that a bit. "Anyway… Igdah's her lady in waiting. We should introduce you to her. We'll have to clean you up and probably get you some clothes made. She's a bit of a stick in the mud, all prim and proper and such."

Bryn smiles at that and says, "I'd like to meet her." He pauses and asks, "But will she want to meet me? I'm a Flowers, not a Targaryen, even if I am her cousin. Or her brother, I don't know who my father is. Mum didn't tell me, didn't want me running off to find him and getting in trouble."

Kelinyx comes casually strolling into view, two fresh apples in her hands, reddish green with a kiss of gold around the stem. Each is placed into the hands of her earlier cohorts, and she is beaming with pride. "He said he'd give me an apple. When I did what he wanted, he said I couldn't have the apple. So every time I see him come through, I take some apples off his cart. He's a bad business man, after all." The girl's dark hair and pale eyes stand out sharply against her milky skin, even if she's managed to get a few smudges of muck on her clothes and one on her cheek at this point.

Aeron think on this a moment before answering, "In private, I think she would be happy to. I'm not so sure about a public setting, though." He shrugs and says, "I've never cared about all these rules and protocols and such that come with being a noble, but she takes them very seriously." He laughs a little in prelude to a follow-up comment when Keli returns. He accepts the apple without any scolding that might normally come from an adult and polishes it against his shirt. "Thank you, m'lady," he says graciously and sets about cutting the apple in half with his knife.

Bryn grins as he accepts the apple, saying to Keli's explanation, "Brilliant. Hate when people don't pay when they say they will." He doesn't bother cutting his apple or anything, just taking a bite straight out of it.

With her fingers preening throug her black locks, Keli adds, "All the better that I can give it to people who are nice to me." She sits on the ege of the fountain, a little shorter, a little harder to see in the crowd, just in case.

One of the halves is skewered on the knife and proffered to Kelinyx. The other half is readily bitten into, causing a large amount of juice to dribble down his chin. "In the Second Sons, we didn't have to worry about our clients not paying up. We'd get ours one way or another," he says and takes another bite. "There's a lesson there."

Bryn swallows his mouthful of apple, nodding to Keli with a smile, and then looks up curiously to Aeron. Moving to sit beside Keli, he asks, "What are the Second Sons?"

"Second sons? Why is it always sons, anyway? I knew a woman who was a man, a man who was a woman, and two people who were neither. Don't they count?" Keli asks, taking the apple and nibbling at it with a smile.

"The Second Sons is a sellsword unit out of Essos. Good money to be made, if you don't die first," Aeron says. His tone is more matter of fact, than bragging. "I don't know why it's the Sons. Probably because Second Daughters or Second People, doesn't roll off the tongue as good." Taking another bite of his apple, "But probably it's because, like me, the second sons in a family don't have much. No titles, no inheritance, so it's up to us to make our own."

Bryn thinks about that and says, "Second sons in a family still have a name. And money. That's more than bastards have." Just a comment, though, as he still seems cheerful enough as he finishes his apple. He looks back to Keli and asks, "How can someone not be either?"

Aeron smiles wryly at Bryn, conceding his point with a nod of his head, "I suppose that's true." He regards the apple half and adds, "But even a bastard can make his own in Essos."

Eonn comes from the street.
Eonn has arrived.

Bryn thinks about that and says, "Dunno even where Essos is." He then asks, "Can a bastard be a knight?" He's sitting beside Kelinyx at the fountain, talking to Aeron who's standing nearby.

"I guess what confuses me is that you can tell stories about people based on what you /think/ is under their dress or pants, but it's so…weird, right? I don't tell someone they are better or worse for their skin or eyes or hair. They didn't choose any of that, right? So why make someone pay for choices they never had?"

"Anyone can become a knight," Aeron says after polishing off his half of apple. He shrugs and says, "It's not too terribly hard to do, if you have the desire. Not the life for me, mind you." He waves his hand towards the east. "Essos is another land, across the sea. It's where we Targaryens came from before we settled in Dragonstone and conquered Westeros." He looks around and discretely tosses the apple core away. "I'm not sure what you're getting at, little lady. How else can you tell a story without he and she. It'd get confusing using it all the time. Maybe unless you say the blonde it and the redhead it and the it with green eyes? Very confusing."

Eonn comes up from Hightower Street. He's riding his great white mare again this time.

Bryn shrugs a bit then and says, "I don't know what I want to do. I wanna be important. Don't wanna be a nobody forever. Knights can be important, right? Heard some knights even protect the King." He looks thoughtful at Keli's words, "I dunno why girls are treated different. You aren't that different than me, don't think."

"The Kingsguard," Aeron nods. "Truly a prestigious post, but they can't take a wife. So if you ever wanted to have a family of your own, then a landed knight would be where you'd want to stop." He clarifies, "A landed knight is a knight that actually lives on and manages some of a lord's land. To a limited extent, that is."

Kelinyx nibbles away at her apple studiously, letting the two speak. Spotting Eonn, though, she slinks his way like one of the cats likely following at their own pace. She fondly regards the mare, but then her friendly smile is offered to Eonn, a bit friendlier than the others received. "Slitherhoof," she says to Eonn warmly.

"Slitherhoof," replies Eonn, looking a bit bemused. He leans down a bit to offer Keli his hand.

Bryn blinks, "Oh… well, dunno if I want a family." He shrugs a bit then, and says again, "I just wanna be important." He looks up towards Eonn as well as Keli slips off, but then looks back to Aeron again and says, "Are landed knights important?"

Aeron nods to Bryn, "They can be." He leans in towards Bryn to ruffle the boy's hair. "Bastard or not, you have Targaryen blood running in your veins. You can pretty much accomplish whatever you set your mind to." He smiles and takes a deep breath, "I've got to get going, but tell your friend goodbye for me." He fishes around for a coin and flips a copper star to Bryn as he leaves.

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