(120-12-19) The Hunt
The Hunt
Summary: House Targaryen hosts a boar hunt.
Date: 19/12/2013
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River Road River Road
Thu Dec 19, 120 ((Thu Dec 19 22:11:20 2013))

The River Road follows the Honeywine North, exiting Oldtown through the Honey Gates. Eventually it passes through Honeyholt and continues, to terminate at Brightwater Keep. It's not as wide and well travelled as the Roseroad, and often goods and travelers choose that longer, but smoother, route.

Farms and vineyards dot the countryside on either side of the river, interspersed between meadows and lightly wooded areas. Nearer the farm-villages one is liable to encounter herders tending goats, sheep, cattle, swine or geese, but enough of the land is untenanted that one might hunt (if one has the Hightowers' permission or is willing to go without), ride, or swim, or otherwise enjoy the countryside in relative privacy.

SCENE: A few kilometers outside of town, and in the Hightower's forest, a large hunting pavilion has been erected. The tent is a drab brown, but are decorated with streamers and banners of both the Hightower and Targaryen families. Underneath, there are several benches and makeshift tables made of recently felled timber for meals or to escape the sun.

Hitching posts are set around the perimeter, with streamers of house colors for those nobles that are attending. The hitches are arranged such that the great houses and house Hightower are close to each other, with the vassal houses arranged near their lords.

The master of the hunt and the other expert huntsmen have their own open-air tent, which shelters their dogs and equipment.

Contents: Haydn

Exits: [OT] Hightower and Citadel Stre [QP] Quiet Pool — River Road

Several nobles are milling about the hitches, waiting for word from the huntsmen that the dogs have picked up the trail of the boar. The rest are sitting in the main tent, picking at food, drinking wine and discussing the lastest news from King's Landing and Highgarden. A burst of raucous laughter breaks the din of chatter, led by Aeron,

Haydn'd destrier is a bucksin that itself looks like a banner of House Lannister, it's lusterous coat is gold and it's black mane and tail are sunbleached and henna'd so they are a dark red in the right light. The stallion has Lannister colored cloth barding mostly to protect it from getting scratched by branches. His master is feeding him a carrot and making sure his horses braided mane is tight. "I suppose I should go mingle hmm?" He states to the horse in a murmur and pats his warhorses neck before turning to go join the raucous. He has that grin light chuckle one has when they join a conversation without a clue what's just been said that's so funny.

Aeron catches sight of the young Lord Lannister and waves him over. "Come here, my good man!" he says still laughing heartily. "Have you been with the horses all this time?"

Haydn makes his way deeper into the tent. "Not at all, just getting him ready for the hunt. It looked as if someone was on their way in. Perhaps it was one of the scouts and they've located a boar. I must say that I'm quite excited with the hope of boar. The wood closest to my home was completely depleted of Boar. A minor drawback for having some of the lands best hunters." He chuckles and leans over to pluck up some fruit from the table. He does not sit however, waiting on that incoming person he saw with too much excitement. Ahh, to be young.

"Well, when you gotta eat, you gotta eat," Aeron says with a nod and then snaps his fingers a couple of times at Haydn as he tries to remember the young man's name. "Haydn, right? Mind if I call you Haydn?" he asks and then shakes his head, "Of course not. Come have some wine. The best part of the hunt is the drinking, you know." He grabs someone's goblet, tosses back the contents into his mouth and hastily wipes it dry with a bit of cloth on the table. It's then filled from a skin and slid over to the younger nobleman.

Trystan makes his way into the tent, equipped in what look to be a ranger's hunting leathers. He is smiling, and looks to be more than ready to hunt. He notices his liege and immediately goes to him and bows. "Lord Lannister, a pleasure to see you. Will you be joining us ln the hunt today?"

Haydn's youth also makes him a bit susceptible to peer pressure. So he takes up the goblet just filled for him and even though he holds it up to his face for a long while he only just takes a small sip. "You may if you keep the wine fresh." Insert obligatory chuckle. "Thank you, that's quite good." He nods his thanks to the Targaryen and then smiles to Trystan. "I will, would be a shame to come all this way and let you lords have all the fun, no?" He gestures with his goblet letting some subtly slosh out onto the grass. "Have a seat."

Trystan nods to his liege, still smiling, and goes to take a seat. He nods to Aeron.

Aeron fills a goblet for Trystan in a similar fashion. There are no actual servants here, other than personal attendants that nobles have brought, so things are very casual among the men here. He slides it down towards Trystan and it is passed along the way. "So how are things going in your holds? Your brother doing well with his maester studies, Haydn?" he asks, making small talk. Then with a gesture of his goblet towards Trystan he asks, "Have you put a little Banefort in your wife's belly yet?"

Trystan laughs and takes the goblet, sipping from it. "Not yet, though I certainly haven't slacked on trying."

Haydn lifts his now close to empty goblet, the hound that's at his feet laps at the grass for some reason. That poor hound is doomed for if it does come up against a boar. "To a Baby Banefort!" He drinks the last sip and puts the goblet down. "My brother is doing quite well. He is making very good friends with his fellow maesters. He's glad for the adjustment phase being over." Read as: Hazing.

Aeron shares in Trystan's laughter, and toasts with Haydn, drinking deeply from his own goblet. "I hear that trying is the best part," he says and gives him a grin. He refills Haydn's mug and in the distance a single horn blast is blown. Dogs start to bark and howl. "Ah, good, it shouldn't be much longer before we mount." Leaning over in Trystan's direction, he eyes the level of wine in his goblet and asks, "So you were giving me quite the steely gaze yesterday, Banefort. Have I done something to offend?" The wineskin is offered to top-off the goblet.

Trystan allows the wine to be topped off, and sighs. "No, no, you're fine. My wife was just having a bad day, which then made me have a bad day. No offense was taken, nor was any meant to you. Just a sour mood, is all."

Such talk between two men he hardly knows is enough to want to excuse himself. But the horn gives him ample excuse and the Lannister quickly excuses himself to go over to his mount who's been excitedly pawing at the ground. When his rider approaches the large buckskin horse bows down so that Haydn can mount up with the greatest of ease. He does a weapon check to make sure his boar spear is secure and he has several weapons where they should be in his saddle, on his belt and back ups in his boot. "Come! There's boar to put on the table!" He calls with a boyish grin.

Aeron smiles and replies to Trystan, "That's a relief to hear. You're a brave man to marry." He raises his goblet, "If your Lady is not happy, then my Lord is not happy." He laughs at this and some of the other nobles eavesdropping on their conversation also join in the laughter. As everyone seems to be getting ready to mount, Aeron rises from the table to do the same.

Trystan smiles and raises his goblet, then drains it before standing to mount up and hunt down the boar. 'Hope I get a good cut' he muttrrd to himself.

The horn blows again as the master of the hunt returns to camp on horseback to lead the nobles on the chase for the boar. Houses Lannister, Tyrell, and Targaryen and their vassals are grouped together. Houses Arryn and Stark in another, and the remainder in a third. Whether or not it was intentionally rigged is a matter for later debate, but it would seem that their party manages to get on the right trail to the boar. Aeron leads his group through the woods, driving their porcine quarry towards a deadfall to corner the beast. Dogs snarl and bark and the boar looks to be ready to charge.

Haydn is troubled when some drunk hound gets under hoof at just the wrong time and barks hopeful that the Lannister will spill more wine. All of this running and barking has his throat parched! "Damnable beast, be careful!" Haydn shouts at the hound more in worry for it's well being than anger at it. The dog whines because he got his paw clomped on as he bobbed and weaved so the Lannister gets down off of his horse - a safe distance from the action - and lifts up the drunkard dog. Ironically the collar marks the dog's name as Bobby, short for Robert. But this Robert gets saved from getting gored by a boar and is draped like a mantle over the lord's shoulders while he mounts up again and then lays the dog on his lap. The dog's head is pet and its ears are ruffled. But the young lord knows this means that he's out of the hunt, so he stays back and just watches with a smile. Often calling out encouragement to his fellow hunters.

Trystan seems to be having a bit of trouble keeping his horse on the trail, but when the boar appears, he simply grts off the horse, preferring to work on foot when it came to killing an animal. He grips his own spear, not looking too sure of it, and majes sure that his man he brought with him has his bow and quiver, should this not work.

The boar squeals and charges at a dog, catching it on the shoulder with a tusk, but the other attack from the rear, latching on it's hind quarters. "Now would be a good time to lance that pig," Aeron suggests from his saddle. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry to dismount, perhaps wishing to leave the kill to the other nobles on the hunt. The master huntsman is at the ready with a boar spear at the ready, should things go awry.

Trystan thrusts the spear out towards the beast as he runs at it, prepared to fight it more to protect the hounds than just for the hunt, trying to hit a vital area.

The boar squeals and thrashes once the spear strikes it. It's not a direct blow to the heart, and it turns to charge at Trystan even as the spear is impaled on it. However, it's unable to pass the boar spear's crossbar and succeeds only in tiring itself out as it pushes the noble back a few feet.

Haydn claps and cheers and calls out warnings if the boar looks like it's going to turn on someone or a hound.

Aeron watches from the saddle, confident that Trystan's not in any immediate danger of being gored. "Get him!" he exclaims, encouraging the lord Banefort.

Trystan holds steady with the spear, then grits his teeth and pushes back, pushing it deeper into the beast!

The boar shudders and slumps against the spear, ragged breaths bring some blood to its mouth and then it falls still. "Well done!" Aeron says to Trystan from his perch atop his horse. "Master Huntsman, see to it that Lord Hightower receives the head and feet. Banefort here can take a cut home for landing the blow. The rest we'll dine on later." He makes a not-so-subtle gesture of scissors cutting at the huntsman and winks at him. "Aye, m'lord," the huntsman replies and sets about seeing to his orders. "I shall see to the celebrations. See you all back at the pavilion!" Aeron turns his horse and rides back to camp.

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